Sunday, October 7, 2012

6ft 7ft

I know this beat aint official
I got it off iTunes
Luckily it’s me rapping cause you shine like a dark room
I flow so bright, make this beat sound polished
my advice is stand aside unless you likes getting demolished
Yeah, here we go, now we’re flowing like a urine stream
I’m rising to the top, y’all should call me cream
my invincible flow goes on forever
And you really wanna know the scary thing,
I’m only getting better
Yeah you’re probably sayin that I aint hood enough
but you can not say I shouldn’t rap cause I aint good enough
yeah, ugh, I love rapping over this beat
I’m bout to kill it like I’m dancing on a bug with cleats
Radio gave this song such a heavy rotation
and even after the millionth time I never switched the station
I love basking in the rhymes of the free young Stunner
and I always stick around for the end to catch that verse by Gunner
You can never fuck with me
I’m the one and the only King Gregree
yeah, breakin up, rollin up the diesel
yeah I flow so regal
I’m high and I’m on my throne
baddest bitch tickling my bone
I guess you can say hey diddle diddle your kittys playin my fiddle…….no claws
come take a look at me and you will see what it means to be an MC
who is the embodiment of divinity, ugh
you’re just a bug and no match for my fly trap
6ft 7ft 8ft bitch slap