Sunday, October 7, 2012

BREAKIN' 3 (Electric Gregory) [produced by: I-75 Productions]

This track is my punching bag
but I don’t need to Rocky train
for my raps to wrap yours in a body bag,
I got the eye of the tiger-striped feathered Raptor of the night,
Jesus, my blood’s so cold, I’m a Christ-icle,
good thing I’m the lake of fire’s constable,
I freeze and I melt and I live without guilt,
I wilt into ash and I spin into silk,
combust into all that’s ill till my kingdom is filled
with nymphs to the gills and guess what………I sure deserve it,
Not perfect 10’s, they’re perfect zillions,
you couldn’t even comprehend but I’m so fly that…I sure deserve it,
I might rap pornographic but cut me some slack,
I’m saving your ass, so….Gimme a break,
I sure deserve it,
I remember one day eons ago
when I was etching hieroglyphs into a wall in the Sacred Hall,
it read “Gregree’s energy will return
when the world was bleak, with a message to speak”,
Who’d of thought the second coming would be such a freak,
got that uniqueness of technique that you flat out need so just….
Gimme a break I sure deserve it,
It’s time I made it to the top
King Gregree, I’m electric, boogie-oogie-oogie
stuck my boogaloo in girly’s tushie,
I have horns on my head and my eyes are red but not from weed,
it’s cause I’ve been up all night programming Devil TV,
waves slither and swerve through the air invisibly to strangle the
deadly L-i-z-a-r-d, It’s my party now cry if you want to
but I am the King demanding that you
let go of the reigns cause I am the true Rain-man,
I always win, so now my reign can begin and you know what?
I sure deserve it
I’m the King,
pin your weak style like I’m wrestling
take your girl and rowdily take my rod and pipe her,
I sure deserve it
and I don’t give a fuck, call me fool
but to me all the rules are saying:
“Gimme a break,
I sure deserve it”,
so I took a katana and sliced through the Prana that separates all the veils 
and tipped the scales of perspective, now get this,
I see this place is in dire need of me,
well, I’m here to save you all,
I’m not playing and to me, the enemy’s jaw keeps saying…..
Gimme a break I sure deserve it,
It’s time I made it to the top
Well, Hell is my home so I aint never sacred of nothing,
your Skeletor face is begging for bone crushing,
I’m the Master Of The Universe,
Orko flow,
by the power of Grayskull,
I de-flowered your girl, she gave great skull,
all of your rhymes are in grade school
and mine are in a class of their own,
verses sewn on the Loom of Old,
Cloven tones, woven in patterns scattered with flecks of gold,
so show me resect cause by now you should know that most definitely…
I sure deserve it,
Your girl is sooo faithful,
last night I had her on her knees praying for you,
I sure deserve it,
I’m what Reverends would show reverence to if they knew the truth so just
Gimme a break, I sure deserve it,
I think this track may be a hit like a Mafia murder,
no, that’s the word for you style: “whacking”,
I even crack myself up with these punch-lines,
it’s crunch time and I’m the Vehicle,
Divine Miracle,
Morning Star,
Harbinger of a New Age,
So why don’t you all just try real hard when I say…
Gimme a break, I sure deserve it,
It’s time I made it to the top