Monday, October 8, 2012

DANCE OF THE DEAD [produced by: Good Evening Mr. Hyde]

Falling out of aeroplanes and hiding out in holes
Waiting for the sunset to come, people going home
Jump out from behind them and shoot them in the head
Now everybody dancing, the dance of the dead
The dance of the dead, the dance of the dead

Oh, you say that my behavior’s not becoming of me?

Well get this, I be cumming all over your girly’s titties 

tonight, tomorrow and every night after that 

and after she gets the Royal gooey splat, 

I say “make like Louis and scat
cause we’re over, that’s that”,  
I have raps to transcribe, 
I’m going for a stroll on the psilocybe of the street,
I’m killing time, killing Set,
So on your mark, get ready or not, 
here I come, you can’t hide, 
I already found you and now I’m gonna do it slowly 
and what I mean is strip you clean of all of your capabilities, 
you see this cape that reads “The King Of The Ill” that I’m wearing, 
yes, it’s me who’s been giving you all those scary dreams, 
it is I who is peering through the hole, hooing in the Tree of Life, 
let’s do the Polka of the Poltergeist,  The Dance of the Dead, 
God damn, it sure would be nice if they’d play that song again Sam, my son, 
that dog’s talking so fast it keeps tripping on it’s tongue like an LSD tab,
my scales are so rad, they go with my spots, 
I’m Tezcatlipoca rolling purple pot, hey Gods gotz ta’ have fun too 
because believe it or not, saving you is not on my list 
of things I really feel like doing today but you are made of Me 
so I’m gonna stay anyway just to make sure that you’re all OK
I am the flavor of the Owl Mary’s tear, I am Heaven’s Savior, 
I am your personal Kevin Arnold bringing the predicted Wonder Years 
into existence, resistance is futile, my raps are woven on the textile, 
my hex stretches for miles, my Crocodile doesn’t hail from the Nile, 
it hails from Hell but it will be just a little while longer till you meet him yourself, 
don’t be such a bitch for you were made of the felt from the gown of the Goddess, 
do you hear what I’m saying?  Exactly, but you have to activate it yourself, 
those roller coasters have been captured, there’s no free ride 
but everything you need is already inside, use the Force,
lukewarm aint good enough, show Me the Fire, I wanna see you combust, 
you want into Nirvana?  Well, here we are now, entertain us! 
Stand up against the mammoth with the razor tusk 
with nothing but your insanity and spiritual knuckles brandished,
this aint fantasy, though it may seem that way 
to a sheep who’s been asleep counting itself,
the charmed King was sent as the alarm ring 
to get you all waking at the sound of the bell