Sunday, October 7, 2012


Are you ready?
no, you motherfuckers aint ready
spitting these rhymes in your face feels like 50 fists flyin
This time Zion’s rhyming, Bob says “what up”
parle vue Marley? you know I’m the motherfuckin truth
puff that salad
wrap that caterpillar hookah round my cerebellum
even though the road is rocks, it sure feels good to me
I’m Mr. Music, yes and I sure sound good to me
I drank from the magic fountain
Looking down at the anthill of Olympus from my mountain
yeah, these days are numbered, get to countin
rip the sky apart, yeah the stars are my calling card
aint no shtick, my fuckin dick has a halo round the tip
yeah she took a sip from my grail, so old school…
I was there when the Simeon were children
I slither reptilian through the night
shed my skin and I burst into the light
go into it Carol Ann
cause I’m heeeeeere
Flow so scary, poltergeist you, boo!
now you’re trying to run away so hard, your feet can’t move, Scooby Doo
now we’re moving, rhymes are Zeitgeist
lights on, take flight
bread magically appears
I summon powers from beyond
all is revealed in my crystal sphere
I’m a seer so I see each verse crystal clear
your rhymes are dismal my dear so I that guess it’s kismet I’m here
wrists are frozen cause I’m shining bright lights
from my head and you’re just the fuckin deer
I’m not Paramore, I’m paramount with a whole lot more
I’m not playing God,
I flow Paramahansa,
yoga pants on your girl are the eighth wonder
no wonder I ate her butter buns
gonna put my in my thumb
hope I don’t pull out a plum like Jack Horner
cause I’m horny and she wants me to be the plumber
clean her pipes till they’re nice and clean,
to not enjoy lots of sex sex sex makes Maya sneer
yeah, the illusion almost concluding, the Mayans told you I’d be here
not Angelou but an Angel it’s true
and my words ignite infinite candles in you
I let it grow till it grew through infinite life forms and times
my rhymes ordered the primordial soup
flow so hot, no need to send it back
all you see is mine so no soup for you
just kidding children, the soup is you
and what a wonderful brew
let that sit in your heart and stew
now I think you’re getting a clue
stream of consciousness with a swish of the wrist
the Vessel translated this in like two minutes
and there’s nothing to it
I whisper, the Vessel listens, now we’re making history
the humans aren’t doomed
Creator must love you if he sent me to spit such wonderful tunes
shit, Jesus didn’t die for you
he was psilocybin dude
and once he gets inside of you
all the hinges on your cage become unscrewed
damn, your ear is getting chewed like food dog
alpo yo go dig up some hydro, sticky blue fur
call it “Grover” fetch Rover, a rolled bone
my flow is a touchdown but I’m in the alien zone
high in my fractal castle
could it really be this beautiful?
I say that every time
I see it see it see it look look look
how can God be a babbling brook?
yes this life, pick up the pipe
packed with Sherwood Forest
I bet you sure would like to give it a test
eat drink and be merry my friend
puff it up, puff it up, have more my Son
let’s cheers to Jim
the Lizard King who could do anything
like all of us can till this is the end