Sunday, October 7, 2012


Spark one, spark two
sippin my Sorcerer’s brew
steam dro, puff kush,
what I love to do,
check me out spittin shine on one of the best beats of all time,
“Friend Or Foe”, if you don’t,
pretend like you motherfuckin know
now watch me flow Mr. Carter
but before I start, it must be said
no one can ever-ever-ever kill it on this beat like you first did
I aint trying to do that but you know this as well as I
even if we use all our might to try not to, we still shine
now let me get to aligning a rhyme so fine
if there’s lyrical guns to do it, hellz yeah, they’re mine
set this crazy beat ablaze one more time,
without a reasonable doubt, I’m unbelievable, shining
truest most fluid outer space ballin Druidia
I aint kidding ya, huh you’re gonna see me in the video, true!
Price Valiant? fuck that nonsense, I’m the motherfucking
mack truckin through every obstacle 
it’s comical how easily I always win win win
you fuckin grouch, get back in your garbage bin bin bin
my verses fuck the track, make it’s eyes roll back
yeah, I’m layin in this cut, yeah I slice
call me Mack the fuckin Knife
and in the dark this Shark gnashed his teeth, thrashed the beat
and I showed her my pearly whites, yes my generous necklace,
used to be reckless, now I’m here to wreck this
huh, you bet I’m a motherfuckin Jedi, I’m sailing on by, huh call me deadeye
If you can follow my alien logic, I’m about to get a little bit nostalgic
listening to this beat, this fucking hippopotamus beat
this optimus, yeah the prime number one thumpin beat,
this just may be “my favorite motherfuckin beat” beat
uh, sweating from the heat, yeah
perspiring, inspiring this mack daddy, flash-backing to living in Brooklyn
a little apartment ‘tween Wycoff and Warren street
I’d strut down the block to Saint Claire so I can eat,
gobbling and gobbling my share without a care
I puff the green goblin with the sticky hair
getting frantic at the Antic, yeah girlys getting candid
yeah, damn she’s fine, think I’m gonna get her, she’s a dime to the letter, uh
I keep seeing her eyeing my sausage & peppers,
my roommate and I are like kids in a candy shop,
invite the girlys over then it’s up to the top floor
on the door they knock, then their clothes drop, uh
soon as the dick was out, then we kicked them out
then we’d laugh about it
nonstop blunts and a DVD
after seeing it once, we left it on repeat
Yeah the “Streets Is Watching”
I love this show
Jigga strike a match, watch that shit glow flow
Hova run you over, flatten you unmatchable flow
I gazed in awe at what I saw
amazed, off the floor, I picked up my jaw,
this was new to me but I couldn’t shake the thought
that this breezy Godliness delivered with ease was oddly familiar to me
so I wrote a couple rhymes, used to kick ‘em to my friends all the time,
a professional drummer so you know I got motherfuckin rhythm
and I tripped so hard, tore off the gears on my mental mechanism,
Flow on the Dark Side of the Moon, mind prism festoon draped 
fed grapes straight from Dionysus’ priceless and private vineyard
I’m the rarest card drawn only once in existence
you say I’m not but your insistence don’t mean fuck to me 
or the reality of the motherfuckin situation,
got skills to mack it, my own little packet of Mount Olympus seeds
shit, Zeus has his ass on my seat keeping that shit warm for me
but he knows better than to fart on my motherfuckin shit
so don’t give me no lip cause I pam’d up the handles
and you’re losing your grip, slip slip,
even as a beginner, my rhymes fuckin shimmered
it’s crazy when you realize you’re so dope,
you know you started this game a fuckin winner, gold silk spinner
spit crack, arachnid flows
I even remember my very first two line rhyme,
you wanna hear it? well here it goes…
“you heard that I’m nuts, you best believe it’s true,
I’m a crazier cracker than saltines at Bellevue”
Silly & simple, this I know but I felt the sprinkle of Royalty twinkle and glow
boil up from the soil, behold the seedling new King
arms first unfolding but this time light radiates from the power 
of the flowing flowering beanstalk of shit talk and the meaning of life
the formless somehow gets conveyed in a tightly knit rhyme like this offering
I’m saying through my Vessel, that you are as unlimited as I
and I don’t need a motherfuckin name
but here I am King Gregree just the same
Same motherfuckin GOD MC
The best rappers in the game need to catch up to me
no they don’t even know, no they don’t even see
cause to them the path’s lookin like smooth sailing seas,
it seems I may be sweeping up from behind
but it’s my last opportunity to sing “in my lifetime”, yeah
I’ve been ballin since this was a gaseous ball
I’ve seen motherfuckin everything and yeah I’ve done it all
This my very last human incarnation
then I’m going on a very permanent vacation
Hey Kanye, you can say this is my motherfuckin graduation
oh dip, call me Led Zep cause I’ve been rambling on,
To all the Rap Gods, I mean no disrespect with this song,
we are all the strongest, longest rays on the same dope motherfuckin Sun
yeah my last rodeo, sip the drink and light this dro 
friend or foe, who cares? I got senioritis
and Jigga knows I’m gonna be as big as him
We are the same, the keepers of the flame
and the best of the best all know my fuckin name 
cause game recognizes game