Sunday, October 7, 2012


Wave splash exploding on the rocks
A moonlight night, is it full? good
Come walk with me down the path 
as the wraiths of wrath swoop, 
watch me spit, spray rap attack
smack, fuck out of my face 
keep them shitz at bay, c’mon this way through the portal 
I love being immortal, it’s so freshhhhhh
Doesn’t seem fair to all the rest
but that ain’t My problem
No one’s fuckin stopping them
from shining
Enough of that, so stop, we’re at the spot 
I smoke a lot but that is one big fuckin pot 
massive cauldron, splashing, stir this kettle 
now let me meddle in the King Gregree Magic 
yeah, I have it, I have it, I have it
Dig my hand in the earth
Feel the tang of the surge
Yeah, I do believe it’s working… good
Roger that!
water boiling yeah, that perfect pink,
Panthers scamper though the brush, silhouette on the prowl 
chowing down on the life, fresh life for Me 
The crystalline emerald energy sphere is beginning to appear
It’s so clear that I’m the best
G-O-D sorcery, I won’t relent, shit, I don’t want no apprentice 
so chop up your broom and scoop up the pieces
Give them as presents to your nephews and nieces
Everything in my walk-in closet is golden not just the fuckin fleeces
That takes me back to days I was worshiped in Greece, kid
Oh what the hell, back to the spell
They say this next part is tricky, Shiiiiit, it’s all in the wrist flicky
I’m the flyest outta all of them
Pass me that “Ready To Die” album
Drop it in, sssssssssss
Such a chemical reaction
incredible refraction of light bubbling
BBBubbling, BBBubbling, BBBBBBBaby Baby
Yeah he’s here
C’mon BIG, let’s fly
Rum pa pa pum pum
Through this Vessel so fly
Here I fuckin come
And you wanna know why?
I come to bang on my drum and this beat 
and the world and your girl
That’s why you’re a surly motherfucker
Chitty chitty bangarooski, I banged your girl in her caboosie 
slapped it in her mouth which made me happy cause she’s a chatty Cathy
You couldn’t dream of figuring out these mathematics 
Aladdin addition
Mathamagicianal medicine maniacal
The type you never seen before, well, in this life at least, hehehe
No I ain’t B-I-G but we’re from the same motherfuckin family tree
so he’s sending me his energy, supporting not consorting 
well, Let me see, more of a consigliere of sorts 
and like shorts, I bare arms if I had arms for legs 
I can’t be regular, spit crack, thorax, mad maxi-million dollars 
and followers who are my equals, yeah, flow so regally 
over the rainbow of Oz is a vision fizzing, fizzing away 
in my exhale of diamond crystals, call it “the white whale” 
pass that already, don’t be a snail 
slow ass escargot smoking motherfucker
Toto, we’re not in Rosana anymore 
I’ve raised the bar, now I’m in Rihanna
piranha on this fuckin track, snap chunks of your whack rhymes
all sunk into the nighttime of the abyss 
No you can’t be this
But you can count on me like an abacus to be fresh
In any one of my lives or any one of my deaths