Sunday, October 7, 2012

LUCHORPAN [produced by: Kanye West]

You say I’m spitting blasphemous Baphomet,
you don’t know the half of it,
you’re idolizing me, yeah y’all are golden calfin’ it,
yeah, sip the wine of existence, I always see a half full carafe,
Yeah, I’m lapping it up so let’s crack up and have a laugh,
would I be too crass, would it be wrong if I said my dong
was as long as the neck of a giraffe?
yeah, I’m the crayon on the graph paper
yeah, fuck your strictness, watch me spit this mesmerizing,
yes, I’m shining cause I am the damn Devil rising
I’m rhyming getting transmissions from a scary thing,
now I am the King, I’m on my mission and I’m doing my thing
I’m gruesome man, my flow put the gory in the Gregory,
call me the soup man, I keep pouring on my dopeness with a ladle,
my rhymes are deli-icious, get your head spinning like a dreidel
yeah, let a duck eat it, yeah I’m top billing it,
Cat’s cradle with twine of space-time filaments,
I’m killing it, I’m spilling liquid diamonds on the floor
all for my Garmonbozia,
I’m here to refund all the bum shit that they sold to ya
yeah, y’all bout to be blessed
yes, oh yes, let’s do this
Yeah, I’m the Luchorpan,
Three G. O. D.’s got together to hatch a plan to make a Superman
branded with the mark of the yin yang assassin,
the dark and light, the spark in the night,
All the Seraphim of Heaven insisted on joining in
to assist this winning of the fight,
they said “here we go to create the flow that will balance all the scales”
A Libra Behemoth with a Devil tail and a never fail technique,
so to one half of this magic rapper,
the Demon’s added ferocity
that will rip your fuckin head off
and down your neck hole it will pee
but see the other half was made from all the things
that you would call good, kisses, unconditional love and brotherhood,
that’s quite the duality, it don’t seem like it would work
but what you don’t know is enough to fill a zillion books,
So fortunately for humanity, I stand before you,
the King Gregree, the rhyming final product,
aww shucks, I heard my name, the blazing keeper of the flame,
so while I settle this inter-dimensional turf war,
I’ll have some fun, that’s why your honey’s on my wood like surfboard
cause if I don’t laugh then I might cry,
this life was meant for you and I to see eye to eye
so let’s be I and I and set our sights to the heights,
let’s take to the sky cause our dreams exist
for the soul purpose of coming true
but some stupid fucks wanna see you stuck,
now this whole kit and caboodle is corrupt
but I’ve been sent to interrupt it,
Hi, how are you?
I’m the Alien and now that your attention’s been abducted,
let me tell ya that I’ve been inducted as the King to The Order Of The Aeon,
Truth is, it’s so exclusive, we call the Illuminati our peons,
they’re ass kissers at best, “gimme this, gimme that,
kill everybody as long as our pockets are fat”,
Have you seen those little piggies playing in the dirt,
while their pockets jingle and the rest are laying hurt on the ground
but the sound of all the desperate cries never gets acknowledged
but it’s time to take those fucks to college, I mean school
cause I’m drooling salvation salivation,
I’m thirty for blood, what a thing, I am the King using black magic for good,
yes, I am a Demon and I love lots of sex
but that’s natural what do you expect? Does that make me evil?
seep through the peep hole of truth on the door of ignorance,
yeah, I know I’m fuckin shit up in this bitch
yeah, they want a new world order but we didn’t order it
so get this shit out of my face cause it’s whack
and the fact is you should wrap it up and send it back,
yes, I’ll relieve your pain and then back home again
I will go, don’t follow, don’t you know you should only follow yourself,
any messiah is a liar that insists that you do as they say
and that they know the only way,
fuck those goons! make a wound and then pour salt in,
yes, I know that I know everything cause I know nothing at all,
I keep ‘em guessing, hidden messages in every rhyme,
if you can figure out how to decipher them…
receive a gift of brilliant shining insight,
don’t be frightened when you see these friendly Demons
cause the truth is stranger than fiction,
yes, I get it cooking like a kitchen,
yeah, and Karma’s a bitch on her period, I’m serious,
I love cutting bullies down to size,
can’t you see the glee gleaming from my eyes?
You see I am not human, I am Aralim
and the things you see as important
are like toys tinkering, a bunch of shiny garbage,
bunch of worthless shit
but I hear you say, “King Gregree, you’re a fuckin hypocrite
cause I hear you rap ‘yeah, I got lots of paper and a big mansion’”,
I don’t care much for them but the Vessel can’t deny that he fancied them,
so I give the gift of luxury cause you don’t know what it takes
for Gregory to be Gregree,
Our voices encircle his mind day and night, all the time
but through it all, he’s been so cheery
even though it’s been no rest for the weary
and you can’t forget that he put himself at risk
but tisk tisk if you think We’d ever let anything happen
to one hair on his head, the proclamation’s been read
and he was chosen to relay the words of Divinity,
so complete immunity from the Illuminati’s fury
cause Gregory rolls with me
and with me…. you don’t want to fuck around with,
I can almost already hear the sound of the villain spilling tears of fear,
so I don’t care, just pout, pout, let it all out,
beg for forgiveness but you see I am a Demon so I don’t need to give two shits,
so all the rules bend for me, my friend,
to carry out this mission and the Golden Life will finally begin
and then I can retire to my throne between Hell and Heaven
and once I’m gone, then you’ll never see me again, me again
Yeah, I’m screaming “fuck you” to all these douche bags,
yeah, I’m looking at you,
these elite are the real fuckin sheep
cause they’re so deep up shit’s creek,
yeah, they gotta be dumb to think that someday it wouldn’t come back to them
but hey, that aint my problem, I was sent to rob them
of everything that they stole with skeevy thievery
and as you know, bullies are my pet peeve,
you’re not killing a race, you’re killing a species,
bad dog, now I gotta rub your nose in these feces,
shut the fuck up with your “pretty pretty please”,
I aint hearing none of that,
I’m just serving up these verses concocted from the socket of the Cyclops,
so freeze scum-bags, get your motherfuckin hands up,
cause my mind is an asylum and it’s run by the crazies,
that’s how I keep a level head and if you were on my level then you’d be dead,
cause only I can exist at the very tippy top,
yes, I am God but I am still one upped
by the True Creator, I call it “The LOVE”,
I tip my crown, I am the King but I still bow down,
not out of fear, not even out of respect,
I bow down to The LOVE to say “Thank You!”
for all that we get, cause all that we get
and all that we got was given by It
and you know it’s a fuckin lot!
Even the magic alive when I spit was a gift to this world
like a sunset, like a first kiss, like happiness
but don’t you tell The LOVE it is whatever you think it is
cause not even one entity really knows shit
but one thing’s for sure, the Devil’s Flame and the Name of God are one and the same
and we are all one body so the Illuminati is like a person punching itself in the face,
what a waste of space, sometimes I think some folks are too dumb to live
but most are innocent with wool pulled over their eyelids,
So my 116 team of Demons infused the flow with the vaccine
to take the grip and get it to weaken,
there’s a reason I shine so bright…
because I am the beacon that beckons to the frequency,
the time is here, let’s get busy
2012, I prophesize Hell in bucket,
let’s enjoy the ride, yeah fuck it,
because I spy with my single eye… the finish line is in my sights,
I am the witch born to switch on the lights,
so cut me a switch, I’ll beat dat ass till it’s bright red,
you don’t need a 6th sense to know that you’ll see dead people
if they got to go ahead with their plans but that’s a fat chance
cause my raps were designed to kick those pricks in the pants,
yes, I am the Devil so let’s dance and tear up the black and white checkered floor
and give all those motherfuckers what for
but in the end, we are all friends, on the stage of life, it’s all happening,
Hail the raps of the King!
it’ll be a long time before you ever see anything like me again, me again, me again
yeah, hoooooo,
you think we’re through?
Silly you,
I’m so evolved, I’m so evil,
my flow is so boll weevil,
I’m bugging out, my Demon got you motherfuckers screaming like it’s Beatlemania,
My flow is Arcade Fire cause I got game and I spit flame,
my neon bible has day-glo horns,
fornicate the third rock from the sun,
I’m having fun doin it,
got your thinking cap unstrapped and I’m unscrewing it,
I’m the King and that’s a fact,
You’re just babbling gibberish,
Every ok phrase that you spray, you know you stole that shit,
either you’re tapped in or you’re tapped out,
I’ll always win, I’ll never be rapped out, I mean out rapped
cause I’m intergalactic planetary
I’m very apt at delivering a rap bitch slap,
Adder, Asp, Cobra venom,
oh shit, in every flavor
come and get ‘em