Monday, October 8, 2012

PANORAMIC [produced by: ID Beats]

I’m the Morning Star,
back to give CPR to the track,
yeah, some cool Pan raps,
the beat is sick,
let me check it with my stethoscope,
like meth, I’m dope,
yeah, I’m the King,  I’m fresh to death 
like an overdose from drinking too much Scope, 
you know, the mouthwash, 
I put the kibosh
on the enemy’s plans,
Awaiss told y’all about the return of Pan, 
well, here I am, 
I’m the Heat of the Torch, 
the Horus hour is upon us, 
or should I say it’s upon them more, 
they are Gerard Depardieu with a green card 
to show just how envious they are of my raps, 
yes, each word a frenzy of piranha,  
they wanna boogie with the Devil,
well, I’m ready and it’s a dance to the death 
and Set can’t win cause he’s like ramp with no steps,
yeah, you can’t walk the left hand path with two left feet, 
I hit ya with a lyrical left and then you’re left for D-E-A-D,
they say ya’ got faith no more 
cause with this mic I got the patent on rappin, 
this Angel’s dusted, 116, 
I am Augustus Caesar, 
Octagon Octavian, 
you see it in my energy, 
you better be ready for what’s coming next, 
I’m scoring with your chick 
like her twat was a hockey net 
and my dick was named Wayne Gretzky, 
ask any biddy and they scream “Gregree is the best!!!” 
I’m the Beast, released to teach y’all ‘bout biting apples, 
exciting raps will be getting your attention I think,  
hope your span can handle this 
Pan black magic panoramic of dopeness, 
I’m the Wheel of Fortuna’s spoke, 
I am La Luna’s little joke on you, 
the Sun is poking through, 
I sip the magma brew and bless these
people cause this aint the shit of a bull ,
you better grow some balls because y’all are the Testees