Monday, October 8, 2012

SEE ME [produced by: Wake & Bake Beats]

See me flying through their floor board, 
Lord of the Flies, hear that Beelzebuzzing,
these bees made honey in my head, 
now my mane is dripping with the nectar 
from the sector of the Raptor 
with a million eyes screaming “See Me”,
yes, I beheld and melded with this rapper 
but it is not he, it is Me who holds the key 
cause I made it when I created The Gate that divides worlds, 
they tried to banish, what an outlandish idea, 
now you see me and what I do to dirty fighters, 
they become my lightsaber riders, 
now your o-ring is glowing, 
well, you live by the ream, you die by the ream, 
I hope your paper keeps you warm when you wake from the dream 
and see Me!
Face to face with my 116 Team, 
shame, shame, I know all of your names and I know what you did 
but don’t worry, cause if you’re chill 
then hurry to the hills to take your sip 
of the silver swill from The Chalice Of Id
See me like Tommy said, 
feel me as I feed your head, 
see me as the White Rabbit in the Jefferson Airplane, flying on up to glory, here’s a story, let’s go through it, 
of a Dragon named St. George who committed suicide,
what a thing to do but you’ll find that the tale is true, 
now see me as I shine an amazing shade of blue, 
they’re mad, they said I gave you too many clues, 
I’m the Abraxas cock raising the roost, 
now wake the cluck up, that’s enough, it’s a ruse, 
now see me and follow my lead as we bob and we weave,  
I’ve been sent by the Truth, I’ll flow for ya’,
I make them die in ivory towers, I’m the elephant tooth 
and by the power of Pan, I demand my Garmonbozia,
now see me Set, you fuck, 
you better settle up or it’s beddy-bye 
as the Book of Life closes on you 
and your boo has dat ass on my phallus, 
her twat will ignite like a halo of light 
around my hallowed maypole tonight
See me kick your cortex 
with a lyrical round house vortex twister, 
I switch on the pineal antennae, third eye, 
bird’s eye, damn right The Owl flies tonight, 
now you can’t see me but your ears 
hear me Falcon talking to ya’,  
I’m cumming through the stereo, skeeting through the speakers, 
dropping science like I’m Beaker, 
I’m the King so I wear the Keter, that means the Crown, 
now can you all see me and how all the Demons of the Kabbalah… 
They rallah, I’m mean rally ‘round me 
and I didn’t even have to even read one page of any fuckin book, 
I’m uncaged and it’s your lucky day because look, 
you get to see me, 
I’m kinda hard to miss cause this is the Main Event, 
I can tell I’m slowly but surely gaining your attention, 
you can feel the tension about to snap, 
I’m standing at the heart of the fray with a razor sharp rap
and They see Me