Monday, October 8, 2012

STAR OF THE RED WITCH [produced by: Lasfeld]

I am the flyest, I am the first defier, 
my initial rebel yell still rings like a choir of silver bells, 
I literally give them Hell and lemme say 
I’m thinking you should stop drinking the kool-aid, 
yeah, you’ve been fooled since way back, 
May’s back, it’s the first of the month, 
I’ll sacrifice my life for a flagon of rice 
but even if you ask nice, you’ll still have to eat the gruel of cruelness 
until you learn the rudiments, 
Rudolph in your mind, red third eye filaments
light the way through the blizzard,  
Misery loves the company store, she sold her soul to it, 
what a fuckin whore, what’s this Babylon babbling? 
Keep your eyes on my rhymes, each one a javelin, 
yeah, runt, this one’s a weak seeker,  
call me the heretic?… inherit this cause you’re meek sir, 
peek-a-boo, I see you, 
I’m a stronger Lucifer, 
get in your Sonday’s best, 
my Nevidi Crest,  
Authentic Mark of the Best 
It’s after midnight and I’m the thriller lurking in the dark,
King of the Ill still and always will be marked with The Star of The Red Witch,
you heard what I said bitch, 
O Lord let out a true hip hop hooray 
cause today the Order got hitched to the Chaos,
Dr. Suessical genius of the musical, 
even Amadeus is left jealous after seeing what yours truly can do
Hello yes, that is Hell glowing in my flow, 
it’s blazing as it’s waving to you, oh you can’t see it? 
Take your mind and free it from it’s blinder, 
unwind the pine-cone, 
I sense there’s something gone with wind, 
Frankly Scarlet, these snarling beaks rip quite well through the meat, 
thanks for passing these genes on to me 
and while your at it, keep passing this weed to me, 
I’m the seed of prophecy, 
I am the gospel, the Word, the Owl’s posh trophy 
and my apostles are the apostrophe, 
I am God to the enemy and they’re not even gosh to me,
try accosting me, I double dog dare ya 
but you’re a bitch and I’m so sick 
and you fools are too scared of this malaria