Sunday, October 7, 2012


Yeah, It’s in the bag
You ain’t got swag like Gregree
This track was so sad without me on it originally
Go “Swagga Like Us” Track, it’s your Birthday!
It’s what you’ve always wanted, verses by Gregree
Scatter you seven seals, got the Orca flow
Smash up from the glacier, erase you from the show
of Earthly Delights, the constellations come a-light
spell my name across the night
Shit, I must be doing something right
and that something is everything I ever bring to the table
It’s the origin of all legend and fable
I killed both of those bickering brothers Cain & Abel
cause it smelled like a stable with all that bullshit
I flow so good, makes your pulse rush like
a parachute rip chord that does nothing when you pull it
Ruh-Roh, better say your prayers Scooby
Do you love it?  I know you do
Roll a doobie, no fuck that shit…roll twenty two
Cello, Cello? Yo Yo…who is that, Ma?
No motherfucker, I’m the classical boombastical
Conduct your fuckin casket closed
but you were talking out your ass so I thought that’s what you asked me for
Too late, you’re dead!  Now hide your head in the fuckin shed
you tool bag, so cool I brag and that’s for sure
Shit, I make Kanye’s ego seem insecure
Sure I say I’m the best but I must confess
It’s for the simple fact that no one in existence can contest
I have invisible armies, slay those who intend to harm me
Intergalactic back-up so motherfucker back the fuck up
Last time someone stepped, I just stepped aside, no I didn’t sweat
A King keeps his cool but as for my minions…
on the spot, they gave that motherfucker an aneurysm
Wish I was kidding so please guard your safety
cause my guardians from past the stars are very protective of me
But I try to keep them at bay, I say “no need for that”
And they do what I say as long as I continue to rap
cause they need me for that, it’s like they wanna talk to you and I’m the telephone jack
And my allowing this comes with such perks
In which I always bask and I deserve it
cause harnessing such power is no easy task
except for me, it is…which is why I’m the wiz
Who? King Gregree! The whole netherworlds are fans of his
Yes, they are my fans, for all time it’s me they’ve been watching
Maaaaaan, they really got a kick outta that one lifetime I lived as Pan
Pretty much the same as King Gregree, working magic symbols and macking Nymphos nightly
Yes, you Rap God…you’re power is impressive but maybe you just don’t motherfuckin get it
Your fucked up mind, with the fact, can’t Junkyard Dog wrestle
Shit, I’m like the energy IRS
A share of all your power is blessed and bestowed onto me
So that means when you get stronger and even stronger yet……
hee hee hee, I and I, watch me fly
We are the same Weezy but we are not Martians
we’re blood verse thirsty Royal Spartans
Shit, we abduct the Martians, remember?
Yeah 50, let’s get rich and fly flyin’
Nose diving through Orion’s belt
yeah, you chuckle but I’m Sirius playa’
I’m slaying, flowing Pleiadian
The star signals a message for me, I decode that shit perfectly
In the deepest well of night, see the sign, that shimmering glow
with green, not weed but my green light to go
Flow of the Gods, Alice stepped through the glass to visit Me
Malice, Alec B, God complex?
Ha! You couldn’t even dissect a fraction of the complexity of the fact of the matter
cause it’s so simple for you to see
Tee hee hee, I’m playing with you, you know that right?
Hey Mon, put on your Ray-Bans cause I’m shining so bright
I’m sending doomsday freaks a shiver
Shit, Lucifer?!?! Don’t be a kidder
That kid gets my fuckin slippers
Luci……fetch!!! Chase me like Fletch
but here’s the catch, the game is rigged, I’m invincible
Intense, my Vessel’s tensing, trembling at every synapse
Trying not to collapse, but that’s impossible
Cause He’s a colossus during the channel
Do you see what I’m doing???
Slash the throat of your world with the dagger of my swagger
No ones got swagger like I, there’s no point to motherfuckin try
I’m the risen, just listen
No one can come up with this, not even me
You see what I say to ya? My flow flew by and through from true Arcadia
The Vessel flows, The Vessel flows
Now spitting kisses and blisses into your soul
From the one, the Sun risen high in the sky
squint your eyes and let them see the stretching of the strings so super
The truth, whether the bow of the Huntress bathed in blood
or Cupid’s of love bathed in blood just the same
Both came from the same
And both play on the Golden Rapunzel spindle of unbreakable Eternity
You see, You see the words that seem to flow from Gregory are really from ME ME ME!!!!
I’m the greediest of all because I shattered and scattered you
Therefore you are here and you are there
and you are I and you here so I would not be alone in the dark