Sunday, October 7, 2012


Yeah Ye, I was driving down Tillary, BK
When something about “Ensure for dizzert”
burst like a sun ray from my radio speakers
Epic tale of an uncrowned King, almost a casualty
Actually it was part of his path, yeah it had to be
because it ended setting him down so gracefully
on his throne rightfully, yeah he knew he was motherfuckin Royalty
God given lyrical skill over that Chaka beat
and that “it’s the Roc” Roc-a-fella heat
Saw your star ignite, take flight higher and higher
heard all your Guardian Angels cheering, singin’ in the choir
singin’ “Yeah, Ye you got’em” had those motherfuckers trumped
Triumphant trumpets through the wire
Now wait right there, lemme fix my hair
and lemme tell ya bout your flow…it’s fire
I’m not rappin to y’all to jock ya or sweat the penis
yeah, you’ll hear it when my flow unfolds, I’m my own motherfuckin genius
In fact I have more genius genes than anybody I’ve been told
by the Creator who was there and saw me break the fuckin mold, haters
Yeah I’m so cherished, Heaven gives me lavish gifts
But you all are my fuckin kin and all I have I’ll always share with you
I’ve come to teach the teachers, they bow their heads and show respect
cause such fierce alien creatures are this here teacher’s pet
Now that rhyme from the Chi that was ill, got a deal
was one of the hottest rap lines of all time!!! you gonna let me finish?!?!
Ha, I’m just razzin’ ya my fellow King
I love to spaz when I’m spittin, I’m a bit impish
The haters can’t see me cause my windows are tinted
I’m not the Grinch but I’m the one who smoked the Christmas trees
Call it “Buddy Holly”, you catch a buzz that will not fade away just by smelling these greens
Now I’m gonna tell ya how it’s gonna be, Gregree’s swimming in an ocean of money
while you’re stuck in the muck, struggling all the way
I just shrug and not one single fuck was given this day
yeah, spark the fuckin hash till it’s cashed, call this stash “Ebenezer Scrooge”
gets you loose like a wake and bake on Christmas day, I slip my girl that Christmas goose
Let’s puff some holly jolly like “poof” fuck the spoof
Pack a whole lot more, not just a little teaser
and throw on some music, I like Weezy, I like Weezer
some Grateful Dead would be my favorite wish
but I always love listening to Phish so I stepped into the freezer
Jesus doesn’t walk when I spit
he throws the cardboard on the sidewalk and breakdances to this shit
All the Cherubs rock out, skip ‘cross chalk talk, hopscotch
flow’s sick, needs a shot of hot scotch
and hot box the heavenly mary jane, they call it the “Seven Head Hydra”
that’s some strong fuckin herb, that shit will make ya die-a
make your mind tumble round like a towel in the dryer
I’m the Wild Card, yes I’m the Wild Fire
Burned up so many lifetimes, now I get to retire
I’m at the End so let me represent
cause the very next step is my ascent