Monday, October 8, 2012


Come one, come all and step inside the Mad Jekma Showroom,
check out our selection, it’s wider
than your perception door will be left afterwards,
yes, gaping
so Ladies and Gents, open wide and taste Psilocybin in all sizes,
satisfaction guaranteed, Muscaria so rare, take a bite,
I double dog dare you
or perhaps you would prefer the taste of Peyote,
I’m not Gotye but my old personality is now
just somebody that I used to know,
now your girl is my new mistress and
yes, she blows on my magic stick
and it grows, not so lil no more,
I unclipped Kim’s bra, now she took it off
and let it settle down right on to the floor,
yeah, I’m smooth sailing on the crest of a wave,
her tits in my face, feel the roar of the motorboat,
yeah, I’m so sick but there’s no antidote,
once you’re infected with my perfected style,
I strike a toll on the hidden, secret bell in your soul,
you wanna fly with the Owl Mothership?
Awake from the dream of being a micro-machine,
well, take a trip on the Tryptamine steamship,
more than Titanic, truly unsinkable,
your ears love sinking their teeth into the unthinkable,
they love the toys I’m tinkering with,
I picked them up at the Mad Jekma Showroom,
after seeing me, I’d expect you’d wanna go soon,
Muscaria, it will hurry up the Ascension,
when you get there, mention that the King Gregree sent ya
and if you seem like a mensch,
they may even let you enter the secret portal to explore the dimensions,
roam with the Gnomes and the Sea-Foam Mantis,
howl with the Dire Wolf till you both are left panting,
ask the Shaman where The Ledge ends,
all you hear is laughter and you can tell more shenanigans
are right around the bend, right around the corner,
do you see that Iguana?
It stands like a man! Oh, it’s so adorable,
how cute, it’s attempting to be hypnotizing the almighty King,
yeah, this feather from the Owl wing in the cap of my raps
mean you lizards are gonna be apologetic molasses, oh I mean sorry saps,
I can kick all your asses while taking a nap
so clap your hands like your girl’s ass did in my face last night
while I gave her the privilege of riding the snake,
she’s jonesing like Indiana for the Royal Scepter,
on a roll like a boulder,
got her heart racing like Indy 500,
Thunder and Lightning,
King Of The Ill, spit hotter than a red hot chili pepper,
on the Higher Ground I stood
so it should be no wonder why I got this sock on my wood