Monday, October 8, 2012

THE NEW CHARLIE BROWN [produced by: Charli Brown]

Lucy, don’t you be such a motherfuckin bitch,
if you pull that football away again, you’ll wish that you didn’t,
now I’d never ever hit a girl but I will fill your curls up with pearls, 
a drive by jizzing, hope this teaches you a lesson that my time is now, 
it’s the premier of the New Charlie Brown
Lucy knew better this time, 
you bet she saw the Eye of the Tiger in my retina 
and my sneer meant business, now peep this 
as I kick the pigskin into the stratosphere, 
now all I do is win since that day,   
all the people cheer “hooray”!!! 
At the Super Bowl, I just scored the winning point,
my kicking leg is “The Closer”,
all the bad bitches ask “would you like a blow, Sir?”, 
I let them take the scepter and anoint it
then all the birds take stock of my wood cock, 
they wanna get on top of the crown, 
I say “lie on this”,  they’re more than thankful for it 
but those ho’s wont let go 
like they’re Linus and my dick is the blanket, 
nearly tore it off, then a lightbulb went off, 
so obvious, made me say “Duh”,  
fuck her senseless, leave her like “wha wha”,
I’ve summoned so much power, damn it, touchdown, 
yeah, it’s the premier of the New Charlie Brown