Monday, October 8, 2012

THE STARS [produced by: Good Evening Mr. Hyde]

I flew here from The Moon 
where my egg shell lay in shards,
I’m finally free so keep eating out your hearts,
I can tell by the corazón comida 
that you all know you’re about to be defeated, 
I’m kind of a big deal kids, 
you’re just too big for your britches,
I’m the hazed Djinn, that’s why you’re hating, 
you’re in deep shit and I’m so deep, 
I even got Plato contemplating,  
now I’m debating if I should finish the job 
or just pack up shop, ha!  I got ya, 
you think I’d play humanity like that?…..Not! 
but it’s so revealing,
it now appears you don’t know me very well, 
no, I’m not gonna give you the deed to my abode 
but Gregree will give you Hell 
in the smoldering sense of the word, 
this beat is for the birds, literally, 
I’m the Owl, Gregree, 
now this track is my perch, 
I’m leading the service, 
let me take you to church
I’m the Pleroma Tome 
playing the xylophones on the stars, 
each one lights up like a lantern as I Lionel Hampton, 
I can’t be not dope, 
my verses are so fresh, so clean, 
open a box, take out a brand new bar of soap 
as I scrub the track till it shines 
like a mind that finds the sublime after a cactus trip,
hit your girly’s clit, make her wet like a lake, 
yeah, love’s in the air and it smells fuckin great 
because we’re fucking great, sexing excellently, 
the proof is in the pudding,  
when I put it in, the expression on her face 
is the evidence of ecstasy, 
Gregree met Papa Legba in the pines  
as the vines unwind from the corners of Divinorum, 
Enchantress made of plants says She wants to see more of me 
because mine eye is alive with the Horus 
so She says “come” and escorts me 
to Her quarters for a private forum
Hey big shot, you think you know a lot 
but you’re foolish, you think Jupiter is huge? 
It shows just how stupid you are, bitch, 
unstitch yourself from the Matrix, She’s a trixter,
Maya’s laughing, going “aye aye aye”
and I’m the snake that bit her, 
She’s never been the same since, 
a little more insane but now she took my mane 
and grew it from the length of a Prince to that of a King, 
now wince under sheer flap force 
of my rap Owl wing of seethingness,
feed me Seymour, this Phoenix sees more 
than my predecessor did, oh so much farther,
Osiris my father, I make them exit 
for I’m the seed that exceeds and in truth, 
thanks to You for being such a great farmer,
the casing became the armor, 
the stalk, my Staff of Fire, fate,
I’m daring Set with my evil eye staring contest 
and you can bet I’m set to annihilate