Monday, October 8, 2012

THE WIND [produced by: Royalty Jones]

I sense that there’s some sensi in the air, 
one hit and I see It, 
The purple Mayan Serpent 
sliding down the stairs of the Temple, angular decent,
touchdown on the ground, 
the sound of the fulfillment, 
I got this down to a science, 
I’m the Professor, confessor of the truth, 
you think I’m cuckoo, I know you do, 
oh hell, well listen I’m not christian 
but good for you, 
still it’s makes no difference…
I sense there’s something in The Wind
It’s time to clean out all the clocks, 
these cobwebs of deceit have gotz to be out, 
I peeled outta Limbo to bring the simplest solution, 
Rasputin was my student, 
rules are for foolish mortals 
who don’t know the codes of matter manipulation, 
tell that biddy with the big titties that twisted that purple nurple 
to pass it this way cause my nasal’s awareness has been raised, 
inhale the haze… 
I sense there’s something in The Wind
In the wind, in the wind, 
the answer is blowing 
and I can certainly tell by the smell 
that someone’s been growing a purply garden, 
aren’t you going to offer a tribute?  
Pack up the hookah, everyone grab a tube 
and take a puff for this incarnation, 
the incantation of the King of the Ill 
is willing all the cups to fill till overflow,
Violet Night Winds blow…
I sense there’s something in The Wind