Monday, October 8, 2012


They say life is a game I know,

well, I just drank the Ayahuasca sloppy soup 

‘bout a half hour ago and I think I just saw Super Mario run by, 
oh my, I think this shit is kicking in 
so let’s get it poppin like a Blues Traveling John, 
I’m talkin’ poppin like the movie 
where they sing the song  “chim-chim-in-ey”,
gimme gimme the spoon so I can fill it with the medicine, 
soon you fools will be gettin’ a taste of it,  
your very own brand, it’s so bland but you don’t get no sugar,  
yeah, it’s flavorless and deadly, 
eat this bread and savor it because it be my body, 
oh God, I’m off my rocky I mean rocker, 
this is certainly a horror picture show,  
cover your head with a newspaper, 
the Rainman’s making it downpour 
with flourishes of Seraphim choruses,  
the most complex yet simple harmonies, 
I bring the extra flavor, call my rhymes “parmy cheese”, 
my style is like that army G.I. Joe, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes mixed, 
I run with the Wolf that does the ninja kicks, 
yes, I’m that sick, I am Ranger Rick
teaching you about nature, the nature of the Creature, 
I’ve breached the wall, something wicked this way crawls, 
so pick a card, any card and pray to me that it’s the Wild one you see 
and maybe then I may make you remember like reverse senility 
that you are not of this Earth and you are not your personality,
people say “Gregree, with this new power, 
you should do “that” and you should do “this” 
and I say one thing you need to do is suck on my dick 
cause it was given to me so I do with it as I see fit, 
attention, all ten Sephiroth are beginning to open 
to the dimension of the Seventh Heaven, 
I’m the heathen that believed and received the Gift 
so I recede the splish splash of the high waters ‘round your neck 
so breath once again a sigh of relief and get your bearings, 
I’m The Lamb and The Lion and I’m wearing wolves clothing, 
it’s a hip howl hooray, the Moon’s calling, 
I can hear the dark side of it,  I’m the lunatic on the hill, 
I’m The King Of The Ill, Gregree, I’m finally free, 
Electra, now bow and bend to me,
they carved my face onto both sides of The Jelling Stone, 
this ain’t Yogi from Jellystone, 
this is Yoda from the swampy home of Dagobah, 
days go by and still I think of you, 
this is filthy fear and loathing, 
I am no thing, how am I here? 
How are you hearing this?  Is this thing on? 
I guess it is, well then lemme put on a show 
cause I know a little something that you will never know, 
my roots lie in The Owl’s Nest,
I roost before I grow, now I’m in bloom, 
why do you sell kids for food? 
Weather changes moods, spring is here again,
reproductive glands, do you like my pretty song? 
This tryptamine is coming on stronger than expected, 
let me deflect the peak with some weed, the strongest around, 
one puff of the Magenta Dementor and my ass hit the ground,
my eyes closed, I felt everything begin to spin around, 
it was weird, I clearly heard a rising sound 
as my consciousness slipped down, down,  
like Alice through the rabbit hole, 
faces appear from the wall as I fall, 
I heard the call of a Lizard Bird, 
She gave Me a piece of Her 
which made Me awake in a state that felt
 just like Christmas Birthday Cake, 
Wildcats shall meet with hyenas,
Goat-Demons shall call to each other,
There too, Lilith shall repose
and find a place to rest,
There shall The Owl nest
and lay and hatch and brood in It’s shadow,
When I see you, I'm like “ello, what’s this?”,
Some fool shaking like jello in the shape of a bitch,
I’m so good it’s a crime, I’m the felon, 
I’m The Devil who fell in the abyss, 
over The Ledge’s bottomless bliss, 
I’m the Eye of the Tiger’s Liber 777,
I’m at the helm like Levon, 
I was born to be the author of The Faun 
on a Christmas Day which is everyday it seems 
at least since I have been held under Her Wing, 
Wooed by Her clan, not from Shaolin
but They’ll bring you torture motherfucker,
I trampled the Orchid into apple butter 
and I slither in the soup all by my lonesome, 
oh you little lizards, huh,  going some where so soon? 
You can’t leave before I harpoon the lying Leviathan, 
my Crocodile thinks it looks like an appetizing morsel, 
of course I’ll save the helpless, 
I’ve melted the ice containing my fury, 
now they jury is free in the rhymes of Gregree,
you motherfuckers trippin like you hallucinate,
I’ve been sent as Executioner, make those snakes abdicate, 
this is just the tip of the glacier,
I erase the major paradigm of your old life 
and make way to replace 
with My Golden Devil Tail Holy Grail Of Grace,
123-123 Last Waltz, 
we don’t need the schmaltzy get up, 
just get up as in awaken, 
I’ve taken my time with you all 
but I can’t wait any longer, 
we can’t stretch this out, 
in my profession, we mash the monsters with a passion
and it’s totally doable but the screws need to be screwed in 
and the bolts need to be tightened, 
I’m the Titan Of Light and get under their skin, I think I might 
like I’ve done since the beginning, yeah, that day so fateful, 
I’m the Son of Mary and the Rolling Stone so get faithful, 
I’ll pray for them as I give them the whipping of a lifetime, 
oh Christ, I’m getting used to this, 
I’m a lucid Lucifer, I live between time in a Divine Valentine Kiss, 
Ask “is this it?” to the mirror and  It will answer “it this is!”
and you will think to yourself “how did I forget I was a Jedi”, 
I met with The Eye and we had it out,
It was  surprised  at the amount of clout I wielded,
I shielded everything it threw and  left it black and blue, 
Caught in the stare 
of that Rabbit over there,
It has Reptile eyes,
you can’t tell me it doesn’t,
here it comes running,
“Welcome Home Pleroma”
No more coma,
stretch and yawn,
behold The Delta Dawn
of The Golden Faun
The Golden Faun hoofing through Arcadia, 
holding the tooth of the Crocodile, serrated,
back to life, back to reality,
I’m the King and my rap yellow jacket sting 
has the bite to ignite the Finale,
heeeeere’s Johnny Appleseed, 
“Oh, don’t you dare eat off  my tree!” said the greedy miser, 
it’s no surprise why The Eye despises me, 
I unify while they pry apart,
they are the fake and I am the Sacred Heart,
if I knew you were coming, I would’ve baked a carcass,
this mark is beastly and this tea is tasty 
but you can easily detect the psilocybin, 
you’re holding a gold mint in your mind, 
do you know Juno?
Her wings are magnificent, 
if She presents Herself, get ready for a present of power, 
shower the people you love with love, 
can’t wear a glove when you shake on this deal, 
it’s too real, I’m shocking like the third rail, 
My style hails from the unspeakable, 
I am The Owl’s Beak playing peek-a-boo