Monday, October 8, 2012

WHO WERE YOU EXPECTING? [produced by: Lasfeld]

How ya’ gonna stand there and act like you aint impressed 
when I’m motherfuckin hot like I’m off the press 
and I’m off my rocker, 
old rocking chair don’t got me no more 
for I have drank life’s elixir till I was drunk, 
now I live forever, 
I be the Goat, the harmony note of the Pleroma Tome, 
this weed is so ill, it’s gettin me philosopher stoned, 
let me be the author of “Apostrophe”, 
Oh, I mean let me be frank, 
you can thank me for being the overnight sensation, 
over your head, in flight, patiently circling,
I’m the face of the Sun’s shining surface percolating, 
I blind your ambition like a razor to the throat, 
here we go, hit the ignition Vesuvius,
Look up, you’ll see this Vulture is moving in,
let it begin to dawn on ya, I’m the Faun of Light   
your girl always cums before, Gregree is the darkest, 
oh, I’m not your taste of music? 
Well, you’re just my taste of carcass, 
don’t ya just hate it when the carrion starts carrying on?
I’m on the same sick shit that Carrie was on,  
telekinesis, respect the possession,
I’m blushing from the rush of endorphins that I’m getting, 
I am the carried Torch morphing into something brand new, 
Hey Anubis, it’s true, my beak does seem quite natural,
I just thought you were actually just crazy as the shit 
they sweep up after the bat show at the zoo, 
now I’m King Gregree at your service, 
I’m the Vessel of Ill spilling, 
riling up the Eye but I take no stock regarding it’s feelings 
cause the real is, I’m a Rock, I am an Island,
they want you to tow the line 
but I’m here to tell you to stop single filing,
I’m kinda feeling like someone needs to get their ass kicked,
your donkey needs to get kneed,
your bondonkadonk needs to be freed from it’s life force, 
I’m Horus so I chop you up and I serve you up on a platter for us  
and I mean my Demon Team and before we feast, 
we chop down an entire forest, why you ask? 
It’s called the “appetite inducer”,  
you seem surprised by my Bacchus laid backness, 
the fact is, I’m the coolest, 
now feel the heat of my Lucifer, 
don’t give me that eye, 
why, who were you expecting, some loser?
Oh Christ, here we go again, why do I need to explain? 
Every thing’s always been written in the DNA strand, 
I’m not panhandling wares, 
I’m Pan from where The Ledge ends 
and truth is, the foolish Devil from the old Tom Cruise movie  
titled “Legend”, looks like a bitch and a fuckin runt, 
I’m gonna kick that little horn right in the cunt, 
make him take the brunt of my slaying display 
as I hit a blunt in haze of glory,
King Gregree, I’m the Devil’s pun, 
feast your eyes on the the young Easter Son,
Aleister leased his “Beast” title from me, 
I go by “Abaddon”, the Faun of Mystery, 
oh, look at me, so mysterious, 
ignore that you’re fearing this 
cause what you’re hearing is Sirius, 
the Death Zephyr is clearing,  
you’re beginning to see the Cheshire grinning 
that seemed so invisible before, 
that’s an excellent sign, 
the next step is to step through the door