Sunday, October 7, 2012

WILD CARD [produced by: Beats McGee]

Ladies and Gentleman,
it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for,
Boys and Girls,
don’t be afraid because it’s just a game made entirely of stars so pick a card any card,
Ladies and Gentleman,
Hold your breath
of that purple ish,
Make a wish,
any wish,
Ladies and Gentleman,
one at a time, don’t shove please,
count to three,
better yet, make it ten, y’all need to relax,
Ladies and Gentleman,
don’t make me say it again,
that’s better,
y’all are a such a pleasant bunch of
Ladies and Gentleman,
there better be a parental advisory on this rap,
young impressional ears will be left shattered
after hearing this filth I’m peddling,
this aint for decent
Ladies and Gentleman,
one listen is a descent into the depths,
flow sick like Hep C,
get it poppin like Pepsi,
that’s why you’re shooting me that epson,
yeah, that salty look,
no one likes a bunch of hating
Ladies and Gentleman,
I just hit the dro and let go,
I shine so bright and I don’t give a fuck,
I just roll a blunt of those lucky charms,
you’d be alarmed, it’s got strands every color of the rainbow,
I’d show it to you
but I don’t really know you
Ladies and Gentleman,
You entities may be friend or foe,
I don’t really care or know,
it’s not my problem if get it or you don’t,
all I’m doing is leaving you a rope
leading out of the maze,
so move your ass, don’t be lazy
Ladies and Gentleman,
I was just doing my duty,
my Flow is a beauty so it killed the Beast,
then the power King Kong, Ding Donged,
this witch’s head is swollen with cloven unknown
but now I know, it’s so obvi,
I’m not Na’vi but I’m an Avatar,
Rainman reigning Pterodactyls,
actually, every thing is more than satisfactual,
so give me a zip of that buddha,
make sure that you weigh it
cause you know damn right that if it’s light then I’ll never pay for it,
I’m sipping ayahuasca with a Chupacabra,
my Mamma would be so proud of me,
Oh, Owl Owl peep my Elohim style,
Crocodilian skills,
See through the vermillion eye and I see you,
Wanna change the world,
well my pupils, tell me are you feeling studious? cause if ya
Wanna change the world,
well, first tell me what do you think is wrong with it? do ya
Wanna change the world?
You think Big Brother will take care of you so you can sleep sound at last?
Wanna change the world?
Oh, I bet they’ll tuck you in right after they fuck you in the ass,
Wanna change the world?
well, you are the world you are the children so if ya
Wanna change the world
and give it a brighter day then shine your Lovelight cause I’m saying if you
Wanna change the world,
I’m not bluffin, all I need to do is puff a spliff and get high cause when I
Wanna change the world…
I am the King, so for me…
There’s nothing to it,
Come with me, come alive,
Slide, slide, slippity slide
on my fantastic voyage of pure imagination
which is the cement foundation,
food for thought is food for matter,
blueprint it now, skyscrape it later,
I scrape the sky for transmissions with a squeegee of telepathy,
a key chain beeping, so I can always find exactly what I’m needing,
no, I’m not kidding,
I’m ridding this dimension of the stench of oppression,
free will, yes…. but this is “no”,
somebody’s gotta roll the newspaper up and whack ya in the snout,
now the urine’s in your nose and I’m putting you out,
you’re lucky that I’m not putting you down
but I will the next time you come around,
I am born to win,
it’s never a draw
for I am the Wild Card,
now you got crow in your craw,
heckle me, I go from Jekyll to Hyde,
you’re just mad cause I know ‘bout the freckle next to your girly’s vagina,
you’re such a whiner like you been drinkin pinot grigio
cause I’ve ringing the bell of your Bellissima,
I was kissing her on the kitty and that biddy said
I was so fly, she shaved a landing strip just for me,
so I gave her my torpedo, ad-libbed limbo libido,
with the lights out it’s less dangerous
but in the dark I made her see Angels,
she was screaming “God!”
and I said “You’re pronouncing it wrong,
it’s King Gregree or Abaddon
or Horus, torch carrier of the Owl’s midnight song,
I’m Pan sanding down the rough edges on the ledges of the New Tower,
how are we ever gonna start over from Zero Hour?
Power is power, it only knows how to grow,
remember, everything grew out of nothing at all,
I’m not on another level, I’m looking down on the highest level
while suspended midair, dancing through ether like I’m Fred Astaire,
wish on a Sirius Astarte,
art of the Stars is my forte,
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is just a riddle to open sesame
the treasure house of infinity hidden somewhere inside you
but I bet a lifetime goes by before you ever find it,
Oh, you think you’re clever?
Then sever the chord of right and wrong,
tear the tether, roll in the heather,
the weather’s fine, come on in,
We’re living in the material world full of syntax
born from the wind beneath the wings that flap,
Oh, Mother Madonna,
Your talons look like they wanna scrape the glyphs
of the rip roaring raps into my pineal pine cone,
my dome is the channel for some Animal to phone home,
I wield the Staff of Fire,
my thoughts swoop through astral arithmetic,
wired into my brain by… who knows?
Lyrics on some shit weirder than Gonzo’s nose,
it’s time to play the music,
it’s time to light the lights,
it’s time to get things started,
I’m the unbelievable, you grieve cause Gregree killed the track,
if you disagree, then you’re now free of any shred of credibility,
tell me the validity of these feces edibility, then be deceased,
please eat shit and die,
flow so sick, hotter than a chicken pot pie,
met your chick, puffed some pot and then got in her pie,
I’m the Boss and her ass weighed a ton so I marked with my gravy,
I was just saving the dirtiest stuff for last,
these raps are Sacraments
and hidden in that word are the letters that spell “crass”