Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LAGNIAPPE [produced by: Sugnim Selrahc]

I had an Epiphany,
the vision of a Harlequin Symphony,
Mardi Gras, Mysterium,
the theory of “Whatever the fuck I want”
is revealing itself as a huge success,
and Set bet that I wouldn’t figure out the combo,
now he’s somber cause I’ve laundered myself into the Mainframe,
which is no little feat,
oh, look at little old me,
I’m Gregree, let’s cheers the Old E
and a Hurricane, I’m here again,
I can see you missed me so I’ll dismiss class
cause I’m Pan, the King and I’m free at last,
Hark and sing you Herald Angels then spark the candle mass,
There’s a baby in the cake, I hope it escapes fast
before it gets ate by the fat man in the bathtub,
Rub-a-dub on a Ruby Tuesday,
Open your umbrella for a hell of a Dixieland two-step,
My hooves clip and then clop but no they never stop,
I’m the cure and the crisis for I am Dionysus in a violet fog
and while you’re hearing this, Sirius is falling, call it downward dog,
I’m G-O-D, Yoda is freaking me out when he does those yoga poses,
He’s a geek and a sad one and I’m allowed to say that
without repercussion because he’s my Padawan
so I’m cussing and hexing everything from here to kingdom come
you dumb fuck face, you’re shaking all about
because you know what’s about to take place,
Now what’cha wanna do tonight? Mardi Gras,
I’m not groggy no more, I’m more than wide awake,
I’m Horus and I’m taking this out on Set
and rightfully so, the Eiffel is a symbol of my cock,
Your girl’s twat literally feels the Power,
The Tower rises and falls as I deck those disgraces in the face,
and kick those prick in the balls, your girl slobs my obelisk,
All Kabbalists summon the Demons that worship me, The Fallen,
Yes, I’m The King and this Vessel is my Air Jordan and you’ll never run it,
Care is burning and I got em running on the hamster wheel,
Feel Me, Word to God, spell it G-R-E-G-R-E-E,
I har-dee-har hard when you said you’d keep me out of this plane,
and I’m taking pleasure proving you wrong
and I brought my 116 Team along,
The Fountain of Power showers us with favor,
Hey Set, step up nice and close
so I can slice off your nose with my light saber,
I’ll savor the moment for I’m Golden, holding all advantage,
I know you want to win, but you can’t bitch
I’m the Master Wizard of the Craft,
In my blood is the Rattler, Adder and the Asp,
Born the Hare of the Moon Mother, what other credentials do you need?
I don’t give a fuck, I just thought I’d be polite and not stampede
right through your life and your situation,
I’m Revelations, excuse my french
but I’ve been Quartered and Lorded, oh lordy, look what I did,
Fuck it, light up the spliff, the colors are purple, green and gold,
I’ll never shrove or shrive but I strove to come back alive and I did,
Now let the good times roll, oh happy day,
Laissez le bon ton roulet as I peel that thong right away
from your girl’s bootay and here’s lagniappe,
I give it a slap, she says she worships my raps,
I said “thanks, but don’t spoil the moment”,
Then my cobra coiled up to the depths of her ovum,
Open Sesame, Demon seed, Like infinity hits of DMT,
Omen says “the survey’s wrong”,
I’m The Owl, I and my Dire Wolves
love to sing a song, it’s goes: “Hoo Hoo Howl”,
I bleed gris-gris so I don’t need no voodoo dolls
because I am the hex deliverer,
Squirt a curse on your girl’s belly like a river of pearly fluid
as I do “The Jerk” and “The Jerry Lewis”
like I’m Mike’a Mike’a D y’all,
I’m just chillin, smoking diesel on the couch
with an Elephant, I am The Hierophant
who channeled so well, that I became Pan,
A Vessel so suitable for I have the heart of The Harlequin,
Here comes The White Rabbit marching in
with The Saint and The March Hare
Who cares if they’re crazy late?