Friday, March 22, 2013

FIGHT 'EM OFF [produced by: therealkari24]

Shake my head out of this haze, 
My heart starts icky thumping, 
I can’t put my finger on it 
but there’s definitely something different about me, 
In my head, hear a hissing and a new type of aggression 
has melded with my aura, in my humbleness there’s a distortion, 
I know I’m just a hare but don’t you dare pet my fur 
because coursing through my veins is the name of the first predator, 
A voice I heard told me that Witch was playing tricks, 
She thinks I’m just a silly rabbit,
Well, I’m-a make her my bitch, 
cause a switch has been flipped, 
I feel crazed and amazing, shivering and blazing, 
Somethings gotten into me, this hunger, 
I wonder how she tastes, 
My lip drips with salivation and froth for that Witch’s blood, 
Please send your whole army to harm me 
cause with ease I’ll fight them off,
A seven million nation army 
doesn’t have the skills to harm me or
hold me back for a millisecond, 
I’m not militant, I’m a reptilian rabbit ravenous for blood, 
Oh my, this isn’t looking good for you 
but it’s looking great for my canine tooth, 
I’ve become a Monster but I’m-a use it to my advantage, 
I could do much more damage to you from that vantage point, 
My Royal Crest is beyond vintage, Nevidi anointed, 
I’m not sorry at all that you’re disappointed 
because I was a fraction but now I am sure 
that I am the the infinite integer, 
This cauldron, look, look, it’s stirring itself  
but when I squint my eyes, I spy an invisible Elf, 
Menacing joy, apocalyptic lullaby,
Walking about, making my way through the dream 
feeling more wide awake than I’ve ever been, 
Oh, it’s gonna be such a piece of cake slicing through you villains,
I’m gonna fight ‘em off with one paw tied behind my back, 
I’m-a take my old life and write it off, 
The cocoon has been cracked and my rabbit shell fell away 
to reveal the new anomaly that is me, 
One version of Gregree in the psychedelic sea of the Holy,
Your god doesn’t exist, that bearded old fogey would get 
whisked away into the excitement, 
I write the codes for Sunlight, 
My Gnomes know damn right which way the wind blows, 
Wait, how do I know that?  Fuck it, 
My stomach’s grumbling, hungry for it’s din, 
I’m fin to bite my own foot off 
just to show that I don’t need luck to extinguish you fucks 
for trying to be fightin’ with the Titan while I eternally brighten, 
We are all made of Light filaments,  
King Of The Ill is a title that I find reminiscent 
of a dream I had since childhood, 
On the tile stood the Witch, 
Her chess board dripping blood