Sunday, March 31, 2013

GOD [produced by: Vince Guaraldi]

I’m not Snoop D-O-G-G-Y D-O-G-G ya’ see but I Am G-O-D almighty,
I go by the name of King Gregree in this particular incarnation, 
I’m in My Hell-made Shelby Cobra Star-car revving up the Revelations, 
I’m so sick like palpitations of the heart, 
You lizards think you’re Palpatine but I’m about to get Darth on dat ass 
and throw you down in the darkness of the bottomless abyss, I’ll piss in your face, 
My mission is to grace this dimension with My vibe of D-O-P-E
and gobble up the negative with My dominant frequency, 
I’m Gregree, I’m about to be surrounded by a cloud again 
like Pig Pen but Mine is violet purple pleasantries, 
These trees are the reason I adore Nature,
Mother, Mother covers the waterfront for the long awaited Son, at last I’m here, 
The searing heat, cloven feet tapping, rapping on the Gates of Dawn, 
I am Pan, the Golden Faun and you know Me, 
Yes, you surely see I’m dear old G-O-D, the first feral D-O-G, 
The Moon was made for Me to bay at 
and if you deny My Crown, I dare you to say it, 
The Brownies raised Me from when I wore Buster Brown shoes, 
Now I’m grown, made the grade, paid more than a few dues, 
This ain’t My first rodeo, I’ve had more than a few duels 
with this fucking stupid fool by the name of Set, 
He was always a bad apple but now he’s getting a bit too out of hand 
but here I am, Pan the Grand,  I am back as King Gregree 
and I’m hoping to open the sleeping 
G-O-D seeds in the depths of your S-O-U-L,
Take this Yule Log, may it serve you well, brothers and sisters, 
Now you’re under the spell of the Wonderful Wizard, 
Pan, Pan, clap your hands for Me and I’ll sing a tune for you 
like the pretty birds do in the place I call home 
and if you ever dare to venture there, never enter alone, 
There’s a Wicked Witch, knick knack paddy whack, 
this Dog has a billion bones buried underground 
awakening to the sounds and the tones of My phoning home, 
I just called to say that the days of My waiting are finally over, 
Pleroma, Pleroma, it’s Rover, come over, 
My spell’s been cast now at last I’ve come along 
with my raps to wrap all of your heads in clover, 
“Over” is just a synonym for “The Begin Again”, 
My head swims with the sharks, I’ll kill the dominant one if I have to,
I’m not a fan of whack fuckers acting all alpha, 
I’m the three headed Tri-Lamb, I hatched on the Omega Moon, 
I parachuted down, now I’m on the ground and those illuminatis 
hearts all start to pound with the terror unimaginable, 
Y’all are through for I untie the knot they said was tangled beyond repair, 
Oh where, oh where have I been?  None of your bees-wax, 
I’m Gregree, I’m free from the shackles put on Me with a sucker punch, 
You fuckin bullies are never gonna steal another lunch 
cause you’ll have no more arms to steal with 
for I’m armed to the teeth, overflowing with Demons composed out of Light, 
You’ll never survive their bark, I bet everything you see goes dark 
before you ever get a chance to feel their motherfuckin bite,
and when You see it’s true, then
You can be it too, Yes,
Just the other day, I saw Love and Hate totally doin’ it