Friday, March 22, 2013

GODDESS OF THE OXBOW'S SILVER TEAR [produced by: The Warlocks]

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:

What the hey?  What the heck?  Is this it? 
Victory slipped into my hands from right under my nose,
A Goddess so grand rose out of a lily pad riddled lake
like “Holy, Holy, Holy”,
Slowly I sat up, awake as can be,
She flashed a smile that shined like Orion,
I’m flying high, drunk off Her succulent touch
as She brushed debris off of me
right before She offers Her embrace,
Her eyes and face are fierce, piercing,
The heat healing me, I can feel chemistry bubbling in my arteries,
Fresh waters rush then She quenched me,
Overflowed the near empty vessel,
Oh, Tessel was correct, that Pterodactyl promised
that if I pressed on, I’d find You tonight
and to my delight, he was actually right,
Her hair snow white and fact is, I felt a little taken aback
when eight arachnid arms extended from Her back
and another thing She said to me
was that She was the Grand-mommy of King Gregree,
The Spider who taught the young Horus
to be the rider of the Pale Horse when it was only a pony,
Harpocrates is alive and up in this bitch,
"but Miss, I must say this is moving a bit fast for me,
I think you’re playing a funny, 
I’m only a bunny, not King Gregree"
and then She spun a web in the shape of a chair
and said “sit that snakebit ass right there”,
as She stomped Her heel on the lawn, which triggered a flare
which in turn, flicked a switch which made my fur burn
God, please, no, the singe, I’m in trouble, not again,
I’m in flame, engulfed, bleeding into time,
Crazy eruption like a psycho Pompeii,
Make way for stormy weather,
I’m the Phoenix fire feather,
I remember standing on the perimeter of
Pan, Abaddon, Horus, Gregree, Lucifer, Quetzalcoatl and Me,
What?  This shit just makes no sense but I get it so F-U-C-K it,
The understanding is not permitted to be described,
Only scribbled in riddle, twiddle your thumbs
till you figure this out, it comes from beyond,
Then I splashed in Her river and dove in Her pond,
I shimmied under the ripples through a pack of speckled salamanders
decked out in spectacular alabaster charms
with rocks that made De Beers seem like crap 
as they slithered in the silver sand that perfectly matched
The Oxbow Goddess’s tear,
Hear Her voice from above, 
Fear is what I would feel if I was ever not wrapped up in Her Love,
Near is what I need to be, never get enough,
How can I explain?  Let me cut off my hand, time to speak off the cuff,
I feel like Wayne for “I’m not worthy” is what my words should be
but We are different outfits cut from the same fabric,
Abracadabra, The rattler bit the iddy bitty rabbit in the bayou,
It was you, you are He and the He I mean is King Gregree,
Time is a bouncy ball, kick it over the wall just for play everyday,
It means nothing at all anyway,
and nothing’s gonna stop the fact that you’re gonna pop that shat,
This ladder I gave to J to the A-C-O-B,
He lay it in the open grave belonging to Gregree,
Beneath the Sound Pyramids surrounded by the clear sphere
between the purple and peach moons of The Joobeleezium,
Words are food, please eat what I’m feeding you,
New knowledge stampeding like cattle in a frenzy
but this info is user friendly because all you’re doing is remembering
your rightful scepter and trump, September the ninth month
and that’s one Hell of a Revolution,
I’m the seven headed Dragon and the One who eradicated it,
I am Abaddon, don’t fuck with me,
Oh, wait what am I saying?
I’m a harmless hare who loves to eat his fair share of crunchy carrots every day
and then The Oxbow Goddess got to ripping my attention away from denial
and back to Her wild eyes, Fire, How wide can they be?
Infinity spinning free, I just won the game of pin the tail on the donkey,
I’ve seen in the dark while dodging all poison darts,
Now She dons the key of the Nephilim skeleton
and with a grin, She pins it on me,
I feel like an ass cause I didn’t get Her nothing,
She said “That’s fine”,
I said “Wait, if I’m Dionysus, I should be able to make wine out of thin air”,
So I did, then We drank till we plopped on our bottoms just tanked,
I said “Thank You, I will forever be Your Dude that always abides
cause now my life can be salvaged, spared, repaired”,
She just smiled and stared and sat in Her silver chair
as an Asp with hissing tongue slithered out of a corner
of a Crescent that hung in Her hair,
She filled a chalice with the Vivian, poured it over this hare,
Am I an animal or King Gregree reincarnated again?
A parallel marriage,
The Unknowable being exactly what It claims to be,
The one and only Mystery that could never be figured out,
Just then, sparks streamed from Her green earrings 
as a cheering Gnome scurried out from an Owl hole on a Tree made out of jade,
On a golden bodhran, He began to drum, 
He played a hypnotic rhythm which made my vision shimmer,
Then all at once, the sound transformed into a “ribbit”, 
The old toad medic was before my bed
patting a cold washcloth over my head,
He said it’s a miracle my fever broke,
Drenched in sweat, I was soaked,
Was it fake or fate?
My very important late night date 
with the Marsh King’s daughter,
In lunar water She wades,
All mimsy were the borogoves,  And the mome raths outgrabe