Friday, March 22, 2013

THROUGH THE NIGHT [produced by: PRroppaboi]

Damn, that toad wasn’t bluffing,
The nothingness just hissed at me with a kiss
and said it would hold me through the night of the neverendingness,
I’m blending into everything, is this what ascending is?
That crazy creature told me that I was Gregree but that can’t be right,
Tell me who’s been holding me all through the night?
Yikes, that thought is quite frightening but exciting,
I must admit, I must’ve perma-dosed on too many hits of the old toad juice,
That snake bite loosened my ties to the physical,
Now my look is quizzical cause I can’t remember who I am,
Look at me recalling a Gregree memory,
Something about a Lion’s Den,
I can see the Denizens that protect the Owl Mother of Truth,
How beautiful, one look and I’m willing
to give my life and She likes that,
She says I am the one chosen by Her
and before we behold my Morning Light,
She says I can be sure She’ll be holding me all through the night