Monday, May 13, 2013

New King Gregree Album will be released on 6/16/13

remedyz (King Gregree+Daysta+Mr Demic) [produced by: D-mic Productions]


(King Gregree)

Whaddup you freaky motherfuckers? 
You’re chillin’ with the King Gregree and Daysta, 
the work week’s over so grab your pay-stub, 
hit the bank, pick up some dank, you know you earned it 
and deserve it so motherfuckin burn it 
like the raps I keep churning out are doing to this track, 
I fuck it, yeah, I let it suck my microphone 
or it might go and get hostile, 
rap gospel, you gotz to know the truth, 
you’re the Apostle and your very own God too at the same time 
so I’m burning down the house and mine’s Holy, 
my monks are Thelonious, 
yes, we’re inching closer to the Levee’s Boogaloo, 
so fly, I ninja-jedi like Obi-Shinobi, 
beautifully bake with the Ghost, 
take a float on my un-modest melodiousness, 
your bitch begs Gregree: “may I taste ya?”, 
hey Daysta, haters don’t know with what they got hit when we spit, 
these villains shatters like glass, jam the broken pieces up their ass, 
they’re sharting shard feces, 
please, I’m the actual Beast, 
got my Octopus wrapping your mental with tentacled pentacles