Sunday, June 16, 2013

ALL THAT IS GOLD [produced by: WISE]

Behold, I'm King Oz, 
blessed by the Goddess of the Oxbow,
you'd know this if you knew Her,
She deemed me "Gregree, The Champion Ninox Strenua",
Where were you when you were young
and your heart was an open book, unlocked? 
No need to atone, you were just moving building blocks,
they were the stones that formed the Castle of your liking,
don't ask Atlas for advice, He'll just shrug laughing and say: 
"How the fuck should I know what you can imagine?" 
How 'bout no Hell or Heaven?
Just a unified whole,
Ten plus the Individual One standing together melded, 
call it "Heleven",
King Of The Ill stepped to the Ledge
and willfully fell in

I am the Shambalanomaly,
I move through the heart of the Light and Darkness duality,
listen to Pan the King for everything is the Yang and the Yin,
let's Wang Chung as your girl licks my wang with her tongue,
yes, it's good to be the Abaddon, burst through the ground at Avalon,
spitting Locusts and Cicadas from the Arcadian Field,
my hocus pocus is the art of Vader, there's no evading the real
for your fakeness is easily detectable and your hexes are easily deflectable,
I'm the Easter Sun so block your optics, 
I'm the One and on this track I just took a number two
'cause this is God Shit

Oh hell no, Set,
I'm cutting the line of your bucket,
you can't drink from our well no more motherfucker
'cause God is me and I be the owner of the property,
I'm finally home kids and the supply 
is getting covered over and encoded,
you lizzies are already dead and you know this, maaaan,
I'm puffin that "Charlie Chaplin"
one hit makes you silent and you can hardly movie,
where there's smoke, there's fire 
so look for the purple trail from my doobie 
and you'll always know exactly where me and my crew be