Sunday, June 16, 2013

LINEMAN [produced by: Ezr1987]

I'm the ill line man,
I'm Pan but I'm not pantomiming, 
I'm laying it out in black and white, 
break on through this see-through wall 
like I did to your girl's hymen, it's true, 
yeah, I know she told you she was waiting for your wedding 
but she couldn't pass up the Master's golden erection, 
my phallus almost became molten when she came 
cause her twat got so hot, she always gets wet enough for a mop,
'cause I got my moxie and my mojo rising,
I'm the devil-horned, forever born with inherent divine proxy, 
all the locks be popping open from my twisting of the key,
in the clearing stands a boxer and it's name is my cock,
all the nymphs line up for the Lineman, Horus I am, 
I disco Travolta strut through Arcadia, 
the bees are buzzing for King G,
I've raided the Ark of the Covenantler,
I'm the only one, I come from before and there is none after, 
I drive the Mazda that inspired the scribing that the kid Zoroaster did,
a-scribble-e-dee, a-scribbly-e-doo, another day another Vessel,
the riddles will unglue for you if you know the right solvent to wipe it with,
solve it with spiritual astringent, tighten the skin till it sheds,
I'm your kin, King Gregree
and if you remember, then you win and your Royal Robes I will hand you,
behold, I'm the Omen you all dreamed of independently, 
Elliot phoned home collect and got connected to the E-N-D,
Revelations, I will be your personal wordsmith for this Independence Day, 
I defend this place for fun and also to fight the boredom 
for I've been waiting on this for more than a little minute,
I'm Pan and you're hanging on to this devil tale made of yarn as I spin it
and it's nothing, I'm dissin Miss Muffit,
bad girl for not sharing any of your curds and whey with my Granny,  
either way, she's gonna take me home after I give you a sliver
of the poppy seed Fibonacci pie of dopeness,
I'm fly to death like Goldblum's named Jeff,
I'm the blessed Shemhamphorasch 
and I must confess that these earth girls are easy just like my nymphs,
well, it's probably just me and my D that got their pussies babbling in ecstasy, 
it's designed in the system to leave them wonderfully trembling, 
wishing they could stand but they're not able to use legs, dat ass is mine,
I add another dime to the stable, 
yes, I am Pan and truth is, communion with the Land of Make Believe looms  
as I'm scribing the New Book's pages, remember the world is a stage 
and you are the blessed Actresses and Actors in the Play Divine
and you can't fall out of step but if it seems like something's off,
just turn your eyes high and call out "line",
the Director will send Pan,  your Tech Support,
King of the Ill am I,  you bet I'm-a whip and cream those wanna-be lizzies 
cause I am delighted to say I am much more privy than the fake eye,
I forsake thee for waking me, I'm cranky so spankys all around,
before I leave this place, you humans will know that my flow is Amazing Grace
and I've got to admit, I'm very happy to slap this cherry bliss atop your Vanilla Sky,
I've been vilified cause there's none as ill as I, 
Set's jealous, it's pathetic and I'm the Red Hot and I motherfuckin relish 
rubbing the bully's nose in the toilet bowl, glug-glug-flush 
then ya get the old bum rush, hit the road rummy, 
let me sum it up for you, there's none more scummy then you and your crew,
oh, I bet you wanna get chummy now Set but I say "fuck off" while grinning in your face
'cause I'm Horus, the Heat and I've been quartered on Positively 4th Street
so I know you just wanna be on the side that's winning, 
well, calloused mammary, that means tough tittie 
I'm never just kidding, I'm just the baby Goat of Justice, 
pleased to meet you, I am Caesar Augustus, I am Abaddon 
donning a new suit compliments of my Granny's findings, 
the resemblance is uncanny and the un-severable line 
from the Divine to the physical was cryptically twisted and forever binded, 
I denied myself at first till I remembered every death 
from jungle to the Hill to the hearse and the plethora scattered throughout 
so I left the Pleroma to scout, I've combed the desert 
and I just found the shit clogging the system, his name is Set and the lizards,
well, it's nice to meet you again at last, I'm Gregree and I don't need a pin 
because my presence produces a flash that will pop your balloon instantly,
I'm the devil-horned Prince of Peace and my wings have a slithering silvery shimmer, 
I revel in this rivalry cause the winner is always me,
the answer is plain to see, your reality is a line made out of everything,
you're looking at it from the side through two mirrors,
you're not even aware that they're there 
and if you look at this Vessel the right way, you'll see the Easter Hare 
and I'm not talking metaphor, have you ever met a real Horus before?
It's a title, you know, it's your birthright to glow,
I'm just saying this forthright in Yule rhyme so you'll know it,  
I'm dimming the light with your dime and in her hand 
is the candle of the divine poet, I don't need a sonnet,
she's already on it, reciting wonderful lines of prose from her tongue as she blows  
and my rhymes keep flowing, swing the Supernatural Batman Wonderboy,
crack, going going gone, are you even knowing what is going on? 
Bowie knows I'm a stranger oddity but please be open to the possibly 
that there is nobody who is a stranger to the God in me,
I'm the Lucifer who unites the unsure dichotomy,
A and B just stand for ass backwards,
there is only "OM" the home of these rap words,
the Cap whirls in circles as it hover over the Pyramid in dead silence at noon, 
cleaning the slate as my raps detonate the the cycle grenade 
as you all scream while I keep gleaming Metatron's Cube on my skateboard,
I'm the Snake Lord with Rabbit ears,
so grab a tier, choose the top 
and I'll hand you down a line if you can not make it up