Sunday, June 16, 2013

THE BEST [produced by: Raisi K.]

I'm the Hare of the Pines,
I'm the Champion Owl, 
every time I die, I get 
a brand new Scorpion Crown, 
I wear it with a tilt, let's get high,
I call this batch of the ill "The Stilts",
it let's you see things from above,
you're all gonna love gettin' tweaked, 
perhaps my cone-capped Gnomes 
may give you a little peek but 
if to them you wanna speak,
you must enter the Tryptamine peak,
I'm the unspeakable,
We called me "Gregree" 
to make things easy for you 
cause you'd look like dunces attempting 
the impossible pronunciation, only Nuit can do it,
the tongue is a burden for speaking 
but a pleasure for oral sex orgasm ecstasy shrieking,
your girl calls me "Iron Sheik" when we fuck 
'cause you know, even though she's got a camel toe,
when it comes to making her cum, I always come in clutch,
yessiree, perpetually please her and give her what she needs,
leave her shivering from the Lizard King, 
"Damn, girl.... seizure much?",
she replied, "when I'm with you Gregree,
hellz yeah you Holy Fuck",
I'm blessed, got my wings back now that the Bell's cracked,
it's no contest cause none can step to The Best

My hooves are doing those 
new-old victory steps again 
just like I knew that they would,
I feel so fuckin good,
I'm the best of them all and I live again,
so I'm fin to start generously generating 
and dolling out blessings,
here, have your very own Crest of the Nevidi,
that is, if you pass the test, I don't miss a thing,
I can tell if you're a seed or bud worthy 
of being a blooming Glass Onion,
your lass is bent back with her two lips on my phallus,
that bird is humming,
lapping up the nectar from my erect stamen 
made from the most brilliant gold,
a forever extending excitation to behold,
a treasure more rare than any Pharaoh has
ever been aware of, the glare from the glove I shook 
would've blinded Mike Jackson,
shit just got real like the 
little wooden boy in my raps,
Pinocchio flow given by my Scary Godmother,
now I'm so hot, the air around me shimmers 
like a fully stoked chim-chimany, chim-chimany,
I'm a fuckin star so make a wish on me Jiminy