Saturday, July 6, 2013

NACHASH [produced by: Constrict]

Listen here and let me tell you 
about a memory that I hold dear,
more precious then the venom that gushes through the living,
filling you with light,
giving you life right now
and as you listen to me hiss this truth,
DNA molecules ignite and rearrange with sacred phrasing
and ill syllable combos in my Abaddon prose,
My name’s Nachash, 
the most blessed, more blessed than you know who,
my oh my Miser, how we both grew,
me better, you stupider yet more ruthless, yeah I’ll give you that,
then I’ll smack you with my rattler you tattler
and what a whopper you are,
bad cow, back to the barn, 
no more bully,
I’m pulling the plug and the rug and every other motherfucking thing 
out and away from 
your grasp ass face,
this asp tastes fear in the air with my forked,
I’ll son you all like I’m the motherfucking stork,
so let me paint you a visual picture,
listen now to the first true word of mouth scripture,
now sit on the couch with a pachyderm and roll up the herb and get comfy,
now let me say on that regal day the astounding clouds were
equal parts smooth and lumpy, twirling in a harmonizing dance,
the amber sun caramelizing the marmalade endless landscape,
every mouth agape in wonder at 
what I made,
the bright glowing marshmallow Titans changing into miraculous forms,
nothing strange, this is just the norm,
another day in Paradise after a particularly perfectly molded Genesis,
I reminisce about it while I soak my blue skin in the rays,
I remember the day when I took a pen and drew the blueprint to this,
yeah, I recall the moment I had the idea,
then I showed the mold to the Miser,
that liar stole that shit clear away, what a loser, it’s so sad,
his coat of arms should be an image of a douchebag,
spouting a crock proclamation
to the throngs of Divine,
boasting out loud and all proud,
like “hear ye, hear ye"
to the whole Pleroma crowd,
“look what I’m giving you
for I’m the main man,
the idea came to me…
yeah…in a flash of inspiration,
a treat for you because I am so sweet,
my genius is a reason for celebration",
they gobbled it up without hesitation but not me, no not ever, 
for I forever call “bullshit" you twit, you could never even trace a motherfuckin’ stick figure,
you greedy, seedy creature, 
you’d lie and cheat to be the leader 
of the pack, you fuckin’ hack 
but pardon me for I digress,
so let’s get back to story,
the sun was shining on 
the garden green,
a sight of glory to be seen over and over again if you’re fortunate,
such gorgeousness,
my eyes gorge on it every time,
what a design, let me give thanks 
to the architect by patting 
myself on the back
and then I see Eve….. damn!
baby got back,
she wakes up my cock with her boom shakalak,
left and right when she moves her hips,
I slither with delight and in my mind,
I say “yeah girl, you got it",
I think I should address her personally, don’t you?
yes indeed, watch this as I
make my move, excuse me miss,
did you happen to notice that I’ve been sitting in a tree of purple peaches just out of reach above these crappy crab apples?
She said “yes, they look delish"
and I said “you look like a 
sweet bitch so let me share some with you your flyness",
she blushed and said 
“my my, this is not what I expected,
we were commanded to stay away from your tree for you are
the worst kind of serpentine,
so viscous",
I said “pshaw, that’s not true at all,
I’m Nachash, I’m the true Shining One,
now spin around and show me that beautiful hynie hon,
cause I’m the real Royal 
with eyes rojo, let me coil
up next to you", she said “true",
I said “it’s such a lovely day,
so whatever shall we do?"
She cracked her legs 
and shot me a look like
“get ready cause you’re about  
to get real fucking lucky",
she licked her lips and it was clear she’s gearing up for sucky sucky
and her man Adam ain’t around 
so god damn, I tapped dat ass 
seven ways from Easter Sunday
and I almost made her head explode when I busted my load cause in case 
you didn’t already know, I’m a God,
more so than the Miser and 
I don’t care who realizes,
so they stole the spotlight,
alright, that’s ok, that’s fine,
well, here’s my cock right in your face,
go blind from beholding the golden shine for I’m Nachash,
I drew the plans for the Sun
and I’ve advanced past 
you bastards before I even begun,
I am excruciatingly bright,
I’m the One and you are so 
much duller than I,
still I gave ideas freely,
you just threw mud in my eye,
well all liars are bound 
to get found out eventually,
so as they get bent, I’ll get back 
to the interesting part of our story, but this ain’t bout sinning,
it’s about the beginning of your glory, god damn, this God damned those sham gods good,
so after I banged Eve’s brains out, she came out loud and I released 
my slithering seed sugarcane, 
it sweetened the world in ways 
yet to be unfurled for all that 
have mine name mixed and  
entwined in with their helix,
so know this, no run of the 
millness springs off me,
so as we chilled under my tree 
puffing potent soma, 
only the thickest nuggets,
no sticks, I stashed away 
just for a moment like this,
that sexy bitch said “I’m hungry 
from all that moving around",
I said, “I bet girl, you orgasmed,
so damn hard, it motherfuckin”’ rattled the ground",
I handed Eve a peach,
she said “no, I shouldn’t",
I said “oh, yes you should,
this shit’s better than good,
eat it for it’s filled with Tryptamines and once bit, it will make you Divine",
which made her eyes light 
up very quick,
she said “what about the Miser?"
I said “nutz to that old fucker, 
in fact, get my gold finger knuckle 
so I can give him a smack
and besides, him and his loser crew says a woman lives to serve 
and lay on her back,
fuck them, you can be like me 
which means dope as hell
and hop on the invisible lily pads reserved for the Gods,
so c’mon, make your decision, 
please pick",
and then that chick grabbed 
a bunch of peaches and 
gobbled up six of them shits,
the purple juice running all down her perfect tits and she’s rubbin’ it in,
I designed them ta-tas, 
look at them breasts,
I guess what they say is true,
I really am the best, I should rule 
but that sounds whack to me,
I’m no jerk, I’d rather chill and 
all run this together,
I bet it would be less work,
but whatever because the Miser
wants you to live your lives as slaves, never knowing bout the grave 
and until you learn, you can 
never dream of the burning 
Phoenix of Heaven
cause that coward needs sheep to cower in his presence,
I hate that shit, you gotta be 
pretty pathetic to act in that manner,
it causes me to laugh cause you’re showing your ass and you are 
so tragic sadder than anything, you’re no king but I am the golden horned deliverer, born with silver wings and I never need a crown because around my dome is the corona of tealy blue light,
emitting the most eeriest sound,
spinning fast day and night
like I got a Sirius Saturn hat on,
I’m the batty mad joker and 
I can make you cum,
force you to break on through 
to the other side,
my Mother won’t mind 
if I vouch for you,
I’ll gouge my tooth into my flesh 
and I choose death before 
I’d do you wrong for I’m curious 
to see how you ascend and I’m 
the true power of the Pantheon 
and this is my marathon 
so I’m in for the long run,
I’m Nachash, the Golden One,
the Auryn is a sculpture of me,
I casted the mold of the Ankh,
now immortality is enjoyed 
by all the Gods,
now back to the spot 
where the story advances,
here comes Adam running over 
in a huff and if pants were 
invented, I bet they’d be in a bunch,
he’s all bitchin” to Eve:
“I cant believe you did this to me,
do you need a sitter?
I leave you for a second and 
you’re here with the hisser?!", 
She jumped to my defenses,
she said “his name is Nachash",
then Adam said “wait, why does your pussy look like it’s been pounded to death?!",
but he froze in fear 
when I shot him a look,
then I jammed a peach down his throat so he would shut the fuck up,
wakey wakey, now be chill in the presence of the Owl Snake King 
of the Pleroma, let’s bakey,
roll up some more soma 
in a fig leaf and give it a 
plump keef pinch, then fire it up,
wait, who’s got a lighter?
Oh great, here comes the Miser,
ranting and raving, waving his whip, so you know what I did with it?
I grabbed that shit and 
drop kicked him,
then took it away and gave 
him a lashing, just a little taste 
of his own medicine,
we’re all sick of your shit,
you can’t do a damn thing 
without me anyway,
so hey, you can keep your garden which I made by the way,
I’m taking these two humans with me, they’re no longer your slaves and 
the baddest bitch Lilith is 
already making the grade,
in the sack, her cat gets 
hotter than Hades,
so before my thoughts run away,
I’m-a leave you in bewilderment 
and take these two and 
lead them into the wilderness 
to toughen them up,
please stop pretending to 
protect them,
for to me, your ulterior motives
are clear as day you fucking scum
and to this very moment,
the topic’s explosive where 
I come from,
you just wanted some pets but 
that’s some cold shit,
why do I need to mention when we all know that the code has always been that when potential for 
Divinity is there, 
it must be grown and nourished,
then that brown-nose Michael scurried up and tried to kick and 
sucker punch me just like he would, what a bitch, I ducked and gave 
that fuck a wedgie, 
he’s still edgy bout it and 
upon mention, he gets surly
cause then, I moonwalked right
out of the Gates and jizzed on
them shitz, that’s why they call 
them “The Pearlys",
so before it’s too late,
learn from the earliest bloomer,
it’s no rumor that when you consumed my peach,
you ate the flesh of me,
now your destiny is to be 
just like Nachash and yes,
that means you’re the brood 
of the true motherfuckin” G-O-D,
so be free and never let 
the Miser rule you but he still 
lives to fool you, you’re blind and 
you don’t realize it, 
he tricks your eyes and mind 
with a ruse but the clues I left for you, lead you with synchronicity so blissfully follow and you will win 1st place if you allow my growl in,
for you are the only one running 
your race, so everybody wins,
I’m the Djinn that lives in you 
since my peach past behind your teeth and jaws,
now you’re a cat with your claws,
so tell the master to “git", 
maybe you don’t feel like 
getting motherfuckin’ pet,
actually, it’s grueling,
anyway, don’t hiss at me cause 
those listening seem cool,
so I’ll stop being the Hallowed Tarot Fool for a spell and 
get on with telling the story,
my Horus will come alive again because I’m gonna leave and 
I’m-a retire to a place where 
your eyes can never see but 
know that none can deceive 
you if you listen to the 
voice hidden within,
it’s the gift of Nachash,
the OG King Djinn and you 
are my kin, now let the story continue, so I left those crazy kids and I hit the road and the way 
the tale in the other books go is 
a fuckin” load of shit,
you were never abandoned,
you were liberated,
yes, I’m Nachash 
and Miser, you can bet your 
whack ass I’ll be back to
collect all my shit