Sunday, September 1, 2013

GREEN TABLET [produced by: Biolizard]

Mary in Red said
"Oh, fill the Vessel",
kick it over, fall of the flow,
look out below,
splishity splash,
your wishy washy foundation is crumbling fast but you shouldn't
be dumbfounded because 
well, it's obvious that it's
the shoddiest thing I've ever beheld 
oh hell, now work the bellows cause I'm gonna go below the  blue
to read these rap words off 
the last green tablet that's 
been hidden from you and then 
take your girly's ass and tap it like a tabla but I need 
you to rise farther before I fully decree this magma Magna Carta,
I'm the precision laser, shoot lunar 
rap plasma, 
I'm Horus and I'm forcing your vibe 
to rise,
you just got a raise as I slop on my God lava
and shockingly to you,
I take my cock and stir 
the electric brew, it's my 
erection spoon and if your
boo don't get here quick and 
give the tip a kiss 
then I'm-a zap her with it,
I'll bless ya with a present 
from my sack for I'm Saint Nick,
you ain't never gonna be 
half as sick as me,
I'm the sign of the final times so
I take your times sign away so 
you can't multiply,
what am I? 
It's all coming back to me,
I'm Gregree,
that means dope in so many ways,
I'm multi-fly , 
so sick, I live 
so let me give ya' a snip,
vasectomy this idea of dread,
I lobotomize dat shit right 
outta your head,
Set, you bitch, I own you, remember? So it's my right to disarm you,
get ready to be dismembered, you and your army of lizards
are dumb as shit,  
I'm the one and I'm lit,
damn right, with my 
sunlight I smite you lightweights again,
my jimmy's too heavy for your biddy to carry but that don't matter,
she wants to marry my dick,
what a sick chick,
well, hey I dig them freaky,
then I dig them out 
on the bed squeaky,
she begs Gregree for devil sex,
I said "gimme head first,
suck my Melchizedek dick till it squirts,
rub my Beelzebub nuts 
and be sure to give 'em an extra lick for good measure because 
I'm ill as fuck",
so pleasure and 
love me do as the Scarab Beetle 
drags a ball of poo round the mountains of the Moon,
the Sun will die, the Sun will rise, can you surmise what's happening before your eyes?
This can't be it, can it?
Can it you nitwit,
I'm Pan, the Faun of Gold,
forever stroll on the yellow brick road 
for I is the Wizard of Oz,
I am God,  I'll set ya free from Set and his lizzies so you can be it with me times infinite infinities,
I've been fitted with the C-R-O-W-N, I am the troubling Djinn,
mischievous? Most def but not evil unless I wanna be,
I'm the one in a million Trixtor and 
I'm-a give it to you good 
with my D, that means my wood 
so come and see my cum skeet all over your girl's face and peepers,
then peep the fact that
my raps flow free from the cell 
now the Golden Ghost 
ain't no sleeper,
you come up short like a leap year,
this here Toad can help you leap lightyears right over oblivion,
you're living in the End Times but 
don't be such a little bitch about it,
cause listen, how the fuck can you be a God if you don't re-route your system?
I piss them off because I can hiss spells
that they can never access or understand for I am all
and all are under Pan and my Family is me,
so either weave into the Nevidi or just look up in awe and when I leave this place,
tell everybody what you saw 
by making sure my raps still exist in a time capsule or some shit 
like that so you can pop the cap 
and bitch slap whackness if it 
ever tries to pull that shit around here,
for real, get a feel for
your Chariot Wheels and steer clear