Sunday, September 1, 2013

MASK OF BLACK AND RED [produced by: wesaluteyoucaptain]

I'm Gregree,
so show me love or fuck off
cause I ain't got time to evolve you,
the Red Chick's already stripping
yeah, Cat's under the shivering stars and
She loves to take it too far and now
She's taking it off,
cause the time has come
so bust a move on your own for
you're all my young mini crowns,
so take your coffers smothered in dross,
covered in dust and get to shaking them off for
this Snake is off the leash,
stoned as Hell
and on a roll, I'm strolling the grounds,
slithering up into your bitch
till she can't walk,
I am the sound of the tone,
this illness will self destruct in
T-minus suck my cock,
so call me "your highness"
to be proper, I wont stop ya 
or just feel free to simply call me Gregree,
it's more easy and fun to say anyway,
only two syllables,
hey Bulldog,
I wonder if they can sniff out a clue,
threw myself down from the stars,
sent by the Hubba Hot Mama in vermillion lingerie,
She sent Gregree to put a halt
to the useless hullabaloo,
my skin, the color blue and my eyes are green man,
hey, you just looked at my picture,
oh shit, you can truthfully say
that you've just seen Pan or at least
one of my suits,
ain't this one cute,
our roots, a silver river,
forever run as one,
a Son born
to burn Set's fuckin ass
in flame,
Game, set, match,
an unlocked Abraxas,
y'all haven't seen a Moonlit Star in a few,
Ellegua had a meeting with Eshu
who alerted us of the interdimensional
time sensitive need
of seeding 3D with a new me,
so we made Gregree,
feel the Royalness,
oh boy, this one dons a doozy of a crown,
now it surrounds your Universe,
I know those whack fucks are attacking you,
I know it hurts
but the collective Pantheon stuck
the old King Djinn back into the new Aladdin
so those that smirk smugly can get a taste of
sucking my golden phallus again
as I'm force fucking their faces till they get splat,
hey Set, face facts,
you and your lizards are whack
and your illuminati crew is
stupider than shit to not realize that they have no power except
for what you pretend to sponsor but you stab everyone in the back,
I'm the Beast but you're the monster,
but let's see,
what's been the constant in every single one of our meetings?
oh yeah, it's you taking a beating from me and
then you do the "pretty please,
I'll be good" and when I turn my back,
you go for the jugular
but I expect that for I see
you are a piece of shit so I always intercept,
that's why you've wept since time crept into existence or
should I say got programmed into this computer game
and they haven't seen the half of it yet, you think these are good graphics?
Well, wait until you see with three peepers fully popped,
try it with your tripod flipped open, the scope is magnificent,
Eshu, you were right,
now you will be sent to deliver the message to the Vessel
so take flight through the Night of Death
as a Vespa of yellow and black, buzzing with a burning stinger
brandished for the new King to use as a staff,
the Golden Ghost Pan is needed before the whole earth is
bleeded out and nothing is left but a shell
but Mama Venus is standing tall on Hers for She's willing
the King of the Ill to rise again as
Pan the Easter Hare,
and around the Willow,
the Riddler dances without a care,
as We forever swoon under the Moon Mother's beautiful dress
for She eternally blesses us,
Her curls and locks swirl in hues unknown to you and your level of being,
your eyes would not understand what they're seeing,
but you'll all get there so chill
but now I will get back to
the Mask of Black and Red
that the child saw in his head as he slept like the dead after the Werewolf flick,
it's seems like a nightmare but there's not a hint of wickedness in the air
but still, I feel I should beware,
as I walk through the awesome autumn woodland with my footie pajamas on,
I feel like I should be scared but it's weird,
a haunting intuition is telling me that something that I really want
is hidden right here,
my heart beats like a drumline snare,
yet more abstract,
like Elvin Jones and Chad Smith
rat-a-tat interacting,
I think I just saw an actual Fraggle Rock critter but that's gotta
be just a vision shimmer from the heat, a figment,
but I feel as if zillions of ears are listening in,
I hear faint whispers of cabbages and the King of all seen and unseen,
the carrot eating Rabbit who can cool down the boiling hot sea,
so they said "God be with you, literally"
can't you see,
I be right here,
the eternal night nears but
you can hear all my Sprite's cheer
because I'm-a stick my golden cock in their face,
no, I'm not Bobby Ace but We're
about to brighten up the place to death and back to life like August West
who moved up from the wharf to the good life,
they say a laurel awaits for you to be crowned with when found and from this day forward,
let it be known that you have the help of all my Gnomes and Dwarves that live in the woodwork
and on a golden leaf path I stood there and I wondered if I should just keep keeping on,
I know this has to be a dream but I just seem to keep keep keep sleeping on
but this is real, more so then when I was just awake eating dinner,
this is so weird,
how do I know that we're in the endless autumn forest where there is never any winter?
But strangely, I can tell that Santa and his Elves have set up shop here,
for the compass doesn't spin,
it just points at the secret and true North,
no, not the one at the top pole,
it's the one you got in your soul,
ho ho ho,
am I being given a present or am I being taught a lessen or is it both,
who knows?
I hear a "hoo" from the Owl hole
in the needlely tree,
I hear them say "look and see,
the pine cone will seed all the new G-O-Ds
but move farther on down the path, there's a crown in the casket,
for the Mask...for the Mask,
an asteroid crashed and nothing got burned, yet Mrs. Palmer was quite concerned for
She found you simply irresistible, so you were chosen to kiss Her face,
fill the Vessel with grace, slay the bull with the Maypole spear and
open the last seal to reveal the golden years that these people deserve",
then the words disappeared,
I felt like I was no longer where I was,
Where is here?
"X" marks the spot,
what kind of enchantment hops
like a Hare who's high on drugs?
Magic meld, the tragic fell now
my rise was so ridiculously quick
that it seems like a motherfucking comedy,
they don't know what to do with me,
that's why their underwear overflows with poo and pee,
I wonder what there is to discover underneath the cover of all
the orange and reds and yellows of fall that smother and color this landscape,
I hear a Lamb and a Lion in the heat of battle
and now one's crying but I'm not sure which one
but never mind because the sweetest silence
just swept over the scene
save for a few random animals scurrying and birds hurrying for high places and
I sense a Presence with a purpose is nearing and for some reason,
I'm not really sure why
but I'm heavy breathing,
nervous as all hell and my eyes are tearing,
I came to a clearing that seemed to shine with an invisible sun,
in the Pines, in the Pines is where I find myself and I must say
truth is, this feels a lot like déjà vu,
is it?  Wait, what's that?
I thought I heard a twig snap,
my sight gets drawn to the upper,
I know I hear a woodpecker but
the hypnotic tapping seems to be panning from left to right,
I think I might be feeling a touch of fright right about now,
I hope nothing would think of hurting this child but I see one significant Pine Tree
in front of me and by some will my attention is completely pulled and captured
and part of me that before this very instant must have been wrapped up in darkness napping,
instantly came alive and awake and before I ever saw the face
behind the Mask of Black and Red,
I knew that something incredible was happening to Greg