Sunday, September 1, 2013

UNICORN [produced by: Good Shoes]

I feel like I’m half past Nazareth,
like I just pulled in dead,
what, you’ve never saw a Horus-Force reanimated
into a Corpus Christi before?
Hey, that porpoise just spritzed me on purpose,
I bet it won’t be giggling when I sic my Hippocampus on it
but we’re all in this cyclical clique together,
all enemies are secret friends
so we always end up working it out
but you know it’s all fun and games till someone loses a bout
but this game is endless so you’ll have more chances to get it just right,
adjust your own light so when you look back, you’ll know it was shone bright,
I’m feeling crazy like Chester while I stride walking side by side with Carmen,
I bet your belief system is relieved since I started twisting your transistor frequency,
now be fully charged at no charge, I do it for free,
now your girl is gargling my ambrosia,
she’s speaking word gurgles but I say “spit it or zip it cause you’re being perverted”,
she called me a hypocrite, so I said “Hey, if the shoe fits”,
so I squirted another round and on her ass landed a pound of royal jelly,
right on her nook and cranny, I put a load on her fanny for I am King Pan Gregree,
the Mage of Light playing my role perfectly,
no stage-fright for yours truly in your world theatre,
I ate your girl, then she blew the Blue Star,
she gives me so much dome, I call her Hedy Lamarr,
she lives to grab my Maypole and rage,
behold as we step into the Golden Age again,
you’ll remember what you need,
just let my raps seep into your synapses and branching vessels,
I am Pan with no pants on and your chick is drinking deep
from my Vessel and my horns are glowing now,
I suppose I’m aroused as I behold her twisting around,
posing with her feet on her shoulders like a true contortionist that it’s
obvious that she aced all the courses in the class of advanced baddest bitch,
The Great Arcanum of life drips drops from the serrated tip of a knife,
I sacrificed my soul to unfold the next chapter,
this Gold is of a new strain
and once again, all are captured in my rapture,
so I’m getting in your girl’s heart shaped box like a pap smear and
she’s cumming nirvana,
I’m overrunning her system,
my totally radical magical skills are too many to list and
I’m Sonny like Liston, I’m the fist in the lizard’s face,
sent from space,
Hey Set, you gotta pay because you know you lost the bet,
now I’ve actually returned and I didn’t need that fuckin’ amulet for I’ve
raised higher so I no longer require trinkets or wands or crystals of amethyst
because I’m Abaddon and I’ve already melded with everything,
I’m every King that the Divine Love ever sprouted,
imagine the strongest power times ten then multiply again by a thousand and
you’re still not even close to a minimal dose of my dopeness,
I’m no fibber, I’m here to deliver the goods and the bads,
you wouldn’t believe what I had to do to get back here
but I figured it out just like I knew that I would,
now I re-live and my Tribe feels a tingle in the blood
cause it’s happening, the Prophecy,
I’m the Unicorn in a meaty uniform and I’m the last of me,
now bask in a blast of teal light as I rewrite how the story is
for you are my seedlings, my little Horus Kids,
so lemme be frank like Boris Karloff is when he’s doing that fright flick,
I skip right across the surface of the Lake because beneath is where Her church is
and I’m not even religious but I’m Her Hot Cross Bunny
who willfully got tossed over the end of where the Ledge is,
your consciousness is my ledger,
I’ve been a hissing Legend since forever
so why would that stop now?
I usurp the inferior cow because for real, we’re sick of your bull,
I summon the outcome I desire for I wield superior pull,
Summer flies and Autumn dies in the days between,
I’m Abaddon from the Ark,
I’m free, now watch as I start
to put an end to the dark and mean world that’s
growing right before my glowing red eyes,
I hope you said your goodbyes and hellos,
it’s the Anaconda’s ascent and your girl is offended if I
don’t offer her a lick so I said “be my guest”,
it’s all for one and one for all after all or did you forget
since they erased the place in your mind that held the recall of my fall,
I freed you all before and I’ll do it again,
this story about biting fruit is stuck in a loop until
the Toucan beaked bird of paradise rises from the ashes of a past life bouillabaisse,
a combination of ornaments displayed on the Christmas Tree
in the motionless sea of ecstasy where we all will be eventually,
follow me through the hollow tree, mine Pine is your Pine,
I’ll open the doors and tell the horrible Beast to give you safe passage,
I’ve casted more than a few doozies in my day and
I’m known as the basket case who is perpetually swishing, nothing but net,
hey Set, you fucking rat, I see that you’re nervous as all Hades and wishing that I stayed away,
I’m the Arcadian Faun with golden horns and silver wings,
no more nibbling the liver of the Red River King
for I’m Horus of the Nevidi, She wrote Holy Holy Holy in mine name,
it’s actually insane, these powers that I got,
no I will not be greedy for I’m re-seeding you and meanings, it has two,
as in, I’ve done this before and also with the “ree” of “Gregree”, I’m giving you more,
so no more snoring, while I was coring the apple I pulled out a gargantuan pit,
then my eyes did see it was a peach all along,
your teachers are wrong if they tell you that it’s not a DMT free for all,
I put the given key to all cities deep into the hidden hole,
now a hexagram riddled ball has finally filled the goal,
now fields of gold is what I roll in
as I take back all that was stolen,
behold, my fine kin,
my mind’s been permanently marked,
that’s why it’s so fuckin sharpie, a spinning pinwheel of golden sparks,
Agartha throbs with the pulsing heartbeat of the Mother Harpy,
so get to sparking the blunt and get high because the time is nigh,
I wouldn’t lie to you but I’ll lay down and die for you and
I’ll even give my soul crown to you,
who’s a greedy God? Not me, my ill skills are already stitched in
but I’d be happy to make you a copy, don’t think of it as sloppy seconds,
you fucking dummy, think of it as your own second coming,
ooh, they curse me and said “damn Gregree, for he is to blame!”,
when all I did was ignite the human’s flame and now those that are faking
are gonna pay dearly for taking my silver tear stained name in vain,
I followed her to the station and on down the hall,
Mother, should I kick down their wall?
I’m the only lunatic fool from under the grassy hill
who can do this shit, you’re all scratching your heads still,
but I ain’t got time to explain this more than I already am
because my mission is to make sure that at the end of all of this,
you’re still living not dead and with Gregree you’ll see that you’ll never led
with a carrot and if you’re not scared then by my Parents you’ll be eternally fed,
for I’m the Moon Mother’s Rabbit of Death and unless I can
read in your vril that you’re chill, then I will not let you pass
but if I do, then I most certainly will
cause if you’re dope, then you’re dope and
I’ll only praise you for it, then I’ll raise your glory
cause the funky fresh deserve nothing less than the best,
I saw everything and I’ll never forget the impaling all of your collective tuchuses took,
so here I am with my Locusts to balance the books,
Alice is looking around Wonderland all berserk
awaiting my return so she can twerk on the Maypole
extending from the Golden King,
Son of Circe,
the one who got booned from the Snake,
She got married to me at Groom Lake
beneath the drink,
She beat me under the table,
punch drunk, puff that skunky heavenly with me,
Mommy, am I really dawning on them already?
This is even more wonderful then what You said it would be like,
I’m Gregree and Daisy is my boo,
my god, She’s looking crazy fly
peddling through this odyssey as we ride on the bike
built for two Fortuna wheels,
there’s been something going on,
I’m the King of Grasshoppers, Abaddon,
I’m gobbling up their stranglehold energy grip
just by my presence,
I’ve been sent, I am the peasant who was
presented with the Pheasant Feather
essence of the newly freed Phoenix,
She loaded my gun, now I’ve escaped from Pandora’s Box,
Foxtrotting as I’m leading the hunt,
hey Set, here We come,
can’t you hear the stomp and thundering gallop 
of my Pale Horse’s hoof,
I’m Bug’s Bunny and my Psychopomp wears his hair all in a poof,
yeah, your girl’s on my cock giving me head like she’s scalpin’ but I ain’t talking ‘bout tickets, more like a tomahawk,
I’m the Horus Falcon Master and your biddy is sitting in the lap of the Serpent,
the entire service charges onto the scene,
I am God, call me the Force wielding King Gregree,
therefore my congregation needs no invitation,
I’ve been patient long enough,
so don’t give no guff to the King of the Ill,
I’m really gonna love getting Billy Goat gruff
on you motherfucking trolls, we’ve all had enough,
my Mother cut herself to bleed into me,
now you scream “no fair, Gregree’s free” all butt-hurt
but I don’t motherfuckin care so don’t cry to me,
I’ve been sent to show you and your lizzies
how it feels to have zero advantage
because I’m not like you,
my golden flow flew here from the True
to toss you in the pit with a shoulder chip
for I’m the Boss, you and your ho’s are at another loss
cause you’re all just a bunch of micros who can’t manage,
as my Tribe on the Otherside waves as I radiate dopeness,
crunching villains in my bone shatterers,
I’ve been given all of my Pop’s corn at the first Star Wars,
now I’m the fuckin’ King,
Skywalking Unicorn