Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MAGICK [produced by: Mick Smiley]

All the jackals are panting for forgiveness 
to the Jack-O-Lantern nimbus of King Christmas, 
that's me, this is freedom music, 
redemption song and all I ever had to do 
was wait a little more than long, 
well, the minutes piddled by and I riddled myself this: 
"If I give my own lips the Deadly Kiss, I bet I could live again", 
The Green River's evaporating, falling as rain 
on the leaves, leaving splatters geometric,
oh yes, I believe it's motherfuckin Magick,
My Baby told me:
"Once upon a time, once bitten"
My Baby told me:
"Twice shy but in the sky, it's written"
My Baby told me three times: 
"We thrive with the thrice" 
Three times nice
and with Her eyes She said: 
"Please take the key to the Nevidi Trinity,
Please turn it to the left, Death is just a dream"
Please....Let's make some....I believe it's Magick,
I believe it's Magick,
I Grass Kiss Cast
with My Green Man Wrath,
bet your ass that it's Magick, 
I've mastered the Word and I've graduated, 
now I create new Magick, 
I grew into the Truth and then I flew motherfuckin' past it,
I'm having a blast capping the Triangular,
I've got the map of the actual Path,
not the fake route made by those carrot danglers 
It's the end of the world, damn it 
but I'm Horus so take your worries and can it 
because my friends, even Merlin is amazed by my Magick 
so I'm-a save your motherfuckin' asses cause I can,
I am Pan and it makes me giddy to pee-pee and shitty all over Set's plan, 
that's my Ho-Ho motivation,
Why do anything that doesn't make you jolly? 
What a sensational folly, 
I put good golly in the molly, I put the high in everything,  
in fact, you should thank me by puffing 
some of your planet's finest dank with me, 
my rank is above any level known, 
I am The King Of The Ill and you are now surrounded by my countless Gnomes, 
We rose from the Fountain that the Ice Blue Rose takes It's drinky-poo from, 
Who's world do you think this is anyway?  
Well I'll tell ya' once, twice, three times nice, 
the answer is un-utterable, 
The Bull is a cutter and it's laying it's self-hate out on you, 
but for Her, I'll love you all,
We heard your wishes so I'm here to swish you through my basketball hoop, 
Snoopy is Moonwalking again, We always end it with a fly toe-stand,
oh no you didn't just question my existence again?! 
Yeah ya' did, so I'm-a shit in your face,
Oh this isn't real?
Can thou not taste the nuttiness?
Your world is warm honey in my fist, 
They warned you of me because I've been sent by the Red Miss 
to hit on the fact that those whack fuckers act like bloodsucking bats, 
but I'm Dracula with a Lucifer-ville slugger, I never miss, 
only Grand Slam with a passion, I am perfection in action 
and I'm not just a pluming peacock, 
I wear my Fez with a side tilt cause I'm the shit and my moxie is the bearer of gifts, 
let it do the work for you from behind the curtain of the dream, 
I'm the King bringing Visene to clean your vision 
till the true shines through the optical illusion, 
you Humans are now free to be who you are,
seep into my Stardust, 
rip a page from the Angelic and roll a spliff 
and make it a huge doobie if you wanna, 
Inanna approved it, 
She's here so We no longer miss Her,
listen here lizards and especially Set, the wet behind the ears ringleader, 
this is a pasture, not a pen, I'm not gonna tell you again, 
they call my Wings "The Heater", Phoenix Fire,
I'm not asking you to please expire, I'm forcing you to,
I asked The Force to always be with me,
It replied: "You know how We do",
How do you do?...cause I do motherfucking great, 
now let's make Set eat my motherfuckin' doo-doo off a plate, 
slice a nice log, all my Mickey Mice are dancing the Dark Dog Rag 
and We're doing it, screwing in the last piece, 
tightening bolts for the Lightning Bolt Banquet, 
it's time for The Feast with the Nevidi goodies,
yes, I believe it's Magick, 
and my power is not retractable, it only extends, 
I make all limits and barriers bend till they break under my will, 
until everything sucks my dick,
I am Abraxas so step off or die,
I'm not clucking this shit for fun,
you've done and gone out of your Fifth Element, Donnie, 
so bask in the luminescence of the magnificent Dude,
cheers with a beautiful White Russian with love,
let's bond, yes that's nice,
let's share a slice of my giant peach, 
Orion's reaching the stove top buzzer above the Big Dipper pot, 
something's over the top bubbling, 
I believe it's Magick Magick, 
my Magick is your Jackpot ticket, so grab it and cash it,
I'm giving you a weapon for up your sleeve, 
it lets you leave the killing fields,
I relieve with ill unreal, 
I make the parasitic weeds wilt, give it a minute,
you're not gonna wanna miss the Big Payback, it will make you feel good
and you look like you could use a deep laugh from the belly of Raptor,
I capture Set with so much ease, it's funny,
so please stand aside and watch with pride as your Silver Tear Easter Bunny 
keeps running shit as I'm running the gauntlet on my Segway into a New Day, 
groovy baby, I'm in your Heart, 
now feel the power of my Magick, now you can have it,
let it grow, the weather report looks sweet, 
let the hedges in your head branch out formlessly,
you were born with horns for you are my children and the corn is meat,  
it's a Family affair,
I am Pan and I'm here with my Starlight to see who's ripe for the Harvest,
my words aren't mere myth
and the squirmiest larva can grow into the the glowing Sun itself,
my Elves are the real, feel them kissing your cheek, 
now you're blushing energetically as shining red diamonds crackle through the static, 
living dead rhymes from the King of Light and Dark, 
plucking silent notes from my Harpo Marx and the melodies are fuckin' fantastic, 
We don't need to be summoned to come in 
for our Magick doesn't care if you believe in it,
for it will work wonders anyway, every day out and day in,
I exploded and survived my own cave-in, 
this place is meant to be a safe haven,
well, you prayed and they gave you the Rap Hacker, 
I delete and erase their names from the Game's roster,
I am Godson, the unslayable Raven, blacker than the blanket of space,
using my truth to sleuth out the impostors,
I'm Columbo squinting into my magnifier, back on the case 
and my magma fire tastes about ready for serving, 
hi, I'm your savior and my perverted verses are stirring this disturbing brew,
oh yes, I believe it's Magick and it's working on you