Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CHEZ ROLEZ [produced by: Ichthyes]

I didn't come here from over the Ledge of the razor's edge to circumcise you pricks,
I came here with Her to rise you up with this tip off,
the Qliphoth is just a clip of my hoof,
I ripped off the roof,
now We're flying higher,
I Am King and my rank is the sweet smell of success,
puff sess in my honor,
I'm the one you've all waited for,
I've mated with the Whore,
She's innocent and pure,
I put it in, then some more,
I sink the Sword into the air from the Stone,
I think this can't be undone which is good news
and the Truth is vicious,
it's just the way the Story goes,
It forever flows through the ebb and the flow,
the Dead will go dancing in the round way to the sound May made through me,
I'm glowing so bright,
We're throwing a ball,
please stay for a bite,
I'm inviting you all,
I'm the King of Power
and now once again,
you're nothing Set,
not even a blip on our radar,
I'm the Blazing Star hitting the green and I don't pass to that meek bitch pip squeak,
the weak is over like Friday
and you know this maaaan,
I'm putting you on notice and
my fly tastes like upliftment,
take the psilocybin cap and bite into it, it's a blessing, 
you're digesting Godhood, 
my hood is blacker than the Forever Night,
I sever right through whoever I like,
I'm bounded no more,
so get on the ground floor,
this is the sound of me,
Abaddon-Horus pounding my chest in victory song,
singing "ding dong, the witch is dead",
I'm King Kong and I already ate her head and then I wed most beautiful,
when We groove,
She truly goes buck-ba-noodles,
We fuck for oodles of hours and then She sucked till I splooged and I showered Her with a power stream of skeet,
She screamed out "hallelujah, you've fulfilled all my dreams!!!"
yeah, She said I got the Key to Her V-hole,
I'm Gregree, none can shed light like me y'all,
that's right, got no time in my life to get up tight,
the Beastie style's gotta be delivered loose or a car thief will steal all your juice,
our Nevidi Trees produce immortal knowledge,
I grew two especially for you just this once,
oh, who am I kidding?
I don't know, you tell me,
I'm living proof of the Mystery,
you're confused but the Truth is me,
I give you what'cha want because none can front when Revelation comes through in a rapping style,
Have you ever had a Monster tear your heart to shreds with a happy smile?
Tears that jerk the Caddy out of the mud,
I'm the Satyr of blood blue and I love to love ya baby,
I'm Abaddon, the crazy kid,
I'm taking Hell and raising it like Arizona 
and as the Pleroma Tome states,
all will know how my bone tastes,
I keep it on the Beach with my Killers close at reach,
I'm Romeo and my Juliet and I just disembarked from a very nice Arc ride,
I'm bright Mr. Darkside
and when I was young,
I looked a lot like I do now,
yeah, you found the point of the Game,
They've anointed my Name before I was even born,
please don't kneel, it's weird,
just release your cheer
as I increase the yield of corn,
couldn't have been more than one or two or three, cut into quarters,
I'll be sure to PM you the deetz in a prank envelope,
open it up and get a face full of skeet,
splidow, how disgraceful,
you tried to diss my Grace Amazing,
what a fool I am for giving you any credit at all,
I'm Grateful Dead,
blue and red headed for the lightning ball,
Who's that knocking on your noggin?
It's just me, the motherfuckin' Rockin' Robin,
I roll through the sky with wings of a Bat for I am King Joker,
can't you tell by my hat pointed like three Pyramids?
Lift the carpet and see the Kids of Tomorrow,
May We borrow a moment to start up the New Age?
Your new days are looking Golden 
as my Bride opens Her hole wide enough for me to slide and stuff my holy pole in,
pretty cool, pretty neat,
your badass lass drool over the way my beak gnashed the beat,
I'm Tony Hawk-Head,
I'm Her beau, Apollo and the door's have been unlocked,
Ollie Ollie Ox and free,
now let's play a game,
you and me humanity of Marco Polo,
when found, get marked by my pole golden,
I started the ball rolling,
I'm Astarte's bouncing baby boy,
I'm the Hound King,
finally out of the pound and my pounding wings grew stronger the longer I waited, I've made it,
my grave is empty, 
now a big thanks to my Friends,
that little bit of help did lots
and my grim moxie is Siriusly shagadelic,
my dick explodes with the golden mojo of the Relic of the Oldest,
behold this Magick in awe,
imagine all the people living in peace,
Is that what you want?
I'm Abaddon, right under your noses,
smell my guns and roses
and I'll bless while I blaze,
yesterdays there were so many things that you were never told,
there's a river of gold and silver mixed,
twisting with the rhythm of the fifth and the fourth,
from the Hills I've come forth,
adorned with conch shells,
ankhs and horseshoes like oxbows, absorb this fluidity of my God Flow and you'll be hot forever,
My Dogs and I just swam out of the
I'm God, damn it
and this planet is reserved for
the Banquet of the Ages,
I'm Pan and my blazer is forest green,
I'm the Rabbit of Love and Dire Death,
I have some killer ideas,
let's hatch them unless you're scared,
I'm afraid We can't have fraidy cats enter the Tabernacle because that defeats the purpose, my dears,
you must prove to be a Hero, 
I'm Heru, the Falcon,
my Eye eternally on all,
I've fallen for Fun again,
I'm the illest one,
I'm Lilith's son and Pappy too,
wrap your minds around that until the time your brackets are screwed
in tight and proper,
I'd like to offer you 
something un-refusable,
I've fathered you all by allowing us to fuse in this God crucible


Friday, October 17, 2014

GRASS STAINS [produced by: Juana’s Adicción]

Kali is my mommy,
I am Abaddon and I mean biz,
like totes Sirius I iz,
I'm from Somewhere,
you must come, 
it's just an octave jump over the rainbow,
what the Funk and Wagnalls got this Mad Dog's tail wagging? 
Telling the tale of a runaway wagon, 
the new words flow from the old fountain,
now it's coming down the Mountain,
rolling to meadow that lies below the foot of the hill,
step with me this way if you will and into the chilling truth,
you gotta take a swig of the Nevidi swill,
it's still the hottest soup,
I'm not human, 
I'm doing my Great Work,
capping off the loose ends,
I'm the wayward son who's been carrying on and on,
I'm Pan, bitch,
I married Dorothy from Kansas,
She's a whore and damn, She's fine as all hell,
She's a virgin as well or so She tells the uninitiated,
She opened Her C for me so I ate it till She moaned 
that it was the happiest moment She's ever known,
I'm Dracula and I've flown the coop, 
I'm the Clown of Hoops,
Lord of the Rings,
I'm joking a lot but not about these things,
I've been in the freezing cell,
I'm bleeding incredible indigo,
when did you all become so blind?
I've come through the Time Tunnel,
I'm what you're waiting for,
my name is Horus or any other one of my titles,
my Mother lets loose tidal waves
of beautiful silver from the eyes in Her face,
I've finally surfaced and I'm starved for many things,
I'm the Star of the Morning and I have many wings,
two of feathers, two like bats,
two of fire and you can bet that that's not all,
I'm the hottest great ball of fire,
I inspired Jerry Lee Lewis,
I'm the Merry Elf King,
so high on the Buddha,
you would think I was Buddhist,
but all worship what yours truly is cause I empower all things,
I am the Wizard of Oz,
I am God, I am Gregree,
my flow is the flower and the energy that feeds it,  
it's gonna be a feast so get ready to eat up, bitches,
hope you're hungry, 
I'm Mithra, it's no myth,
I'm Ra the Solar Ruler,
I'm the Bunny so Bugsy and my wife is Tallulah all grown up,
all the while, Set tries to silence this lamb but no fucking way 
am I gonna quit roaring,
my mane has lengthened so let me 
strengthen you with fancy new Magick I acquired 
while I was standing in the shower thinking about 
the golden stream from the Tower of Delights,
now you're on the right track,
be sure to stay on the left side or the time trap will loop ya and dupe ya, 
I'm burning so bright for I am Saturn-Jupiter,
please see it's always been just Us,
I am Jesus Christ and Lucifer,
two sides of the true mirror,
I'm the Werewolf they all call 
"the fuckin' King",
you would surely rise if all your eyes were functioning,
the trunk of the Elephant's singing a beautiful tune to the Sun and Moon Child,
Gmork and Mindy are an item,
She loves to watch me rip 'em to shreds and I can do even more,
I'm the heathen of purity,
you are me, just accept it,
I'm more than adept in the dope arts,
you can go far by trying to pry open my Magickal,
have you still not realized who I am,
really?......god damn, you're slow,
let me know when you get hip
and only then you can grow into a little god and then a big one,
there are no limits here but you can't come
to the Party unless you are the Truth,
my Anubis tooth is lodged in the jawbone,
I called home on my extraterrestrial cellphone,
I'm the actual Phoenix in my vessel that I've gone and custom made,
Don Corleone's grave is open and empty,
I'm the Godfather of Enki and Enlil
and I will all to ascend to the top of the hill,
so We can roll down again,
I am the crowned Djinn with no last name
and the grass stains on our clothes are the green blood,
let's take the flowing red and add it in,
make it a Christmas winter Wonderland,
the bleeding will even it out,
on your girl I am skeeting,
making her scream and shout.........."whoa whoa yeah",
as I Ho-Ho-Ho in her hole with my candy cane,
Pan is my name and I'm the goal of it all,
is it time for coal or gifts galore?
I've jumped into new flesh and I'm dressed to gore and kill,
I will with a glance,
I am the one with many children,
see them dance elated,
I am real and illing originated with my skills,
I fell to create in a way all others were too scared to do,
I am Heru and I grew in an unexpected fashion,
I'm-a cash in now honey cause my soul says so, so whatever I just said goes,
my head glows from my nimbus, 
I've been dead so now I'm living it up,
I slither to the top of this anthill and my hands will mold the shape,
behold the cape around my neck as I hang upside down,
I will smack your whack ass upside the head with my raps 
if you don't show respect proper,
I'm the hammer dropper
and there ain't no stopping us now 
so let's get it popping like a whitehead, 
my tiger body is striped bread


Sunday, September 7, 2014

GOD'S ILLER [produced by: wesaluteyoucaptain]

I spy with my Jedi
from under the Hill
where the Lord lies,
the ill Clampett in the reflector,
I'm the midnight bandit who made off with all of the bestest Texas T
from the core of the Nexus,
remember me?
I feel like Beverly cause I'm the Angel O,
so let me brighten like beach memoirs as I undo their tight stranglehold grip, my art is really sparky against their file and rank,
I carve light and dark meat off my own Grateful Skeleton,
so whoever wants beef like Wellington, come and get it,
I've been telling them I'd return when the Heat was complete,
now I'm cooking in my kitchen,
you bitches, it's time to eat,
yes, I'm back on the beat,
guess y'all got good luck,
I'm stomping my cranky feet cause I just got woken up,
but I won't drag 'em cause I'm in one hell of an incredible mood,
I'm the Dragon of Terror,
got it?
You're not it,
you think you are but GOD'S ILLER and I'm ready to move the pillar into the final position,
oh Set, now you're mad?
Why don't you start a petition to make me stop,
then get your whole crew to sign it so I can shove it up the vaginas of you twats,
I've got a bone to pick,
stab you all like an awl against the tip of an iceberg with my golden dick, break off the fake dross,
now that's how I make nice,
your sight takes twice as in a double take,
make way for I've come to merge with the Demi because if my double face doesn't come together again,
I can't bring you to my level,
I'm King Flattop and my twin has got feet below the knees,
I got you pegged like marionette legs with ease
I do the sacred skidoo inducing steps, you're a fool Set,
if you think I wouldn't get my way,
hey, it's my name on the Game's label anyway,
so lemme say your a dumb fuck,
spewing garbage into this place like you're emptying a dump truck packed to the brim,
well, I'm back from my sleep and my raps are the Grim Reaper,
I'm Abaddon the promise keeper and I'm sticking to my word,
I'm the Dinosaur Bird,
Feathered Crocodile surrounded by slithering electricity,
King Elohim's home and my golden telephone pole's been dialing,
I died to bring the beginning and the end of it,
Pleroma Tome pages turning,
my rage is burning all for your benefit,
Mr. Kite, I missed my flight...sike, how could that ever be with forever extending wings like these?
I'm a Monster pondering my own dominance,
how do you wanna die, Set?
I'm feeling like a generous God
so I'm-a go ahead and let you pick your demise because anyway you decide,
you draw the last straw,
I'm the Master of every single Star in the sky but I'm cool about it,
you know that's why They shine willingly so brilliantly all for the ill in me,
the enemy pretended to be a friend
then they locked me in a cell,
but still I got free,
well, well, look at me,
you stupid fucks and suck on these
Royal nuts because I'm iller, I'm iller, my skills are the Thriller of the Night, so I call to my twin and sing out:
"Let's merge again into the thing now that must be",
cuss me all you want,
it'll do you no good
because I'm wearing my Rare Card breast plate made of holy wood,
and all it was and is is
the return of the High Wizard Life,
my razor knife is stained with red rain,
my mane is said to contain magickal properties,
pluck a hair, that is if you can get close enough,
I fuckin' dare you to call it a bluff,
get stuffed like a turkey,
my spell is working in circular ways,
light the purple haze in tribute of the fruition,
They said "hey, it's you!" I said "yes, isn't it a hoot?"
I'm the Teacher reaching my root down as I pass this ill communication of sound onto the class,
I'm going on to cast another magickal masterpiece,
this Raptor feasts on my enemy's reasons till they're deceased,
I drink all the bad blood till all that's left is good lovin',
I call your girl "southern hospitality" because she always graciously offers that ass to me,
I'm the last of me and the faster I beat my wings,
the rounder you get,
I whip out my cryptical endgame enveloping Set,
so tell all your friends that the fuckery ends here with the Buck Wild Child.
Got a hankering for conquering
this Romper Room,
my Magic Mirror reflects dooms unless a re-twisting of the twins is done,
don't resist me,
for I am He from the land of Fun,
can you all come to your senses please,
all We see is senseless idiots,
your preachers are reading off a card like Trebek,
so to relieve you from jeopardy
the Starry Leopard Beast is back,
I win every round in this Ishtar Atari match,
no car can catch this getaway vehicle,
so get away from me cause you're
so annoying,
I'm clawing at your paradigm,
I'm the hopping Hare,
repairing with rhymes incomparable,
I'm on a tear like perforation,
got game like "Operation"
my funny bone is made of gold,
it reflects the red light of my nose,
in the dark of night,
I sparked the fire but I didn't start the fight,
but I will finish it,
I'm God the fallen,
still iller than all and that's the realest shit,
I peel the skin back from the skull of my predecessor,
I'm taking merry measure to build you up my little buttercups,
you called for us, so we responded with "As you wish."
the Divinity Djinn is me ,
so winning is easy as pie whether an optimist or not,
lick the twat of the New Day till She cums,
and my raps are the lapping tongue

I WILL FIND OUT [produced by: Jaisu]

I will find out,
I will find out,
a winding staircase confided there are ways to choke time out,
grip my hands around this land of drips and you bet that I will squeeze wine out

Let's get tipsy,
it's the end,
step with me,
like I do,
this way,
that's it,
I'm casting Magick in your audio hole,
the cord to your soul's entwined with my Tree,
Gregree, King of Owls and all else living and dead and I said
I will find out

Then I slither snaked over and under the door of the cell,
who the hell did you think was staying in the cage?
Not me, too ill so I willed the lock
into red goo like I said would do back then and now I'm telling you again,
I will find out

I squeeze blood red wine from the stone cold heart,
this is the art of the deadline,
I said rhymes that were the strongest before and still are
but I was longing for more so I died down,
for I will find out

I'm gonna find out if it's possible to use my God skills via my flow that dons a Royal robe
purpler than kush herb
to see if I could push infinity further,
I just need to figure out how and
I will find out

I will find out,
I will find out,
a winding staircase confided there are ways to choke time out,
grip my hands around this land of drips and you bet that I will squeeze wine out

I'm head hunting and your girl is really something,
her tongue clings to my Magick stick as if my boner was gonna reveal a secret to her,
not sure she deserves it,
I'll know when she blows and slurps it and be sure that
I will find out

I just did,
I busted in her E-Y-E,
I'm notorious for that,
in fact, it's my signature,
your bitch is surely grateful for the pearly faceful,
I laid low underground,
now it's time to go so I vowed
I will find out

I always find what I'm looking for,
I'm cooking for my whole Family,
can it be dinner time already?
I'm winning with deadly force,
torched on my fire pile,
I died a while ago,
memory recovering out of a cloud,
now I will find out

I got it, I have it,
I'm the God in the cabbage patch,
the Rabbit's back,
I'm feeding on orange blood bleeding
from a carrot made of Magick,
my Tribe arrived,
reminding me of my divine Pine clout so now
I Will find out

I will find out,
I will find out,
a winding staircase confided there are ways to choke time out,
grip my hands around this land of drips and you bet that I will squeeze wine out

Signs on the ground,
signs in the sky,
there are signs saying don't look me in the eye,
but they're lying,
I'm not trying to hypnotize or hex ya,
I'm showing you how to locate the exit,
so open your eye and you will find out