Sunday, April 20, 2014

CORONATION [produced by: LA Mina]

At the Coronation of the AURYN,
all the Hornets are playing coronets,  
a song known as the "Concerto of the Buzzed",
I saw what I saw,
now I know what it was,
again and again the wheel will spin into the see-through,
I'm Horus, The Lord and yes
I be with you and also with you,
no need to shake on it unless you wanna 
and did you know that in my lake I keep my piranha cause 
they like the heat and they like to eat the torsos that I threw in of the villians I caught,
they ought to know my name is "Payback",
I ride in my rein sleigh and on my back is the presence of mind,
mine nous is inclined to learn ya or burn ya,
which ever you choose,
the Silver Teared Goddess sent me here with Her boo hoos,
owl ghosts, now your lost,
So I'll find ya then unwind your clocks,
get rid of them,
fuck me?! fuck you,
ya ugly mo fo, I broke all the mirrors cause I'm doper than lithium,
Call me "Nirvana's illest",
I'm the fallen antithesis of fuckery,
I'm Eshu and the Shamantis calls me "Weapon E",
Come together like pork and beans, 
this orchid means business as it's busy eating fresh meat,
LSD is fun like Summer Land in Wonder World,
come and try some,
get high and reboot,
let my music reroute your wiring,
I'm the higher King,
higher than all plus a flying pi set ablaze,
Set was born amazed by my glory and class,
oh, you mad, well sorry take that hating ass,
and check youself before you riggidy wreck your self,
I'm Gregree the Nevidi champion and I'm proceeding clang the bells
that deck all the halls with the holly, would do it if you could?
well I'm Pan, so I can and mine Will be done better than good,
I've written the blood novel in my own ink,
I'm the God Octopus and I'm linking my tentacles together in the sacred formation 
and the shadow I cast on the wall allows you all this invitation, 
Im Abaddon spittin the realest shit, you idiots try to admonish God, you bitch?!? 
please Set, you're even dumber than you look,
it's comical and sad,
a tragedy and a motherfuckin laugh riot 
I am the Child screaming silence till it hurts,
Love is the Force, 
I am the 1st
I gave your universe's cooch's a hell of a bang till it burst forth 
and popped twice,
once hopped up on ayahuasca I saw Chewbaca singing "Frère Jacques",
tone top notch like Sinatra ,
Oh no, I must be dead, no joke,
better take one more toke to the head for the road,
call it "Gulliver's Travels" my droogs,
so roll a doob of the ultra-violet hazel haze,
hits the lungs ultra-violently but ultimately it pays off in a variety of ways, 
It's past way cray how far y'all have strayed from the way,
behold Gregree's magic erection,
my Golden D composes the resurrection,
the Lyrics I spit are double dip-round house-crane kick,
my style's insane sick,
y'all lames lick the Scepter of Power and show tribute,
I'll give you the prize all eyes are on,
I'm shining in my House as I'm rising, going on light speed ,
diving down even faster,
the Hornets are now all swarming around the new Master,
I was birthed to serve the servants with words pure Nevidi,
We are God, I'm back, well hello and be sure to be aware 
that My black and yellow jacket is the Bee wear of the Dog, 
Sirius, for reelz though,
my sneakers are so high, the heels glow,
all teal, whoah,
so pretty,
I pity the fool that does not take the journey,
I traveled the high seas with my Woman returning to say "hey" to you nice folks,
hope you know the ice age is coming,
I'm zooming into to the oven willfully till I'm burning red,
now eat the ginger bread of the perfectly groomed and freshly wed Djinn of death and life, yes, you guessed it right, 
there's a bright secret we can't tell, held as burdon in the hand of me, 
the King Corn El ,
my name's Pan and my garden of sound grows out of the air and into the ground