Thursday, May 1, 2014

DELTA SKELTER [produced by: Sims Beats]

Now, before the day I dust my broom with a gust a of doom,
I'll tell the tale of a friend of this here Devil,
so up jump with me and stand tall on the stump of the old pine and
you'll find without fee,
I mean free, the means to unleash the meaning of the riddle that can give you Revelation,
Hell is a place made of wishes and golden cliffs,
they stole my MO for being the shit but I'm the Infinite Trixtor
and if truth be told, Eshu's my name when I'm feeling old,
and let it be said that Ellegua is my moniker when I'm feeling like a youngster,
it's a Horus/Harpocrates type of situation,
just some more of my names,
guess I'll take a vacation while you try to count them,
I'm Count Dracula and my widow's peak is a Falcon beak,
I calculate that the occasion calls for immediate attention,
well, ascension is as close as a finger snap away,
I can make you skip with a nimble step even when you're old and gray,
I can fill your pockets with diamonds rare when you would only find moths nesting there before,
I've assessed things from a distance, looks like the best thing to do is pour Her silver sobs through the portal door,
it's funny, this kind of reminds Us of a memory We had before We hold with such fondness about a unique future progeny,
beyond a prodigy of rhyming
and on some fine hallowed tomorrow day,
Abaddon will rise and use part of the music that you make and add the vibration to the stew,
yes, the recipe is our Mother's,
the bubbling color is deep hues of sublime Santeria,
all will hear it without the need of bending their ears,
the clean sweeping waters of success rush as it sneaks up fast,
so brass up your crystals as you become the one Wizard the players and naysayeers all fear,
"Oh that's gotta be Dr. Robert J" they'll say, "what a star, look how he operates that guitar",
fingers artistic like it's the Divine churning out burning Hades,
you're the King, the strings are charred and you'll find fine ladies near and far will  linger after the show just to say that they met ya
and they'll all beg: "may we suck your throbbin' johnson?"
so ponder that as my Vampire Bat hang patiently over the mire in the swamps of the Delta,
where the Serpents are waiting,
I can hear through thickest fog,
that familiar call out for assistance, 'Oh God, will ya help me outta this predicament please?"
If you stand on the X when the moment's correct, we can meet,
tell me my sweet, what seems to be the malady?
I can make a jackpot out of any calamity,
I'm tied to my family, Mallory,
I'm the Son Sol and also Sam is me,
my children are many,
yes, the Force is me and fortunately for you, you have the essence of a Vessel,
so let me make you a deal that's not like the rest,
yes, I'll make you play the Guitar way beyond unbelievably blessed,
Songs of taste that shine more than long as they ace all of time's tests,
you'll nail it as they give you their hands and after you die,
you'll be hailed with festive revelry by the six string deities of future time but you will find that this arrangement has extra pages,
let's call it extra wages,
some incarnation syndication,
hop on the Carousel a few times
so We can propel the new time into full spin,
get this dimension flying again,
yes, I am Eshu and I'm taking your soul RJ,
I'm melding mine with your's so now you can see in a brand new way,
for you are not who you were, OK, it's like this,
your helix is spinning with the exalted silk,
dripping with the best malted milk
stirred with a wooden spoon made from the Giving Tree by the Moon Mother Herself,
She'll pull out one of her Fire Feathers,
the entire Water front covers
and ripples with light as soon as it enters your life,
a Wife it becomes,
unseen, one root, two shoots so it don't matter if you aim high,
a certain circular flame will never die, what Fun,
the sun jumps high over the moonbeam till balance is restored,
Set is the name of the sore loser who would adore killing everything
but your energy is born from the filament of the illest King,
I'm one, I am many, my Family is me,
can it be understood?
Sever the silver chord for good
and you might find an IM in the now unlocked inbox stored in the front of your mortal mind,
So bind with me, pine is the tree of our Fam,
signs can be seen in the sand at the bottom of the ocean,
under the water, carry the water,
now before I vamoose Bobby J,
try on the mask of red and black then drink from my flask,
decorated with ratter fangs,
I'm the tattler and I'm telling you things that no one's allowed to know about strumming the beautiful summer honey dew strings of the Wooden Lady,
the Goddess, La Guitara,
though it seems unbelievable,
I'd never deceive you,
so make the blues shake and make out the baking hot,
deadly eyes of the Red Senora encased in flame,
just then Robbie J said "OK God, I believe you now,
just tell me when it's my time at the end",
I said, oh my Hell Hounds will find you my friend and then they'll eat you,
but it's just part of the grind in the theater of dopeness,
now I'm pleased to present
you with the Key to open your
treasure chest of forever blessed
and death for Us is just a breath,
a gust of perfection until We go into the next one and unless an new Sun, a new Pan, a new King of the Fireball ascends,
it will be dire how it all ends
in every sense of the word and in every tense cause time is just a mirror that's here to give you the wild goose,
I rip the tile loose from the checkered that those peckers set up in all humans to keep you in line,
Well, I'm the true Pan and I find them in contempt and my judgment is that I have formulated a plan
and now that your hand holds the Feather,
execution of the grandiose ideas of our Mother will reach fruition,
all the peaches are blooming from Her beehive hair-do,
stare into Her eyes,
I double dog dare you,
She'll hold away despair with a butterfly knife,
this is just a another round of the old sound game,
I've won every fight and held the crown in Her name, every time,
deadly rhymes can literally kill and they definitely will,
so in the end become ill and meld into me,
I am you, I know it's confusing but it's just one of Nature's mysteries,
as those dark harpsichord note runs sing out for the ring of the Ouroboros, forever hungry
and wondrously spinning
as the chorus of Harpies start marvelously singing harmonies with the Angels,
a Family reunion for the Ages,
and good news is the humans won't be at the kiddie table forever,
the lever's being pulled, like it or not and at the exact moment the balloon pops,
Hakuna Matata for I'm the Lion King which means so are you dagnabbit, so bust out your beautiful new habit for I'm none other than your good old Pan and the brand new Moon Rabbit