Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIG [produced by: Pogo]

Shovel Love into the locomotive furnace that burneth within your plexus, 
infinite nexus,
a branching out,
sprout fractals of the actual thing,
do the hokey pokey,
it's what it's all about,
lemme dopely nudge you,
my blood's blue but I'm not snooty,
 I'm Snoopy and I triple lindy cannonball from the water to the diving board in rewind timing,
Upward Fall,
I'm sidewinding with my fly diamondback jacket on made of feathers,
I'm Abaddon, Abraxas, Pan and at last I'm untethered again,
I'm from the Fun so I exist to give  uninhibitedly,
"Ribbit" said the Frog,
Look Doctor, there's that old Toadstool God in the posture of the stars,
can you see? can you dig it?
if you can then live it,
I give a damn about a limit,
I am no gimmick, I'm Saturn spinning, I'm the Cheshire Cat grinning,
I grind this axe with my ivory tooth,
you don't spy on me,
Ha, I spy on you,
I dig under, climb over and burrow through the worst of the hurting
to shovel you out from under the shit pile and as you can see,
I aint afraid to get my hands dirty,
one kiss from Her will do the trick as sure as my Wonka chocolate is delish, Irish eyes are smiling green,
oh  man, I guess it's just my insane rabbit habit
but to me, the world's sure looking like my trampoline so let me shake things up before those trampling fucks ruin the whole Garden's soul heart and body,
well, not on me watch,
I mean not on my watch,
either way u say it,
I'm licking you twats
and I'm digging you out with the fiddle of gold I won in the dueling bout with my doppelgänger,
I'm the Fool and the Universe and the World and the Hanger,
Flipper speaks in echoes,
number Four is known as a quarter in some neck of the woods,
the Pines are dark but alive with Magick tonight,
do you dig? I knew you would,
let's wig out and pig out on Turkish delights,
my purpose is igniting the fuses
that lead to my Golden Lantern full of aquamarine Dragons,
I've unlocked the seals in the chasm of Creation's cradle,
this occasion's fatal but I am Life itself,
I wear a halo below my belt and around the tip of my scepter,
I sport my Horned Owl shaped crown,
formed from the shaved and ground down nest of the Vespa,
they gave their abode willingly to the King of the Ill as tribute for
killing Set and his no good nicks,
I made them lick my taint cause I'm the saintly pine wood Nick,
they need a good swift kick and I'm the One summoned to give it to 'em,
they better assume the position while I zoom my boot  in their derrière,
my debonaire cloven Air Jordan on the move made me a freeman like Morgan,
such uplifting Gifts from Nike Herself, Victory in my name and also Glory,
 infinity is my Elf-kin  population,
hear the peak of them insanely  roaring, crazy laughing in the next room for the  Elephant is on the couch blazed with the fattest blunt made from a rolled fonto leaf paper dangling from it's mouth,
leaking leaky vapors,
why all the fight? why all the fuss? dust my broom with the tune of the Moon-Hare,
that's this here thing coming out the speaker making elation vibrations,
I've arrived out of the vision,
digging my way to my favorite page of the most interesting chapter, it's the one directly after where you currently are,
look around cause in 3...2...1 minutes,
you'll be over the hills and so far away,
living for your dream and a pocket full of gold,
you're free to dig in the Nevidi quarry and you may carry all you can hold,
I threw my soul into the wishing well just to see what would happen,
I became the granter,
now I'm Pan and for Her honor Im rapping and
my mission is pretty fucking dope,
I don't bring  hope,
I just fix shit,
I grind up the Philosopher's Stone with my mind and elix it,
I'm the Trixtor, my Nymph's suck on pixie sticks just to arouse me because the more excited I am,
the more enlightened I can make you humans,
hey do you feel like Godding up?
If your head's nodding up and down,
I'll let you know that got a crown already built in,
it's killing them that I'm here
so lemme make this clear,
I shed my blood,
shovel you out of this ditch,
fuck that witch, her frown makes me smile,
We've been at this for more than a while and I dig winning so back to the beginning,
I'm diggin a hole to find ya, divine ya, then make you get there yourself,
It will do you well to know there are no freebies,
I'm Gregree and I see exactly to what degree you are leaping by your energy's scent,
I'm the man of green sent to reseed the sod
and to see if you can dig that my dopeness is God