Thursday, May 1, 2014

ESHU IN [produced by: Chuck & The Mangy One]

Our Love that lay on the page of the book safe-guarded underground,
Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please look,
a round ball of fire is in each one of my eyes that I see in the mirror of futures past,
please, may I beg your pardon?
aren't you forgetting my sweets and tobacky,
I'm the Orisha Superior, though I treat none as my lackey cause what fun is that,
now who ordered this dosing of dopeness?
I saw quartered cowries as I scoped the over and under at my Lucifer crucifix crossroads,
where the gold beneath the dross glows till it ruptures and bursts through,
I'm cold blue and red hot,
I give what I am,
slice myself in two halves,
salve the souls of the have-nots,
these sounds slay aka play the tune of the ravenous God that I am,
yet I live to feed my famished Fam and I got the vittles,
I am the riddle who figured out my own answer,
it's too absurd to share so just let me kill with a glance of my Pan stare,
beware of my amazing laser pair of peepers,
I spy the Pine timber ho,
Autumn sonnet gave that girl an O and how She squealed,
now feel the flow from the eye of my skeeting Petey dog,
I'm the rascal God behind the mask of crimson and onyx,
It's obvious and the evidence should be evident in the eloquence of this Ellegua rant,
now you're in a trance of memory, burn like the sun as you learn the summary,
become one with me,
Fun house mirrors,
can you see through as you look upon the new Pan?
Now,  stand Horus,
I make thee Gregree,
behold the Torch of Heaven/Hell,
you shall remember well everything that has ever been because I've been there, done that
and fact is, now you are the new Me,
the Owls are hooing for you in the Night Wind gust,
your Light is the bright win
that We must bring into fruition,
so get to licking the Toad,
click the Totem up the proper amount of notches,
We are the Gods,
so fuck being cautious,
We eat everything We please but We grow all there is to know just for you,
because what else is there to do?,
Our skin is blue under fluid robes of black and red,
your back from the dead from a life you didn't even know you had,
are you feeling mixed up yet?
well the trick's up,
so look with surprised wide eyes and realize that the joke's on the whole kit and caboodle,
so smoke the divinorum,
let the crimson Nevidi spaghetti slither through your noodle
and the foreign forms that appear with become as familiar as the sound that you hear when you breath in the silence of your own defiance
right before you explode,
Excellent, check it out,
your beautiful new petals are unfolding,
the hurt is a gift,
word to the head bitch in charge,
Her name is Scarlet and She marked my golden cock with Her hot lip's silhouette,
She blew it, yeah She gave it a slurp and a lick
and then She said: "if you combine the red and blue pill,
you get the Royal purple,
and then you can work the Matrix from the inside and rewrite the ride"
my raps are the great advent pried from the imagination of the Comuffin Man,
I'm-a stuff your can full of whoop ass
for I'm here again just for this moment in space-time,
my dope grace rhyme is the sacred face and ripping claws,
feel the ho ho hold of my crossroads Santeria,
you can never effect my Legba stance for the third leg that stands very erect in my pant is made of bouillon rare,
and King Gregree shall be the new Pan,
the Easter Hare,
oh god, Jesus please, don't tell me that you're scared now Set,
no duh silly, what did you expect was gonna happen when I finally woke up?
I spoke up first and caused a hell of a ruckus,
you thought you could chuck us in the ice?
Nice try, I'm so fly,
I levitated up from the deeper depths,
all the way to Lake Victory's submerged Castle Throne Room where the coral crackles with a spectacular electrical light show spectacle,
have you met the Midnight Special?  full Monty, Complete lunar,
I'm Eshu Elegba, I'll stab you with my penis for good Luck,
so give it a good suck in tribute, ha ha I got you,
I'm just being cute,
smile for once, stop biting your tongues when it comes to letting loose, no sin in being truthful,
you can see my Rooster face if you pull my mask away,
I'm fanning the flames of the Highest Order from under the drink,
my name is Link-Gannon,
how the hell do you think an Abraxas is created?
The maps etched on hard alchemic pages are backwards on purpose with words wrote over and under encoded,
my beloved Team took my golden cock's secret and locked it away,
stowed it safely in the safe with no key,
no enochian spell will help one enter the cell but if you ask me polite,
not spiteful or proud,
oh hell, I just might tell you how I got out or maybe not,
they say I'm the Trixtor,
Witches stir in sprinkles from the Oxbow's first pouting,
ground down powdered silver thrown on the pine in mine name, insane laughter,
a sky stained from the cast star,
it was a time far far away,
so far in the future,
before you were born from mine dome spout, old fire cone,
so excuse me as I prune my new Unicorn horn for mistletoe,
give us a kiss cause Papa's home, born again as the Sun King,
Easter Eggs with prizes in the center are especially Fun and entertaining