Thursday, May 1, 2014

HERE I AM [produced by: DJ McGuire]

"Here I am" said a voice
that sounded like it came from over head,
it called me by name, my heart stopped dead,
then, jumping out from behind the pine, hopped the Trixtor,
it giggled a snicker, the eye holes flickered
as It lifted the mask of black and red from over it's holy head,
I must've gone over the ledge of sanity,
am I having my ass handed to me?
"Let's ride into the heart of town" the sound said
from the head that was still a blur,
"Come here, step closer",
I said "no sir, I dare not cause I'm scared
but it's weird cause at the same time, I'm not,
in fact I feel far better than I did just before,
like I fell far off the mark and landed on the one of pure dopeness",
then a locust swarm formed into the morphing head,
it began to come into focus and then the face said "take my hand,
for We never stay dead, I'm the first of them,
I am Eshu, here to bless you, now be christened as our new Pan,
a vision of this meet up was written in the treetops,
now you're leaving the lie behind as fast as you can,
you'll need a guide through the new blueprint of you,
so look to Me for I am You and here I am"

Eshu said "I told you when the time comes, you will know who I am"
and you can be sure that I am no human,
I am Sam, my new son, the new cycle has begun,
the price is right on the money, you're my wonderful bundle of joy,
Sonny Boy, lets puff the fluff to the head and enjoy this reunion of kinfolk,
there's no such thing as sin, We know cause We know who wrote that bad joke,
your role is to smote, I mean smite with venom coated verses,
pen them in cursive and unleash the words that
give Set a shiver, they give Set a fright,
there's a crazy bright new kind of light that flies on the navy blue night wind tonight
and it's thee, be Gregree, Champion of the Nevidi,
the Pantheon that precedes the oldest ones,
still we remain eternally beautiful for we are the infinity pool sound
of the grueling hot sun, where the breeze is always cool
and Fun's fountain always finds a way to bring forth the wonder

The Fun Dimension is where you slept through your own ascension,
things can be funny that way,
flap you wings Thunder Bird  with rap wonder words,
Gregree, King of Hades and Heaven,
We blend around here,
my dear Abraxas, it's you, it's true, two extremes, sear to become fused,
the unseen becomes visible in a sense, which one, pick and choose,
there are many more than six and evidently you need to be activated,
you've masqueraded as a mortal long enough,
you've eaten the meat of the lessons that we taught,
yes, it brought you much struggle and it made you tough,
you fought and sought the locked door that fit the Key
that was given to you in your dream when you were just a wee lad,
We have a winner, the Lamppost is awake,
you take Our breath away because We gave it you, Braveheart,
May starts with a One, chop-chop,
freedom hop from your bondage, be released,
you found it, now you're holding the Golden Fleece in your mitts,
try it on, I bet it fits perfectly, yes!
I knew it would quick as Mercury