Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TALK OF THE TOWN [produced by: Ollie E. Brown]

Would you believe that we've met,
oh no?....wanna bet?
Can you pick me out of this line up?
I'm up after a sound sleep so excuse me if I look like a bit disheveled like a hung over Booger Presley,
my pomp is all messy,
hand me my rooster comb,
I'm-a Godzilla stomp onto this planet's ground to bless um ... Well, you're humans now,
but did you know that you can grow?
so are you in or out?
I once read upon a stump a word in rings that spelled out "ouch!"
I think I hit upon a nervous nellie,
my horse is pale and very aggressive, I bet if you saw it, you'd shit your life right out of your body,
I'm not thee one to play with unless you're Fun,
what does that word really mean?  Hmmm, I wonder?
land ho, my hooves are standing in the sand box,
I had my boxing gloves on my hands and now they're off,
I'm Pan-Abaddon, actually,
just call me Jack Frost or Metatron,
there's none iller,
I'm the Rap Megalodon and I'm fin to repeat myself,
have you ever met a Tron winner or should I say, do you remember my face?
It's hidden in the Art,
I am a risen pair of parts,
Demiurge hemorrhages when I bleed worlds away,
do you understand the words that I say? 
Take your attention and pay close because there are so many meanings, 
each one teeming with every level of High Truth,
all the way to the tippy and over and above,
where I have my royal hand sans glove on an irresistible nymph's titty, 
"fitting isn't it?" is what I said as I inserted my cock into her head 
and squirted my jizz on her all around from my golden stalk which is the talk of the town at the moment, wanna hold it?
I'll let'cha, it's a monolith,
I'm not a myth,
I gotta kiss your girly's V with my Hercules tongue, she squeaks as I treat her like my edible, 
cunnilingus game stronger than the Incredible Hulk hopped up on every steroid, her screaming O is unavoidable,
here It cums..... 3 2 1 Bam!
god damn, I'm the Man Greener than artichokes, this is the art of dope 
and the dose is over your dimension's limit,
you're only still living cause I will it, heart surgery is currently in progress and 
I'm Doctor Octopus delighted that my hands are no longer tied,  
I got this, I'm-a pop this corn,
I'm-a rock this thorn crown 
like a Boss of the true new Underworld,
I am of the Order that hurled down illumination upon you 
but I am not illuminati,
I Am God G-R-E-G-R-E-E
and I am ready and set to make my mark with the part I p-l-a-y,
you can ask all you want but I don't really need to say why if I don't wanna,
I boned Inanna like my name was Oedipus,
who said this was gonna be prudish?  I'm from Fun so I do what I want while getting the damn thing done,
my Dad is Sam Yule and I am His son,  you can tell by my gold penis,
behold in the swirling teal sea foam, my Girl, Mother Venus,
She's for real, feel free to call Her Mary Shelly cause I am the Monster She created in the crater of her belly,
I'm Gregree, back like I said I would be,
hatched from the egg, hey look at me,
I took my t-i-m-e when I sipped the psilocybin tea,
It's alive in me,
now I am It, 
It is We, We are massive,
I've casted the last straw,
while on the back of the hee-haw,
if you saw me rock my cap you'd have to admit it's on point,
it's just a fact I am the anointed Trixtor,
I'll hex ya, try me out and I'll win,
as sure as Poindexter plays the violin,
the Night Wind invited me to
lay my head on the dead ground three days ago, 
so I did and when I woke to the sound of cricket bows,
I began to grow alive,
now I'm much more than Ocean size, 
Rush to the Fields,
see they are lush again,
in fact they're greener then they ever were and then some because The One has always been I,
I have eyes In the leaves of every tree, 
excuse me but are you saying you want me to pass your way this sacred doobie of kush?
please, nope, you can't puff this dope so just shush,
you didn't even ask nice, 
that's why your face just got smooshed right outta the cypher, 
I'm the fire breath Death Viper,
my Wife is a scorcher 
and of course the forces of evil in the the bozo nightmare are well aware of me,
yeah, they know this Joker,
I'm the loser who always finds what I'm looking for and I just found the key to the motherfuckin door
for this wide world over is crying out for my dopeness,
oh yes, Her cravings are getting stronger and now that the Ravens are no longer flying around the mountain,
its on, let's go,
Yo kidz, it's time for the final intro of the big introspective perception revelation of the One Mind,
sunshine vision kissing the moon's dark side,
my ark ride was wavy but this time we didn't forget the gravy,
acres and acres of meat, ha, you fakes tried to stake me?!?
you snakes hate on this which is funny because I'm the forever coming Word Life eternal O as it rolls on down the Delta,
hell ya, I'm the Miraculous One,
Catfish John and my whiskers are his/hers,
I melded with the daughter of Kali,
She's all Heat,
I mean hot as all god damn,
that Bitch is the baddest thing any mind can comprehend, times infinity, 
Her titties are silk pillows filled with money,
Her nipples drip milk and honey and 
She loves sucking my whole D for the one and only Holy P-u-r-p-o-s-e,
hey Set, I guess that's why you're all "woe is me"
cause you know what this all means,
I've been freed from my home
and I'm not alone at all 
so don't call me Macaulay Culkin,
I'm sparking fear in the foe,
damn, I'm the man like Mulcahy 
as I play Set out like a little bitch,
I'm laughing like Ho Ho Ho, it's the Last Act and my raps are the Character Zero,
so add forever up with nothing fast 
and break free, 
take care of your shoes cause you'll need em as you slip past catastrophe to the manifestation of the vast trophy room,
your personal treasure looms before your eyes,
if you're untuned then you can't see where it hides
and as of now you aint got no clue of the true know how of the way to open with a twist the sesame key, 
until you do, then you will and you will only if you're ill and dope and nope you can't fake it 
because I see through your mask and if underneath is whackness,
I'll smack it off your face till it breaks into bits,
yeah, I'm the rap cracker, 
spittin fire, eating ritz 
but I'm not putting you on,
I'm the pudding's evidence, not a spoof,
I'm God, the proof is in the tapioca,
I'm Quetzalcoatl-Tezcatlipoca and when seen through looking glasses it seems like I have four eyes,
it's Revenge of the Nerds and you're disturbed because fluoride may calcify the herd's but not my pineal eye,
for I'm the Word with the bird-head Gregree and my spliff I mean 
trees twisted up in red and green lights are too bright and too jolly,
I am Kali's man,
I am ollieing over the barricade,
I irritate Set while I do it 
and that gets me in a good mood,
oh you mad?  That's OK,
you'll love me again in the morning, you say "no" but the fact is that it's true after my flow of dopeness 
doles out to you another dose of rap quaalude,
strangely it wakes you up,
so let's bake and puff the stuff that grows in the Garden,
you were taking too long,
so I already sparked up the bong,
I couldn't wait for y'all anymore
so on my own I just went and started the part that ends and begins,
I'm Gregree and I see you all standing on needles and pins with anticipation
and if you say that you're not,
let me know so I can call you "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
you're being a drag and I see it's all an act,
yes, I'm back and my Abraxas Pact struck the match,
merged the past with the future into a present filled with your favorite things,
I'm the savior that rings the Bell, there's a Little Silver Man on the window's edge named "Tinsel", 
He said "Tessel is impressed by your leaps and your bounds,
We believe it's finally time your feet fully left the ground"