Monday, July 14, 2014

I AM [produced by: The Yellow Peppers]

Listen to my harp tones sing
life is but a dream in a solid state complete with holiday evening map reading, chit chat with meaning that matters,
I'm Horus, I'm gorgeous plus good, bad and ugly so I don't need no stinking badges,
I'm Link-Gannon so try forcing my hand,
the one Zelda held tight and fast when She pulled me back into this land,
my wristbands are made from the oldest gold, they seems brown,
fuck luster,
I know about the Glow Worm from under the dunes on the Moon,
I am the Kwisatz Haderach,
what's all this about the Walrus being Paul?
I got a clue for you that's all decked out in Truth,
step on my audible lawn,
I won't yell at you like gramps did,
I'm Pan, it's so awesome,
aren't you glad this world is not the one without Magick?
Just ask and it will give,
for I've come with all my children from under the hill and this occasion calls for a celebration
because my Ill still lives,
you're in a dill of a pickle,
let me give you some wiggle room by shaking my brilliant gold dick in your face, 
my mask looks like strawberries and black licorice,
so come and take a lick of my mushroom, it's Magick,
you must consume, yes that's it,
I'm evolving you, I'm God,
blue is my true color shining through courtesy of my unusual Cindy,
She went beyond and above,
under the wonderful Sea of Love,
I shook the handshake,
now Set's shook,
yeah you shnook,
I'm looking dead at you,
so let's go already,
I'm here to give you the deadly  heave-ho,
oh, you're dangerous?
Hate to break this to you but you're a bitch ass little ho,
you're slip is pink so get the fuck out,
you just got fired by me and my Band who are no longer on the run and now you're standing in Cinderland,
look what I've gone and done,
I'm the haunted sun baying at the moon,
strange isn't it?
What do you mean it's too weird, you stupid twit,
who asked you anyway?
OK, I guess I did,
I live and my kids are happy
Pappy's home,
I'm Apollyon and you can bet the story's gone and unfolded once again right under your collective noses,
why do you seem so surprised?
This is usually how this shit goes,
I lit the Rose on fire and She's grateful for it,
I wait for nothing anymore,
here's a penny for the copper thrown on the live wire torn from the walls of our Family's mansions many
and truth is,
if you live like a douche bag,
you can't have any Fun when this done,
and I guard the Gate,
I marked the hateful with a dart
while they weren't looking,
what's in your stocking?
I know it's coal because I put it there, I'm just mocking you on purpose,
hold on, that's mean,
put 'er there, sike, hold my peen till it squirts bitch,
this is my kitchen, I am the Heat,
I've just been re-risen,
I am Pan the Green Man
and I got my on my blessed chef's hat,
I got oodles of soul food for you,
no more fasting, 
time to cash in 
yeah, my money flow's so dope,
call it a "price fix",
how bout a prize?
Ice picks for all,
use them to climb over the wall's edge,
for I'm inviting you to our Banquet where I'm cooking up a very rare and special dish,
a devilish cake,
I love to make this specific recipe with a twist,
I made Her head spin like a whirlwind, that's how I became King of all worlds again,
this is professional perfection,
I am the Wolf from Pulp Fiction and when you look up "God" in the dictionary you'll see a picture of my massive peen jizzing on your honey,
funny isn't it?
See I made you laugh in excess
for I'm the Nexus
now let's knock on the next door,
I'm the Hexor Supreme which means I can undo them too,
I'm the freshest Rex call me Horus or Heru or something new,
who cares?
I'm here, A
three in one split in two,
Beetlejuice is my name,
sipping nectar that drips out of a picture frame containing a moving image of a Gold Scarab,
so roll and puff the olive drab,
I'll move Heaven and Earth cause I Am that I Am and I'll show you as proof and more importantly,
it's for when I leave this place,
the best of you can do it too,
I improve all so excuse that bowling ball I just hit Set's glass jaw with,
smashing it,
I've mastered the unmasterable by stabbing the Bull with my double-edge,
it lost it's head that day energetically speaking,
the Falcon Beak King is in my genetics,
my Medic loves to catch flies with it's tongue,
I'm so high and I won't come down, 
now fuck off as we buck up,
you've had your fun,
now it's done, 
don't weep like a bitch to me Set, 
just suck it up like your girl did to my jizz,
and she thanks me for the boner drink,
she lives to honor the Wizard of All,
so get to kissing my balls,
both of them, 
twin Horus orbs in one Christmas sack,
wanna laugh at an old joke?
I'll tell it again Sam,
but this time with a brand new hope,
can you see, can you see?  Do you have the P-I-N-E cone eye open to cope with what I vocalize?
I'm hoping you do,
I'm Rabbit hopping through the minefield while laughing hysterically,
donning the headpiece of the Nevidi Pedigree Peregrine,
you may not believe my words,
but I just know you feel their Power,
I need you to go higher like Semolina Pilchard climbing up the Eiffel Tower