Sunday, September 7, 2014

DEMIURGE [produced by: The Remaining Lights]

Let's get down to the base of the matter,
mine Fallen rhymes are the call to action,
stop acting so dumb dumb dumb,
or is not an act?
Please tell me that's not the case,
oh come on now,
you're not that dim,
I know you can't be down with the fact that you're getting played 
like Sims or are you?
Oh word, 
those jerk's called my Regal "illegal" since before the genesis but those douches can't sue my su-sussudio,
that's why Set's bad bitch just blew me in the studio a second ago,
she gave my erection a blow,
so I'm-a win this while lampooning the jokes,
I call it "Pig in a Poke",
I'm diggin the hole of your hoe clear out,
so from here on out,
her pussy is my property which means now it's time to have some real Fun and that's official, 
it's still my house cause it exists and I'm King of all,
I take my fist and bump the mirror on the wall,
my cage has been unlocked now Set's lames are enraged
cause I passed my trials and I'm feeling fine,
I might just bust a nut on the ceiling cause I've just come up which means they're f-f-f-f-f-fucked,
so go ahead and suck the head of my shroom and enlighten,
I'm calling out these fighting words to Demiurge,
hey, I know you hear me wherever you are and the fact that I'm wearing my cape, my twin's in fear,
the flap in the breeze is the rap of Gregree, 
I'm Horus or just call me Morning Star, 
there is none truer, 
my blue fur is rare for a Werewolf, 
I'm the heir of all worlds and all girls know they wanna blow my hardness,
I fucked every bad bitch seven ways from Sunday even before they ever incarnated on this plane,
I am God and my cock is lodged in the mainframe of every entity's memory's depths,
I school those lizards who tried to steal recess away from all of my kids,
away with you or rue the day you faced my wrath for in me is the blood of Her,
oh brother, whatever you've been smoking's got you in a bad way,
I'm sad to say that I have to kill you for treason even though We're peas in a pod,
these are the God breaks as our Granny take Her time to prepare stitches with the rarest and once dead resurrected thread and when the twine is perfectly twisted better than decently, 
the needle descends and She begins hemming the horny Grim Satyr pattern,
let's live a little then a lot,
Her melted sigil's purest form is poured into the pot,
and stirred during the Witch's season peak,
I'm drawing out the enemy with my teasing and after the laughter, 
We can start the big bash,
you ask "was the last one a rager?",
I reply "I'll say",
The Table's only offer is that I've got to off my own blood to turn you on 
as an homage to the Old Lady,
same as it ever was,
the Demiurge and your's truly are the only psychical Wizards currently visible with the Nevidi Magick Rare and the rest of my Team are here with me but you probably can't see that they're there behind you,
so gobble some psilocybin and your eye will begin to let us in and you'll be free once we enter and remove from your mind all those useless Q's and P's,
can you believe those bastards call me the Accuser just cause they're mad that their bad bitches always ask me to lube up my cock and give them the super fuck?
Set says he can stop me,
yeah right you putz, 
you and what army?
Oh them, those ants that you call your crew, aren't they cute,
I'm-a tell you what I'm-a gonna do,
I'm gonna lay them all on the tarmac and with my tap shoe,
I'm-a skidoo with my fly ass
and mash them into something new,
I cast magick spells and now they grew into cool things,
I'm the Yule King Golden Child,
grab my cock and hold it while, 
I attend a quick meeting out of body, I'll be back in time to skeet 
on your hottie cause I hate to keep
her waiting for I my erection
cause when I enter in,
she cant begin to express the electric feel my MGMT cock,
that stands for "Mighty-Giant-Massive-Titanic" 
it's an acronym but it's not
a motherfuckin joke,
so roll up the dope,
let's puff and smoke till We're high as Hell,
eat and drink and be merry cause tomorrow you die, oh well,
it's just the cookie crumbling,
hey, look another thing,
my feathered wings are smoking from stoking my inner fire, 
I've been a dier all my life, 
that's how I burn so bright,
I'm the Tiger-Tiger in the night, 
Michael Myers just slashed his mask in half with the blade of his favorite knife, 
I've paid for my wedding rice with vows,
now my redding eyes are the Owl rising,
I'm the King, free at last,
I'm back on the track,
I'm bringing murder,
I am the Burgermeister and my twin is Meisterburger,
or is it the other way around?
I think I better just take another hit of the bluntaroo,
then stick my dick in the cunt of another bad bitch or two or three, hey, you know me,
I'm the horn headed,
corn bread fed Harvester,
I'm carding your ID with my Rare one, 
oh, you wanna be like me?
Well, you better be prepared to stare one particular eye down when it sneaks up fast,
if you make it past,
then you pass the class 
and your hand get's to grasp the High Crown,
bye now, sike,
I'm not leaving just yet,
I left OZ to get you ready for the growth spurt,
hurting is a part of it, 
We're making you stronger,
all baby birds get kicked over the edge for the chance to pick life or death for itself,
I'm preparing you,
so why are you asking Us to take care of you,
you are God just like me,
well, I'm Top Dog but if you could see yourselves like I do and if you knew how I grew,
you'd know that each and all were destined to take to the sky
but until you see through the fake lie, it will continue to seem as if you're being tested,
I nested on the moon till I hatched,
I'm Rocky Raccoon the fly nocturnal bandit, 
yes, I descended from the sky like a thief in the night,
let's give the reefer a light and take the motherfuckin sess filled dutchie,
pass to the left, never to the right, 
my Heaven is a sight for sore eyes and hell is a delight for 5 sense idiots who worship horseshit,
I've been sent to stick my Key in the middle of the Magic Circle as sure as the World is gonna.......