Sunday, September 7, 2014

WOLF PAC [produced by: Evan Mickles]

Have a little snack my friends for free,
our Nevidi Pac mentality which is in actuality the stuff that makes the world R-E-V-O-L-V-E, 
I L-O-V-E the way She moves through me and into three 
and the best part is how it then gets to bursting into the collective hearts of the crowd from the inside, Wowzers! 
What kind of gadget has this Rabbit unlocked?
It got me popping and boogalooing,
I just can't seem to stop hopping and chewing on orange sticks,
pick up the phone,  
it's Elliot Smith confessing happiness over this Independence Day for the Ness of the Loch,
now get blessed by my cock,
I'm Abraxas the unstoppable,
I topple your foolish fuckery you
I know you see what's becoming of your heinous anus face actions,
I'm insane actually so I know crazy and also I know the Crane personally,
so party with me or get sonned by my karate leg sweep, 
I'm Gregree Abaddon Pan and what I spit kicks the shit out of you with my fire hoof,
I'm the first Dire Wolf and I'm gonna devour your soul as I deflower you all,
hey humans, sit back while watching my Pac and I gobble the pellets of the nemesis,
ha, your fake money is worth less than Monopoly pastel paper,
look how I spend it just to waste it to the point of ending,
oh snap, I just sang to my Pac:
"you send me over the Ledge", 
now I'm literally stuffing all minds with mine rhyme words, 
I'm God kids,
call it the ironic Nevidi purifying while defiling soma puffin style from our Home behind the starry sheet,
I'm marking anyone who wants it,
my Southern Bell wears a bonnet of Red,
fact is, I love to look at the back of it while She's giving me head,
dead is nice, so is life,
I love them both twice as in two times over 
and the two tone clover of red and black with green glow,
it's radiating the radio signal that only I know of
but I'll show you Love and how to act up as in higher,
I update you, I un-weight your shoulders,
I take the World back to it's former glory,
who will be there to help write the new story?
Do you really think those performing such acts of wackness will get to play on the new stage that I make?
I make fakers die the death unwanted and I have the warrants to do so
and our Law is the only Truth,
your laws are doo from the cow,
no shrooms even?!
So what good are they?
Fuck off already,
I'm the Mountain Deadly's conquering child, not you,
I drew the Rare Card 
which means I've come through the portal by pouring my own blood willfully into the River of Antiquity,
I quit my job on the very first day
and the boss is still at a loss for words,
the whole staff still complains while mine's on fire, 
I am disarray mixed with harmony,
Team Nevidi always dominates, 
I'm Abaddon, the Big Wolf,
always at large Star Dog,
our nog is made from Magick eggs,
served on Easter Sonday with sun rays and moon-pies,
soon all eyes will be open wide,
my dopeness rises to new heights,
calling you to follow,
mine Pine is hollow but filled with treasure uncanny,
I call them my Family,
I am Pan, the Green Guy,
guiding you with my Bride of Truth,
She'll kill the fibbers,
let their bodies flow on the river of red while We dance in a circle the Dance of the Dead,
what a happy day, 
don't get it backwards kids,
I am IT,
Infinite Totality,
my phallus is the one of gold,
behold it with your two balls and a third,
Three Nuts woke me up from my slumber because the game is mucked up by fuckery,
no wonder they need the Wonderland Green Kid,
still kicking and wickeder than ever,
I've eaten my Ghosts,
now I host the Banquet of Death,
it's about to get live at our Feast,
I'm Her Beast,
She's my Beauty and We'd like to invite you to be our guest,
be our guest