Friday, October 17, 2014

GRASS STAINS [produced by: Juana’s Adicción]

Kali is my mommy,
I am Abaddon and I mean biz,
like totes Sirius I iz,
I'm from Somewhere,
you must come, 
it's just an octave jump over the rainbow,
what the Funk and Wagnalls got this Mad Dog's tail wagging? 
Telling the tale of a runaway wagon, 
the new words flow from the old fountain,
now it's coming down the Mountain,
rolling to meadow that lies below the foot of the hill,
step with me this way if you will and into the chilling truth,
you gotta take a swig of the Nevidi swill,
it's still the hottest soup,
I'm not human, 
I'm doing my Great Work,
capping off the loose ends,
I'm the wayward son who's been carrying on and on,
I'm Pan, bitch,
I married Dorothy from Kansas,
She's a whore and damn, She's fine as all hell,
She's a virgin as well or so She tells the uninitiated,
She opened Her C for me so I ate it till She moaned 
that it was the happiest moment She's ever known,
I'm Dracula and I've flown the coop, 
I'm the Clown of Hoops,
Lord of the Rings,
I'm joking a lot but not about these things,
I've been in the freezing cell,
I'm bleeding incredible indigo,
when did you all become so blind?
I've come through the Time Tunnel,
I'm what you're waiting for,
my name is Horus or any other one of my titles,
my Mother lets loose tidal waves
of beautiful silver from the eyes in Her face,
I've finally surfaced and I'm starved for many things,
I'm the Star of the Morning and I have many wings,
two of feathers, two like bats,
two of fire and you can bet that that's not all,
I'm the hottest great ball of fire,
I inspired Jerry Lee Lewis,
I'm the Merry Elf King,
so high on the Buddha,
you would think I was Buddhist,
but all worship what yours truly is cause I empower all things,
I am the Wizard of Oz,
I am God, I am Gregree,
my flow is the flower and the energy that feeds it,  
it's gonna be a feast so get ready to eat up, bitches,
hope you're hungry, 
I'm Mithra, it's no myth,
I'm Ra the Solar Ruler,
I'm the Bunny so Bugsy and my wife is Tallulah all grown up,
all the while, Set tries to silence this lamb but no fucking way 
am I gonna quit roaring,
my mane has lengthened so let me 
strengthen you with fancy new Magick I acquired 
while I was standing in the shower thinking about 
the golden stream from the Tower of Delights,
now you're on the right track,
be sure to stay on the left side or the time trap will loop ya and dupe ya, 
I'm burning so bright for I am Saturn-Jupiter,
please see it's always been just Us,
I am Jesus Christ and Lucifer,
two sides of the true mirror,
I'm the Werewolf they all call 
"the fuckin' King",
you would surely rise if all your eyes were functioning,
the trunk of the Elephant's singing a beautiful tune to the Sun and Moon Child,
Gmork and Mindy are an item,
She loves to watch me rip 'em to shreds and I can do even more,
I'm the heathen of purity,
you are me, just accept it,
I'm more than adept in the dope arts,
you can go far by trying to pry open my Magickal,
have you still not realized who I am,
really?......god damn, you're slow,
let me know when you get hip
and only then you can grow into a little god and then a big one,
there are no limits here but you can't come
to the Party unless you are the Truth,
my Anubis tooth is lodged in the jawbone,
I called home on my extraterrestrial cellphone,
I'm the actual Phoenix in my vessel that I've gone and custom made,
Don Corleone's grave is open and empty,
I'm the Godfather of Enki and Enlil
and I will all to ascend to the top of the hill,
so We can roll down again,
I am the crowned Djinn with no last name
and the grass stains on our clothes are the green blood,
let's take the flowing red and add it in,
make it a Christmas winter Wonderland,
the bleeding will even it out,
on your girl I am skeeting,
making her scream and shout.........."whoa whoa yeah",
as I Ho-Ho-Ho in her hole with my candy cane,
Pan is my name and I'm the goal of it all,
is it time for coal or gifts galore?
I've jumped into new flesh and I'm dressed to gore and kill,
I will with a glance,
I am the one with many children,
see them dance elated,
I am real and illing originated with my skills,
I fell to create in a way all others were too scared to do,
I am Heru and I grew in an unexpected fashion,
I'm-a cash in now honey cause my soul says so, so whatever I just said goes,
my head glows from my nimbus, 
I've been dead so now I'm living it up,
I slither to the top of this anthill and my hands will mold the shape,
behold the cape around my neck as I hang upside down,
I will smack your whack ass upside the head with my raps 
if you don't show respect proper,
I'm the hammer dropper
and there ain't no stopping us now 
so let's get it popping like a whitehead, 
my tiger body is striped bread