Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CHEZ ROLEZ [produced by: Ichthyes]

I didn't come here from over the Ledge of the razor's edge to circumcise you pricks,
I came here with Her to rise you up with this tip off,
the Qliphoth is just a clip of my hoof,
I ripped off the roof,
now We're flying higher,
I Am King and my rank is the sweet smell of success,
puff sess in my honor,
I'm the one you've all waited for,
I've mated with the Whore,
She's innocent and pure,
I put it in, then some more,
I sink the Sword into the air from the Stone,
I think this can't be undone which is good news
and the Truth is vicious,
it's just the way the Story goes,
It forever flows through the ebb and the flow,
the Dead will go dancing in the round way to the sound May made through me,
I'm glowing so bright,
We're throwing a ball,
please stay for a bite,
I'm inviting you all,
I'm the King of Power
and now once again,
you're nothing Set,
not even a blip on our radar,
I'm the Blazing Star hitting the green and I don't pass to that meek bitch pip squeak,
the weak is over like Friday
and you know this maaaan,
I'm putting you on notice and
my fly tastes like upliftment,
take the psilocybin cap and bite into it, it's a blessing, 
you're digesting Godhood, 
my hood is blacker than the Forever Night,
I sever right through whoever I like,
I'm bounded no more,
so get on the ground floor,
this is the sound of me,
Abaddon-Horus pounding my chest in victory song,
singing "ding dong, the witch is dead",
I'm King Kong and I already ate her head and then I wed most beautiful,
when We groove,
She truly goes buck-ba-noodles,
We fuck for oodles of hours and then She sucked till I splooged and I showered Her with a power stream of skeet,
She screamed out "hallelujah, you've fulfilled all my dreams!!!"
yeah, She said I got the Key to Her V-hole,
I'm Gregree, none can shed light like me y'all,
that's right, got no time in my life to get up tight,
the Beastie style's gotta be delivered loose or a car thief will steal all your juice,
our Nevidi Trees produce immortal knowledge,
I grew two especially for you just this once,
oh, who am I kidding?
I don't know, you tell me,
I'm living proof of the Mystery,
you're confused but the Truth is me,
I give you what'cha want because none can front when Revelation comes through in a rapping style,
Have you ever had a Monster tear your heart to shreds with a happy smile?
Tears that jerk the Caddy out of the mud,
I'm the Satyr of blood blue and I love to love ya baby,
I'm Abaddon, the crazy kid,
I'm taking Hell and raising it like Arizona 
and as the Pleroma Tome states,
all will know how my bone tastes,
I keep it on the Beach with my Killers close at reach,
I'm Romeo and my Juliet and I just disembarked from a very nice Arc ride,
I'm bright Mr. Darkside
and when I was young,
I looked a lot like I do now,
yeah, you found the point of the Game,
They've anointed my Name before I was even born,
please don't kneel, it's weird,
just release your cheer
as I increase the yield of corn,
couldn't have been more than one or two or three, cut into quarters,
I'll be sure to PM you the deetz in a prank envelope,
open it up and get a face full of skeet,
splidow, how disgraceful,
you tried to diss my Grace Amazing,
what a fool I am for giving you any credit at all,
I'm Grateful Dead,
blue and red headed for the lightning ball,
Who's that knocking on your noggin?
It's just me, the motherfuckin' Rockin' Robin,
I roll through the sky with wings of a Bat for I am King Joker,
can't you tell by my hat pointed like three Pyramids?
Lift the carpet and see the Kids of Tomorrow,
May We borrow a moment to start up the New Age?
Your new days are looking Golden 
as my Bride opens Her hole wide enough for me to slide and stuff my holy pole in,
pretty cool, pretty neat,
your badass lass drool over the way my beak gnashed the beat,
I'm Tony Hawk-Head,
I'm Her beau, Apollo and the door's have been unlocked,
Ollie Ollie Ox and free,
now let's play a game,
you and me humanity of Marco Polo,
when found, get marked by my pole golden,
I started the ball rolling,
I'm Astarte's bouncing baby boy,
I'm the Hound King,
finally out of the pound and my pounding wings grew stronger the longer I waited, I've made it,
my grave is empty, 
now a big thanks to my Friends,
that little bit of help did lots
and my grim moxie is Siriusly shagadelic,
my dick explodes with the golden mojo of the Relic of the Oldest,
behold this Magick in awe,
imagine all the people living in peace,
Is that what you want?
I'm Abaddon, right under your noses,
smell my guns and roses
and I'll bless while I blaze,
yesterdays there were so many things that you were never told,
there's a river of gold and silver mixed,
twisting with the rhythm of the fifth and the fourth,
from the Hills I've come forth,
adorned with conch shells,
ankhs and horseshoes like oxbows, absorb this fluidity of my God Flow and you'll be hot forever,
My Dogs and I just swam out of the
I'm God, damn it
and this planet is reserved for
the Banquet of the Ages,
I'm Pan and my blazer is forest green,
I'm the Rabbit of Love and Dire Death,
I have some killer ideas,
let's hatch them unless you're scared,
I'm afraid We can't have fraidy cats enter the Tabernacle because that defeats the purpose, my dears,
you must prove to be a Hero, 
I'm Heru, the Falcon,
my Eye eternally on all,
I've fallen for Fun again,
I'm the illest one,
I'm Lilith's son and Pappy too,
wrap your minds around that until the time your brackets are screwed
in tight and proper,
I'd like to offer you 
something un-refusable,
I've fathered you all by allowing us to fuse in this God crucible