Friday, July 3, 2015

THE BREAD IS BUTTERED [produced by: Memphis]

Yes, it's time to go.
No, I never will listen to nonsense
for I've been God since before things were as they are,
as in before they existed,
I'm the living star child geezer,
Gregree's here 
you mamajammas,
I'm finally awake and I am still in pajamas because it's Christmas morning 
and I've got lots 
of Master's of the Universe and Transformers,
plus your girl gave me her shaved 
Thundercat, it's no wonder that I mourn her pussy cause I slayed it,
I'm the crazed kid and my ill is contagious,
the fever is blazing and the way this is unfolding is even more golden 
than expected,
my Sol is the best gift I ever bestowed upon you humans,
the beautiful species that you are,
not a truer statement could be uttered,
I couldn't give a fuck on what side the bread is buttered,
I'm already too baked to care,
but since I'm here,
I suppose that I will anyway cause I'm ill and I'm dope
in so many ways,
ridiculous, recoculous,
let me stick my big dick 
and slap my fat cock into this bitch,
she's so bad,
and every piece of art an easel had on it ever,
was inspired by me, the Devil, 
why mince words?
I'm the pure and True,
I'm yours and you are mine, 
let my wood made of magick light bore in, 
then invite my skeet to pour in 
with a greeting like "good morning star shine",
our pine is a gateway,
so make way to this Tree 
of mine like a bee-line,
please be mine this fine Easter,
I'm The Beast Bunny funny valentine,
let me woo your dime's keister,
that means her bad ass with this cash, it rules everything around me and this cream is Goat,
no less than Greek,
my fleece is too gold to speak of unless you are me,
and I am that I am,
so I'll do what I can 
which is anything cause I'm the 
Lizard King like Morrison,
there's more of us than you can comprehend,
I'm Abaddon, your friendly destroyer,
oh boy, We're gonna have a smash, what a shindig,
the dead will grab all villains by the ankle and drag them down into the pit for dinner and a movie,
I'm the winner and I'm moving the last chess piece,
I guess "cheese", 
is what I'm saying as I'm posing in the champion photo,
I can't be outdone and Yoda will tell ya himself,
for my force trumps,
my forest gumps,
I mean is the Tom,
I mean major woodland,
can you see that I got a hot foot standing in the stellar sea, 
and the other on the e-a-r-t-h,
let me make my mark as we play the last scene out to a T,
it's you and it's me 
and a room full of invisibles, 
this never will be understood 
by you and that's ok, 
I'm the batso crazy joker card,
wilder than a rolling Lars Ulrich fill, 
I'm still unforgiven and I hope that I never will be,
cause it's good to be the Freebird,
I already skinned the one who ate my liver for years on end, 
all my tears ascend to 
the heights of happy,
the likes of my rapping is 
foot splitting,  
my flow is getting closer to your core,
you're more aware now than you
were before I stirred your pot in a reverse clockwise circling motion with my golden cock so solar,
I'm Abraxas, at last it's the big scene and by my open eye of providence, it's obvious I'm God and it's your move, for I'm on it,
as in top of the world,
She loves my junk so 
She's rubbing Her beautiful booty into me, 
I think it's because I'm the King of Luster and I'm just a hunk-a hunk of burning Love and truth is,
there's none above King Gregree 
for I'm the singular dueling entity,
you can be gifted with a treat,
I rip through the meat of the treacherous,
I'm naughty by nature 
and I'm Santa Clause so I guess 
I got the nice half of the deal,
that makes your girly horny,
so I make her squeal when I made a foray into your so called territory, 
she was very welcoming,
she welcomed the King 
inside her halls to deck them, 
my dick can jizz out Christmas miracles like "wow", 
look at that, I'm the Lucky Bat of Halloween 
and the fuckin facts are crisp 
and clean,
so fresh as I cast myself out, 
I'm the last Owl Unicorn just like I've been, 
rapping so good,  it's sinful,
I will cast myself back in again 
when I'm done,
I'm the Sun King, 
your girly's lunging for my gold cock, now she's tonguing on the whole rod, 
I'm the oldest God and the newest born,
I grow the truest corn,
it's most nourishing 
so worshiping is whatever,
I'm already everything,
so I care not for BS,
untether yourself from trinkets,
We think it's a good idea if you become freer with certain boundaries,
let my words and these sounds 
leak in, 
you can speak in tongues for fun but none of that matters
for I'm the Sunny Satyr of tomorrow's yesterday 
and unless the way you churn 
the Mill is willed with Love,
the bill can not be paid,
I need not be made for I'm the Godfather Don comma Abba,
I want your soul to rise and all your eyes to see three 
and my green tree has blue roots,
Underground's thriving,
five notes on the horn 
plus some more,
lets say two toots,
Like double Maytals, 
Mother May is all aroused by my amount of ill,
I'm still growing brighter and I will always do so,
I grew so you could see how it's done 
and now we come to the final curtain and while I'm working this literal magick,
my raps will give you all a fast kiss 'cross your heart strings,
major chord,
I'm your Savior Lord. 
Don't freak, just be cool and 
let me speak for the way my words adjust you, 
it's a boon and a benefit,
I'm the doom bringer and I never get over seeing the bloom of new paradise and your wings were there all along like three clicks,
there's no place like my flow,
wait, where am I?
Back from being ostracized,
I'm Bacchus and King Oz am I, spinning in my Wonderland twister funnel,
I'm El, the cheshire grinning,
my peen peeping through the periscope,
for Fun I'm digging deep into the innocent Red Whore's corridor cause my one-eyed Willy's
got tunnel vision