Monday, September 7, 2015

THE TEMPLE [produced by: Saint Rock]

The Pleroma Tome is a Phoenix itself,
gold leaf regenerated volume,
the old memory's held
between the covers in extremely physical ways,
recollection is had and it's still
the same as it ever was
plus so much more,
I'm Harpocrates,
I'm what God is
and I am what I was,
just ask Aiwass and He'll tell ya,
I fell for you and I'll do it again,
I'm the blue skin hooded Djinn
with a grim eye on you,
my marvelous scythe will carve out
a nice slice from the pi of truth,
it's crazy good,
your taste buds will
spiral out of control,
so celebrate like you just got out on parole cause I'm so very bright,
no optical can withstand my might
so I shield myself,
let me wield my wealth for you,
I'm rich son,
from the dimension called Fun,
I live on a planet full of kooky Gnomes,
We call our home the Joobeleezium,
please let me give you some manna baked in my Mamma's eye socket,
She's weeping and I caught it all in
a bucket that I kicked over the Moon,
I'm so sick, I hope you all know that you're doomed
cause my ill is the Temple
and my words are assembled in patterns meant to be seen
by an eye that's keen,
I am the Green Man,
I am obscene and can show you
how to be the Gods you were designed to be,
I'm more than a sight for sore eyes
for I bear the Light,
I am Horus,
I am the sign to see,
I am the jackpot,
there are no odds against me for all numbers become one with the kid,
did ya ever wonder how I became
the pillar under the equation line?
and behind the days of time,
after the flip,
We'll sip the wine,
the bits of the mirror shine as they
lay scattered across the floor in a miraculous way,
I'm the Octopus of bravery,
no, you're not saving me,
it's vice versa,
I'll rescue you because the first Love is in each and every one of you
which makes the value high,
I sing on the peak of Valhalla
and cry out a victory sound that slithers around Glasir,
there's my Girl,
I see Her approaching,
She's the most incredible bad bitch,
I've said it all and it's still never enough,
never will be,
words can't describe the perfect beauty of the electric that's surging from the true reality of it,
She loves my phallus and
She rubs it right on Her spot cause I'm the first G,
OD on my dope rappin' till you're foaming rabid,
my illness flows wild like rapids,
there's a howling Wolf in the soul of the Rabbit,
look up at the crescent,
it's never been more evident that the vessel has been entered,
Elvis is in the building,
the binding is complete,
now you're blinded by the shine and burning up from the heat,
my words swim by solely to deliver you,
my liver grew back even better,
you bet I'm every alphabet condensed into one letter,
I'm the Alpha that bit the Omega's tail,
look at the way the Whale just released the captives from the tummy,
how funny is that?
let's cash in the money made of laughing spirits,
I'm Dracula just hanging with my bats counting stacks on the Terrace