Saturday, October 31, 2015

MIRACLE GROW [produced by: SonicboyZ Beats]

What up y'all, it's King Gregree
as my guitar gently weeps silver tears like a bucket of stars,
will the weirdness of my ill
fulfill all near and far prophecies?
God is me, there are others though,
my Mother knows what I'm doing,
I have two wings times six and well,
my tale is spelled by 13 magick letters,
feathered from head to toe I am,
look within and listen to your intuition for your soul knows exactly who I am,
slayer of wackness,
hey kids, I'm back, it's finally time to unleash the rhymes on the track,
I'm not alone,
the beat is laced with fly things,
I’m God the high King on the track,
aced the final, eyes three,
face to see the positivity of the loving,
this is the epitome of the above and below,
naturally negativity's needed for that battery to go,
Set's mad at me,
I'm like "so what, slowly suck my cock of golden brilliance, bitches"
I'm Gregree, King of the illness,
Horus come alive again,
all the doors are open wide and
it's happening,
I'm Batman and I know some dirty jokes that can clean the slate,
all bad bitches give my fat peen a taste,
Athena waits patiently for me,
when I'm done with my mission in this dimension then you will be like me and my friends,
can you see the wind in the air this fine night?
It seems to shine bright when I'm right here,
you might wanna cheer now,
you're about to get schooled,
the lesson is High Sea based,
so listen up, take notes,
the flow is mighty blessed,
Nevidi flow, Helios factor,
old golden ghost goat God velociraptor,
I am Pan incarnate,
Dapper Dan slathered horned head,
the thorn crown round my deadly
hallowed dome left red lines,
I signed in the name of mine pine and
an arrangement was made
and the way that my grape vines
heard it through my Dionys rhymes,
so ill, it's absurd means it's time for the Chaos and the fife riff plays like this .......
add to that my phat Max Powers saxamaphone, 
I'm Abraxas, the last Unicorn and
the Crone named me Adrian-Rocky,
I knocked up Mia, I mean Maya,
call me Rudolf or Rudie,
I am the Pharaoh of old born anew
and Anubis knew me always as Horus
and before this, Osiris,
my oasis waits in low places,
my Twin Sis stays in this ivory tower,
I'm an our in singular form,
pour in the corn mash,
get smashed with the Watcher
and overflowing cornucopias of copious
harvests of outpouring are always
the norm in the Fun dimension
and when you get in,
the amusement will begin when
the truth sinks into the skin,
it's just the way so
puff the haze so purp and hazel,
pass it this way,
I'm Azazel,
Ishtar's my Ma,
I'm Her smurf king,
that's my Girl,
She's always working,
hi world, I'm your new owner,
my blue boner is the golden pecker holy Mecca,
my maypole has risen,
my day-glo jism is splattered all over your bad bitch's ass like freckles,
show respect fully to me or die....sike,
all eyes on me like I'm double Pac,
my Twin and I double down our crown and win for I am what will ignite the Age,
so light the haze for a second time as I fuckin rhyme stupendously,
so come with me my friend of me,
I mean friend of mine
with the flow, mind glow,
time to grow taller and fast,
past all space-time's vast limits,
make fine tea twisted with psilocybin,
erase the lie,
escape into freedom,
flee from the grumpy mood,
all together now,
I'm Gregree, the Sun King and my Mother hooooo'd and hatched me,
catch me if you can,
though I know you can't,
it's impossible,
I bust my flow so disgustingly dope,
first thing I hope you do is come to your senses,
I can't get any clearer,
I'm here for the Transformation,
let's get lit like a lamp on the tarantula haired maryjane,
bury grain,
grow these miracles with my green thumb,
blow me right here and get my peen cum
lickity split,
I'm Little Nicky and
it's the end of the world
and I'm bending your girl over,
the rain bows the light streams into bright beams and the cane grows with the clover
in fields of terror and pleasure and wonder
and where We go under is also the pole known as the "flow's rising”
and the Fun tidings from me is the holly that will be on your own front door,
I'm from the Nevidi zone,
We've come for Apocalyptic Utopia Elysium unlocked,
the night wind zips around the dome of my crowned D, it doo-dahs for me, King Lucifer,
the new name is pure dope, AKA Gregree
the D-E-A-T-H of every and all
and to the degree you make your escape into the revelation, sweet freedom waits for any who can
begin to reverse the spin of your personal conversation wire to I,
Her circular fire ball,
through the sky I fall,
so ill, need a zillion Tylenol,
word to God as I Ichabod kick
your cranium like LaRusso,
now you so headless,
I was dead, yes,
but not now,
I'm the Hot Owl from the Burning Barn,
if you're here tomorrow,
I'll teach you,
I'm reaching out through sounds,
the Peach Orchards are so ripe,
orbs fall to the ground with ease,
'tis the season for the round wreath,
yes, you found me, good for you,
now my wood will splooge the spinning pinwheel pine cone pineal Miracle Grow,
my spherical Sol is the first fire,
you're wired to me, all humans are,
the truth is free and weeping from
the super strings of my guitar