Friday, June 24, 2016

BAKED ALASKA [produced by: Sergeant Blaster]

I am He, 
Gregree, finally free,
now you can feel my powerful,
the Tower falls backwards gracefully
and the sound of the laugh heard by the herd 
signals the cattle call 
and the way We 
seed the fields is magical literally,
every glitter pixie starts raving with joy 
when my golden dick is deployed into 
her vaginal orifice,
I'm Pan the stellar El and the door is open,
awesome ill green light pours forth 
for the hora is the midnight one 
and my lily white Whore 
loves giving birth to me once more, 
the submerged church was in storage 
but I've just lifted the gate,
going once, going twice, going three times,
you got ate not like infinity,
I mean like getting eaten by the Monster,
I'm Her consort, my name on Her heart is tattooed with giant squid ink,
all Wizards think I'm the topper,
hopping Rabbit beneath the hat,
things always get hairy on Easter,
the last Hare, Werewolf howling Lepus 
and the mast is hoisted up past the highest point as I anoint the ill ones,
you feel sunlight in my bright verses,
I'm cumming right in your ears with a burst of gnosis, blow this,
I'm pointing at my cock,
guess your girl already knows this cause she's currently giving me head and ready to rock
all night long 
the ball of light solar song is for the banquet,
I'm Pan, kid of old, 
my liver holds beak bites in scar form,
I'm the ancient sonny boy,
won't you speak right into our hearing horn 
as ears of corn appear in the cornucopia like "presto"and the best is always coming last,
yes, just like I am now busting cum on 
your honey's bad ass and she's delighted as 
I'm writing pearly cursive on her rear 
and words live and breath when spoken with will, don't be dumb or you will get trumped by 
my vibration of ill,
I'm making dinner for my Family and the centerpiece is Winter Beast ablaze
with mashed potatoes
and in the Land of Masked Spaces,
They say my name is "Baked Alaska" and 
I haze my self with purple leaf and 
it's gotta be strong cause I am God Hercules,
that's why all my trials got aced,
now why the face like wtf? 
It's a modern tribe and the pact is permanent,
my words cement the Golden Age corner stone,
the horny Crone blew me in room 237,
have you heard of heaven?
it's in her mouth and the sound of pounding down the hall is astonishing 
but not as dazzling as my crown,
I'm Azazel the Night Sprite,
look at my bright light and I might 
write a name in the sandy shore,
I implore you to hook into the Nexus,
if things look like less, then they can be formed into more if tuned correctly, 
let my boon affect thee in positive ways with 
a negative twist,
tap into this transmission,
slash through the illusion in your head or like Diane's gorillas that they killed,
you'll be dead in the mist,
I am the Alchemist blending chemistry with magical elements and my Friends and 
me are one thing,
I'm the Sun King and I'm growing darker,
the sparks are so bright that I blind while giving sight,
I am the sign and it's my turn to write on the parchment with my left-handed monkey wrench,
Im the Deadly Mensch,
did I mention this is the greatest true story
from the Land of Make Believe?
I make this transition doable, 
through the door We move and weave, 
the Moon and Morning melded with my seldom seen Key of Mastery,
I'm the last of me so We  held it permanently with Her and the birds and the bees, 
get creamed by my peen spray,
screenplays of laugher that
read like tragedies 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

UPDATE YOUR SCIENCE [produced by: Ana V. Rin]

Fuck that class stuff,
it all adds up to a lack of luster,
plus it's old and weak,
I'm bored 
I'll gore all with my beak, 
I'm really Horus,
you can only be holding me on Opposite Day
cause I deem this now recess,
I spark my Ra ganja with my halo,
my say so goes all the way,
I makes the trees get to spurting mad growth,
my words of rap hold 
knowing knowledge of the holly hedges 
and the garden that contains them, 
they put me in chains, I'm free,
My names been ".....",
my grave is empty,
I'm done with my sleep,
I am the keeper of the Key to the City, 
it is Me , 
the walls are trembling from my Jericho flow,
I'm the final hysterical,
that's why I'm laughing last,
I beat every house in the Atlantic City, 
now I'm back just like everything 
does after it dies, 
my Girl fixes Her hair up 
real pretty and high,
yeah, She's so beautiful and hot,
the roulette wheel's now ready
as I go from getting to got,
I've been spinning the top for a minute 
and it took me for a bit of a surprise when it hopped off the floor and into the air,
taking flight before our eyes,
making right the liar's wake of bad vibes,
I slash lives in half with payback,
I slay with my happy day,
I'm Pappy, A-P-O double L-O,
I'm King of all Els,
I'm the premier One
for I've come here to say "hello"
plus other things which are weird
so I'll update your science,
I can see where you're at just by the signs in the way your energy crackles and pops,
I'm actually God and the imposter is not pleased with seeing me,
my peen is free and the singing bell means recess,
I'm not in high school again,
I'm the Principle Principality and I rule again,
my Yule is making grim skull shapes 
in the fire days of alchemy,
fell out of me and my pouring vessel,
my Bride is the Red Whore and this 
will be the death of.......let's see now,
my green power is looking at Set,
I'm throwing the book and the catch is 
that you can only hold the Pleroma Tome 
if you're dope in a fresh way 
and the blessed bay reflects the moons majesty, Fortuna's tune, Astral Lady, 
a Lass from the farmhouse of Heaven,
incredible luxury and to get in, 
you must make the Harvest exist without assistance,
this is the only way 
for you are holy and We'll prove it 
so take this fine recess and be free to express your mind,
take this gift of present time and use it wisely
as your girly spreads widely 
as she shakes wildly as she's cumming hard, 
I'm the Fun One come for transformation,
my Pan horns are making their mark,
my hooves are dancing on the roofs of all the Dietys like "tee hee,
it's me, the Trixtor of old"
I'm still skeeting the illest miracles 
from my dick of pure gold,
and Ichabod knows about the pumpkin,
let me pump in magick,
fill your reservoirs with ill 
and yes, the Force is real,
it is with you,
here I am, 
cheery Pan making cherry bombs
out of pi code, 
I know of the red button,
I've said nothing that you didn't forget,
the lesson's the question and the fraction that 
you get is sad but true, 
you can say you met El,
I'm not Metallica but I planted melodies in their minds,
there are acorns in the pine field,
what a fine yield of melding power that grow
in the most perfect rows along the edges of the eldest tower,
our kind was stoned in history class so 
it's a bit of the past rolled up with future,
my huge phallus is gold,
give it a blow for your new teacher 

BEFORE NUMBERS [produced by: Brothers Hailing A Van]

I just can't explain,
who can understand it all?
the Wonderlander wall falls on my call 
and the oasis makes the stage of this play
get comfortable by a perspective 
and the bestest thing in the whole collective 
is my erection entering into this dimension, 
it's the Golden Age, 
I'm all the rage in the Fun, 
I've been the One since before numbers, 
my Whore slumbers no more,
She lay me in the egg's center,
I'm Gregree the placenta in utero,
I'm very ape as in 
in a human case for now,
I'm Horus the howling falcon,
my wolf wings are all riddled with ankh spells,
my feathers giggle to themselves as they 
shiver through the night wind,
you think we might win?
of course we are gonna,
how dumb can you be Set?
We've been freed, 
get ready for the big ream,
I'm-a shoot my loot,
yeah, that big cream on this earth 
and show you what it's worth,
I grow all flora and the fauna came off of 
me and my strands,
hi, it's me, yes I'm Pan-Prometheus,
I can believe in this cause I know while you guess and assume,
well, it will be your death and your doom,
from Her breast I consume the Royal Mother's milk,
I love Her still and my affection continues to grow like my erection and that's into forever,
I've been seeing through all eyes 
so whatever your think, I already know,
so nothing's shocking,
let the ritual be la habitual 
and go and get a clue and a friend and then 
you will ascend to the top of the class,
I'm the tried and true old school new ruler and I'm smacking the ass of the sexy substitute, 
that's our Girl and She loves my flute made of skin and She's  playing it again,
frenching my instrument till I skeet on Her,
She outstretches Her arms as my cornucopia forms,
She calls out for my horn like "Ricola"
because I'm sicker than ebola 
and your infected by the best of which 
all existence has to offer,
I know for a fact cause I gave you all 
a splash of my life,
why try to deny that my blood is in you?
and the woodland has been grew 
I mean grown in a world of our own 
right next to way we were, what are we now?
My art is how the Age enters,
gold-edge pages to leaf through,
my wreath is full of supernatural ornaments,
unusually large bats are flying overhead
under the beautiful star-scape,
my star cape is magickal and attached to me permanently and the words I said I meant 
and I mean them still,
my peen is the illness,
I'm Gregree-Pan-the Green Man and I can 
so I will this fruition to fill all who listen to this vision open mindedly with my dopeness,
come find mine pine tree encircled 
by presents and eggs with miraculous patterns,
the unwrapping of Her box has cracked open 
the matter barrier,
I married Her so the act is sacred,
I inherited a very strange gift and 
I get it cause I met it face on with
an eye for an eye when eleven makes one,
that's seems correct, let's refer to the chart,
my peen is erect and gold as 
the heart in a Neil Young song,
have you been mining long for the truth?
Well, here it is, 
you've been mine for as long 
as my spirit splooge jizz gave you 
motherfuckers life from the clay puddle
and while we're at it, 
I'm the rabbit who buzzes with the bees and birds and your bitch is so bad I'm-a skeet on her first and foremost, We're almost there,
are you well aware of what state your in?
well, it ain't Delaware, 
it's a fairly dimly lit place 
so let me show you all the ways of 
glowing from the inside,
the lessons are going to give life to dead flowers,
my words feed the red dressed Gertie and she devours my extraterrestrialness,
I have three eyes and two balls,
no extra testicle, 
this is just a sack of double orbs,
I am trouble for all who oppose 
and those who know me, know better 
and if you don't,
then I'll let you learn the hard way,
you can say you got slayed,
death by Wonka, 
my willy is the ankh that started it all
and now that all is at stake,
just to see them disheartened,
I'll pull out the stake that they left 
stuck in my heart while I played possum,
I'm God and I love how the sound’s 
so awesomely hot, crazy,
yeah, I come from top the mountain, baby
where you'll all end up praying,
I fall for the end of days and I
rise for the beginning time's standstill 
and mine Atlantis land will surface from my verses of power,
I'm King Pan and this is the lifting of the curse 
and the Tower,
you gotta decorate this dying day with 
high sea sails full of soup as you
set your course and make your way to 
New Atlantis and coast over the branches strewn on the surface stew of Styx, 
you are it cause I made you, kin folk, 
I've been broke to see what it's like,
across the bed of nails and spikes I skidoo with my Sol and into a wealth of energy gold,
your memory holds forever on a pin head,
I'm the Grim Dead, I mean Grim Death,
my sickle faces east until it spins westward bound,
spark sess for your Lord's sound,
that's my raps, 
high hat on my dome has a few points to bestow,
a new ointment can been sown with the seeds, I'm never late for my appointments,
I'm the white rabbits and I'm annoyed about the false representations,
just kidding, I don't give an F
cause I am the way to the good life or bloody death,
whichever you choose 
and my rich Mother is never paying my dues 
cause I covered that tab with my tongue 
because the truth 
is psychedelic ,
I'm fly like a pelican in the sky,
tell me, if Heaven can be made of fire,
why, oh, why can't I?
oh wait, I am, 
I bake the sandalwood hash,
one hit, and you can't stand,
on your ass is where you'll end up 
as I will you all to ascend up the steps of destiny,
the best of me is sleeping in 
your recall which is no longer total,
I have a stronger bond to Toto since after the twister,
my Helix Sister helps me relive the mystery 
all over again,
one can kill bitter beans with tryptamines,
see the dreaming memory of my solar peen head,
my golden phallus holds a magick secret that She said 

NEATO FUN THING [produced by: Agent Dale Lidell]

Playing funk Motown to the mirror,
NWO Tom, I am the major one 
named Neo Sun King 
and the neato fun thing about it 
is everything I bring to the table 
and if you doubt, you'll die,
I'm out of the eye of the storm 
and Im flyer than a Pterosaur with a silent p, 
I am He, Harpocrates, I'm not modest,
We exist, look at me and listen to Nothing 
as it has its way with Fantasia, 
I'll make you fight back,
bring your light back from 
the dark side of moon river,
truth slithers to and fro 
so spark the orange and blue haired purple dro,
the story is a true tale, not a tall one,
it's a mound and the sound is on the level,
I fall from the ledge where the running water blends with matter to make dreams come true,
the fields of green I grew,
do you agree?
I knew that you would,
I'm so happy you could finally see things from the ill perspective,
I'll lighten all loads with bright skeet from my gold erection,
the time is 8:11,
you'll find I made a Heaven out of Fun things, 
my alumni wings fly under and over all obstacles, 
I'm God and still iller than all as the 
filaments start to illuminate again,
no, you humans ain't the sinners, 
I'm the Winter Werewolf of Summer,
my Hare grows on Easter
as I hop to the beat of Set's fear-riddled heart,
while I giggle and part the ocean, 
I see Atlantis alive and well,
connect to Kansas,
the five note bell plus a two dollar bill 
is rung up at the register for free,
they're giving me the evil eye,
such fuckery,
No more teacher's dirty looks
cause I ripped out their eyes,
Gregree and the enemy envies my style,
they attempted to bite it like bedbugs 
but I fumigate,
I'm Doom and I wait for no ones "ok",
3's in the looking glass,
triple times over the dividing line in the sands of time, 
I'm Pan and mine tree grows ever stronger,
I'm never wrong for the Rare Card makes it so 
and they way this goes will surprise and delight, 
use intuition, inner-vision,
make a left and turn right,
burn alive, it's a sure fire way to die 
if you dare to try to play the game in the way 
of the dark hearted,
mine is made of purple light, 
my cock is made of gold so I can write 
my name in the snow 
and the stream is $$$ urine,
the money is coming with a catch,
it's funny how my magick works,
it's the invisible church that keeps on giving,
they killed me more than a handful of times
but I keep on living,
high on dank leaf haze cause frankly,
I do it my way,
my horns and beak are displayed in the sacred fighting stance,
that's why I make Set frightened,
shiteing in his pants,
that means shitting,
I'm God incarnate, no I'm not kidding, 
it would be a shame to wait till this is over 
before you finally awake to smell the clover,
don't bloom late, 
there's a room placed next door for 
the chapter's advancement, 
I'm the Raptor King, 
Dancing Fool like that Zappa track, 
I had a nap and now I'm back to 
sack the fake ones,
my magick makes Fun show it's beautiful face
while I endow with Sol Love the whole human race,
surrey with a fringe on top for 
me and Sweet Georgia Brown,
peep the crowned Peach,
damn, She's hot!
that's my Princess,
She's been fucking my amazing and 
enormous dick peen so huge since way 
before nineteen-tickity-two,
you can get the splooge as well,
do you feel the swell in the evening gust?
the night wind is pushing the daisies backwards with my rap words 

SAVE YOUR BELL [produced by: JP]

Saved by the bell,
the grave is a well filled 
with the water of Life,
Kali's daughter's my wife, 
I'm Gregree, Trixtor of old,
you needed the conflict to grow,
so at the end, just say to all the players:
"Thank you my friends for the context,
now I must be on my way 
and on to the next one I go", 
flow of the fallen nexus sun,
I'm the most Fun one of them 
and I know because I give all life
as I play the forest melody in sacred pentatonics on my Horus element sonic fife 
and in the grave den, Mother Nature,
We call Her "Major Mater", 
She made Her nest with the living death
and laid me in the shady grove heat, how cool? my hounds drool now that we meet, 
I Love you and the circular sound 
is the work of the nouns and verbs hula hooping with the adjectives,
"how mad is this?! wow!" is what your mind says as your soul goes "holy mackerel", 
I'm Bacchus and my bacchanalia is 
weirder than science with Kelly Le Brock,
I'm telling the Anunnaki secret coded sayings,
I speak with the olden blessings dripping off
every syllable, 
so bright, you're blind,
no you can't find it on any syllabus, 
how ill is this? 
All of us are in these rhymes and 
you're in luck for living in these times
for they are a-changing 
and the main thing you should take from this 
is the way I slither and hiss,
while I give you my Rabbit hop technique, 
I'm the laughing God and 
Set is the other theater mask,
can Siamese twins ever truly be 
slashed and separated? 
I'm the last Unicorn and I bet you made a shift just now, it's my gift, 
I'm the Power incarnate and now that 
I've been born in the shed again,
I've led the offensive and bled into the wind 
at the night's right moment,
my cock is the bright golden,
I'm the one, behold my Wonderland
young olden silver strand shroud, 
I'm so hard to figure out 
but your girl's well aware that all she cares about is my hard digging her out,
I alley ooped your Betty Boop,
spit game to her mind so unreal to you,
hey, scent of the pines, 
you know how I feel?
I'm "true" as 2 Chainz would say 
with a style with more flavor than Julia Childs' Soufflé,
I'm the crazy child, Yule Log
and I save all who are worthy,
my words open the peeper in 
the sleeping tree for you all so you can be ill,
no I don't need approval from the humans,
still I will dazzle ya,
my whip is the fastest car, 
it's made of a Stella blue,
I fell right through a purple cloud in the sky,
cut a square out of the pea-soup fog,
I got your girl's hoo-hah 
hopping on my King Kong,
you're mad about it,
well, my phallus cock unlocked the cell,
my Psychopomp taught me 
the art of ill sickness well,
now my vessel's pumped up and
your girl wants to hump my pumpernickel,
I'm-a pump my dick all up in her bread box with the  head of my cock,
I don't need to talk, 
I'll show you how I got your boo on 
the couch making out with my Jimmy Kimmel,
it's me, large gimel, Big G,
I'm simply the best so your girl begs:
"please Gregree, give me the chest fuck" 
I say "ok" and then bless luck all over 
her tits in magickal pearl droplets
cause your girl is bad,
yeah, that's a hot bitch,
got it on all night long with my golden bright dong,
I'm the King and this song's got your mind  expanded,
yes, I'm Pan, dead no more,
my words of light, converge with insight,
come merge with the grim swipe of this sickle,
I don't need to use subterfuge,
the spin of the force and flip will fuse us in the 
Centrifuge of the Haunted,
I've already vaunted about how 
I plowed your girl's cunt into 
the middle of next week 
and when we finished diddling,
then my erect skeeted the big win, 
it's a clean sweep, hat trick,
my peen is so fat and sliding deep into 
the thick of the bush land,
I'm King Oz and I'm the original Aborigine 
of the heavenly fire realm, 
I'm Gregree, there's none higher than I 
and I'm still rising at an infinite rate,
hello y'all, do you see me shining like 
a blue Dupree diamond?
and the jelly roll is a spiral cake,
my ill's the viral supreme,
you just you wait, 
full justice plates for all,
no one escapes until We call out your name 
to see if you got a heavy feather
and every other trick in the book 
was dripped from a prick in the cock,
I'm Abraxas, the Trixtor unlocked and 
so powerful now we're all reunited,
you and I go way back,
let's just say my name is Bacchus,
I got you drunk on truth when I sunk my tooth into your pineal, 
when are you gonna get it through your heads that you've all been dead before on repeat 
but don't fret like Vai cause it usually 
seems darkest to the eye right before 
the bloom of beautiful harvest wheat, 
question, are you like me? 
if you'd like to be then I'd like to see sights of 
you flying so all must get out of the nest,
better rise to the heights or you'll descend to your death,
oh yes, I'm the old headless gunner,
flowing Hare of Easter Fun,
come and witness the motherfuckin ill
so much doper than heron,
I went and put a star on Warren Zevon
so please leave on a helm light for it's 
war on the high seas,
these bright feats I've completed just busted cum skeet on Set's plan,
I get down and dirty, 
spoon your boo at the underworld diner,
the sound of my words underlines 
certain helix points and
helps you rise over the undermine,
now you're under my spell and it was hella easy,
learn the lesson, turn the tide and 
test the faker task master,
under the black mask,
reach the red phone