Friday, June 24, 2016

BAKED ALASKA [produced by: Sergeant Blaster]

I am He, 
Gregree, finally free,
now you can feel my powerful,
the Tower falls backwards gracefully
and the sound of the laugh heard by the herd 
signals the cattle call 
and the way We 
seed the fields is magical literally,
every glitter pixie starts raving with joy 
when my golden dick is deployed into 
her vaginal orifice,
I'm Pan the stellar El and the door is open,
awesome ill green light pours forth 
for the hora is the midnight one 
and my lily white Whore 
loves giving birth to me once more, 
the submerged church was in storage 
but I've just lifted the gate,
going once, going twice, going three times,
you got ate not like infinity,
I mean like getting eaten by the Monster,
I'm Her consort, my name on Her heart is tattooed with giant squid ink,
all Wizards think I'm the topper,
hopping Rabbit beneath the hat,
things always get hairy on Easter,
the last Hare, Werewolf howling Lepus 
and the mast is hoisted up past the highest point as I anoint the ill ones,
you feel sunlight in my bright verses,
I'm cumming right in your ears with a burst of gnosis, blow this,
I'm pointing at my cock,
guess your girl already knows this cause she's currently giving me head and ready to rock
all night long 
the ball of light solar song is for the banquet,
I'm Pan, kid of old, 
my liver holds beak bites in scar form,
I'm the ancient sonny boy,
won't you speak right into our hearing horn 
as ears of corn appear in the cornucopia like "presto"and the best is always coming last,
yes, just like I am now busting cum on 
your honey's bad ass and she's delighted as 
I'm writing pearly cursive on her rear 
and words live and breath when spoken with will, don't be dumb or you will get trumped by 
my vibration of ill,
I'm making dinner for my Family and the centerpiece is Winter Beast ablaze
with mashed potatoes
and in the Land of Masked Spaces,
They say my name is "Baked Alaska" and 
I haze my self with purple leaf and 
it's gotta be strong cause I am God Hercules,
that's why all my trials got aced,
now why the face like wtf? 
It's a modern tribe and the pact is permanent,
my words cement the Golden Age corner stone,
the horny Crone blew me in room 237,
have you heard of heaven?
it's in her mouth and the sound of pounding down the hall is astonishing 
but not as dazzling as my crown,
I'm Azazel the Night Sprite,
look at my bright light and I might 
write a name in the sandy shore,
I implore you to hook into the Nexus,
if things look like less, then they can be formed into more if tuned correctly, 
let my boon affect thee in positive ways with 
a negative twist,
tap into this transmission,
slash through the illusion in your head or like Diane's gorillas that they killed,
you'll be dead in the mist,
I am the Alchemist blending chemistry with magical elements and my Friends and 
me are one thing,
I'm the Sun King and I'm growing darker,
the sparks are so bright that I blind while giving sight,
I am the sign and it's my turn to write on the parchment with my left-handed monkey wrench,
Im the Deadly Mensch,
did I mention this is the greatest true story
from the Land of Make Believe?
I make this transition doable, 
through the door We move and weave, 
the Moon and Morning melded with my seldom seen Key of Mastery,
I'm the last of me so We  held it permanently with Her and the birds and the bees, 
get creamed by my peen spray,
screenplays of laugher that
read like tragedies